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Monday, October 12, 2020

Sir John de la Haye & Joan ?

 527662. Sir John de la Haye & 527663. Joan ?

~1300, John born in England, s/o §§William de la Hay & ? Madingley.

~1305, Joan born in England.

7/7/1307, Edward II succeeded Edward I as King of England.

1316, John’s father died, Papworth Everard descending to John.

1321, Sir Robert de Madingley [of Chesterton and Harston, a judge] died. His Barrington property passed briefly to his brother Henry (d.1322), and thereafter by right to Robert's daughter Alice, wife of Sir Thomas Heslerton of Yorkshire.

1323-1328, The sons of Robert's sisters, led by Sir John de la Haye of Shepreth and Richard son of Thomas at Mill of Barrington, and abetted by Robert's widow, Emma Colville, who leased her dower lands to de la Haye, attempted to disseise Alice by force. [Alice, d/o Robert de Madingley. John and Alice are 1st cousins. In 1375, John’s daughter Margaret would be the heiress of Alice.]

1324-25, John de la Haye v. Master Robert de Baldok Archdeacon, … the manor and advowson of Pappeworth and in Foxton. (S) Pedes Finium, County of Cambrii, 1891.

1/24/1327, Edward III, age 14, succeeded Edward II as King of England.

1327, John de la Hay married Joan ?.

1328, Sir John de la Haye, a son of Robert de Madingley’s sister, released Harston manor to Sir Thomas Heslarton  and his wife Alice, after much dispute.

By 1330, Sir John de la Haye leased out Madingley's demesne arable lands.

1332, William FitzRalph sold the reversion of an estate in Shepreth to Sir John de la Haye.

3/21/1333, IPM of Henry de Thrippelowe. Cambridge: Foxton. 5a. land and 3a. meadow, held of John de la Hay, knight, by knight’s service, and by service of 4s. yearly. (S) CIsPM.

9/21/1337 at Hardylston, A grant William son of Nicholas de Storteford to Sir Ralph Spigurnel, knight, of 10s. yearly rent in Hardlyston [Cambridge] … tenants … John de la Haye, knight, 2s. … Witnesses: Sir Warin de Bassyngbourne, Sir Giles de Bassyngbourne, Sir John de la Haye, knights, … (S) CCRs.

1340, John died.

(S) Hist. of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, V9, 1989, Papworth Everard. (S) Hist. of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, V8, 1982, Harston. (S) Hist. of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, V5, 1973, Shepreth & Barrington.

Family notes:

·         11/17/1309, William de Sauston, deceased, held 15a. of land of William de la Hay in Schepereth. (S) CIsPM, V5, 1908, P49.

Children of John and Joan:

i. William de la Hay, born ~1328 in England. [Heir.]

6/1349, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.

7/16/1349, Commission to John Engayne of Teversham and William de la Hay to levy the 15th and 10th in Cambridge. (S) CFRs.

9/26/1349, Thomas de Scalariis and William Warde are appointed with John de Engayne, in the room of William de la Hay, as collectors of the money from the levy. (S) CFRs.

1349, William died, his heir his sister Margaret.

ii. Margaret de la Haye (263831), born ~1335 in Cambridgeshire, England.

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