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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Peter de Goldington

 9981202. Peter de Goldington

~1215, Peter born in Buckingham, England, s/o §§Peter de Goldington.

Aft. 1234, Peter’s father died.

1252, Peter died.

(S) Hist. of Buckingham, V4, 1847, P352.

Family notes:

·         9/1335, John de Nowers is a plaintiff in a suit which gives the daughters of Peter de Goldington and their descendents for 4 generations. (S) FMG, Pedigrees from the Plea Roll, P10-11.

·         1163 & 1177, Stoke Goldington manor held by Peter de Goldington (d.~1218).

·         1234, Stoke Goldington manor held by Peter de Goldington (d.~1252).

Children of Peter and ?:

i. Matilda de Goldington (4990601), born ~1240 in England.

4/1/1253, Remission to Alan son of Roald de Aston of the king's rancour against him for taking to wife Maud, eldest daughter and one of the heirs of Peter de Goldington, tenant in chief. (S) CPRs.

ii. Dionysia de Goldington, born ~1242 in England.

1254, Miles de Hastings and Dionisia his wife, one of the 3 daughters and co-heirs of Peter de Goldington, conveyed lands in Upton and Chalvey to Eustace, Prior of Merton. (S) Hist. of Buckingham, V3, 1925, Upton-cum-Chalvey.

iii. Isabella de Goldington, born ~1244 in England.

Isabella married William de Nowers.

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