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Monday, October 12, 2020

Sheriff Thomas de Affeton & Mabil Hatch

 623768. Sheriff Thomas de Affeton & 623769. Mabil Hatch

1322, Thomas Afton born in Affeton, Devon, England, s/o 1247536. Thomas de Affeton.

~1333, Mabell born in Woleigh, Devon, England, d/o §§Thomas Hatch & §§Mabell Leigh.

1359, Thomas Affeton the Steward of Richard de Merton in Devon. (S) Proof of Age of Agnes, 1/1375.

Aft. 1364, Thomas’ father died.

1368, Thomas bought manor of Worlington, Suffolk, from Walter Marwood.

11/29/1369, Commitment during pleasure to Thomas de Afton of the county of Devon, so that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff. (S) CFRs.

4/28/1370, Thomas de Affeton' and Joel de Affeton', chaplain, querents, and Walter de Merwode and Thomasia, his wife, deforciants. Property: A moiety of the manor of Westwolryngton'. … Thomas and Joel have 2 parts of their gift … Walter and Thomasia granted for themselves and the heirs of Thomasia that the third part of the moiety - which John Caillewey and Joan, his wife, held in dower of Joan of the inheritance of Thomasia on the day the agreement was made … Thomas and Joel have given them 100 marks of silver. (S) Feet of Fines, Devon.

8/15/1370, Inquisition made before Thomas de Affton, Sheriff of Devon, at Plympton. (S) UKNA. [Multiple records.]

3/28/1371, Commission to Thomas Afton, … to collect a levy of £2149 16s in Devon, associated with the war in France. (S) CFRs. [A total subsidy to the king of £50,000.]

1/1375 at Exeter, Proof of age Agnes daughter and one of the heirs of Richard De Merton, knight. … Agnes was 16 years of age on Saturday … Thomas Affeton, aged 53 years, agrees and says that he was then steward of the said Richard de Merton, and knows by the date of his patent of office … (S) CIsPM.

1/20/1377, Thomas de Affeton' and Mabel, his wife, querents, and William Trigeshire and Maud, his wife, deforciants. 4 messuages, 6 ferlings of land and 20 acres of moor in Thelbrygge. Thomas and Mabel have given them 100 marks of silver. (S) Feet of Fines, Devon.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

7/6/1377, IPM of Hugh de Courtenay, earl of Devon. … Devon: … Meuschaue. Held by Thomas Affeton for one knight’s fee. … Brigge Ruell. Held by Thomas Affeton for one knight’s fee. … (S) CIsPM.

1/24/1378, Commitment … by mainprise of Thomas Affeton and John Mille of the county of Devon … (S) CFRs.

3/26/1381, Commission to … sheriff of Devon, Richard Kendale, Thomas Affeton and John Pasford to enquire who killed John Shorte of Bokeland in le More, co. Devon. (S) CPRs.

5/18/1381, John Chitterne … to Richard Seymour knight, … co. Devon, with knight's fees and the advowsons of Northmolton and Blaketoryton. Witnesses: William de Botreaux, Theobald de Grenevyle, John Beamount knights, Peter de Bratton, Thomas de Affeton. (S) CCRs.

10/6/1381, John de Hacche, the parson of the church of Southmolton', Thomas de Hacche and Joel de Affeton', the parson of the church of Lustelegh', querents, and John, son of Thomas de Affeton', deforciant. Property: The manors of Affeton', Meushathe and Briggeruell' and the advowsons of the churches of Affeton' and Meushathe. … John de Hacche, Thomas and Joel have given him 200 marks of silver. (S) Feet of Fines, Devon.

Thomas died. [Assumed break based on ages and records.]

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, 2011, P133. (S) Visitation of Devon, Vs1-7, 1895, P457.

Family notes:

·         Mabell Leigh, heir & d/o §§Thomas Leigh of Leigh, Devon, near Tiverton.

·         Thomas Hach of Wolleigh, s/o §§William Hach & §§Joane Wolrington, heir & d/o Mathew Wolrington.

·         William Hach, s/o John Hatch, s/o Jeffreye de Hatche of Wolley, co. Devon.

Child of Thomas and Mabil:

i. Thomas de Affeton (311884), born ~1353 in England.

ii. John de Affeton, born ? in England.

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