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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Richard de Ecchyngham & Matilda ?

 5910496. Richard de Ecchyngham & 5910497. Matilda ?

~1275, Richard de Etchyngham born in Sussex, England, s/o 11820992. William de Echingham.

1323, Richard de Echyngham died before his older brothers. [William (d.1326), Robert (d.1327), Simon (d.1341), each leaving the next as his heir. Simon’s heir was Richard’s son James.]

Children of Richard and Matilda:

i. James de Echyngham (2955248), born ~1296 in England.

2/18/1324, From: Stephen atte More To: James son of Richard of Etchingham, Sussex a  piece of land and woodland called 'Syredisknolle' in Benenden parish … Witnesses: 'Dominus' William of Etchingham, knight; 'Dominus' Robert of Etchingham, knight; 'Dominus' Simon of Etchingha, rector of 'Easth'st' … (S) UKNA. [William, Robert and Simon are Richard’s brothers.]

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