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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Sir Giles Ardern & Philippa ?

 3802798. Sir Giles Ardern & 3802799. Philippa ?

~1345, Giles Dardern born in Oxfordshire, England, s/o 7605596. Giles de Arden & 7605597. Margaret ?.

Giles married Philippa, 'a woman borne to faire landes'.

1375, Giles died before his father.

Family notes:

·         1376, Sir Giles Arden, grandfather of Margaret and Joan, died.

·         12/20/1381, Commitment to Reynold de Malyns, knight of the keeping of 2/3rds of the manors of Drayton and Yelbury, co. Oxford, a messuage in Banebury, and a messuage, 2 carucates of land, 100s. of rent and 9 pieces of land in Dunstywe, which are in the king's hand by the death of Giles de Ardern, knight, who held of the king in chief, until the lawful age of Margaret and Joan, daughters of Giles the son of the said Giles, and heirs of the said Giles, together with the marriage of the said heirs, rendering to the king £21 yearly, payng £100 only for the marriage. (S) CFRs.

Children of Giles and Lucy:

i. Margaret Arden, born 1373 in Oxfordshire, England

1380, Sir Henry Arden, Margaret & Joan’s cousin and guardian, leased 2/3rds of Drayton manor to the Rector of Drayton. [Their mother still held one third in dower.]

1381, It was determined that Drayton was held in chief, so the control of the lands during the minority reverted to the crown. Custody during minority of Margaret and Joan given to Sir Reynold de Malyns.

1/26/1382, To Henry de Arderne knight. Order under a pain of £200 to have Margaret daughter of Giles son of Giles de Arderne knight, being one of the heirs of her grandfather, before the council at Westminster. (S) CCRs.

1383, The custody of Margaret and Joan was disputed by the Earl of Warwick when he claimed guardianship against Sir Reginald de Malyns. (S) CCRs.

~1390, Margaret, married Lewis Greville, of Chipping Campden (Glos.).

1398, Lewis Greville, husband of Margaret, Lord of Drayton, presented to the church. [Margaret, the elder sister, would have obtained age first.]

By 1408, Richard de Arches married Joan. [They then sold their half of Drayton to her sister Margaret and her husband.]

1417, Lewis Greville, husband of Margaret, presented to Drayton church.

1428, Lewis Greville, husband of Margaret, presented to Drayton church.

1438, Lewis died, buried at Drayton church. [The alabaster slab which once covered the tomb of Lewis, now on the belfry floor, bears the incised figures of Lewis Greville (almost obliterated) and of his wife Margaret and their arms.]

ii. Joan Arden (1901399), born 1375 in Oxfordshire, England.

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