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Monday, October 12, 2020

Sir Ralph Cheyne & Joan Paveley

 738672. Sir Ralph Cheyne & 738673. Joan Paveley

1337, Ralph born in Poyntington, Somerset, England, 2nd s/o 1477344. William Cheney & 1477345. Joan Gorges.

1345, Ralph’s father died, his older half-brother Edmund the heir.

11/13/1353, Joan born in Wiltshire, England, d/o 1477346. Sir John Paveley& 1477347. Agnes de la Mare .

By 1361, Joan’s father died; her sister Alice’s 3 daughters also heirs.

11/20/1361, To Joan, daughter of John Pavely, a minor in the king’s ward, £6 a year … (S) CCRs, 11/20/1368.

12/1/1361 at Salisbury, IPM of John Pavely. Wilts: Westbury. The manor with its hamlets … Dycherygge. A messuage … He died on 21 October last. Alice his daughter by Elizabeth, his first wife, married to John de Seintlow the younger, who survives, outlived him by half a day. She and John de Seintlow had lawful issue, who survive, to wit, Joan aged 11 years, Elizabeth aged 8 years, and Ela aged 6 years, who, with Joan daughter of the said John Pavely by Agnes his second wife, aged 8 years, are his heirs. (S) CIsPM.

1/21/1362, Parition between John de Seintlou, the younger, who married Alice, tenant by the courtesy of England by reason of issue between him and the said Alice, and Joan, the other of the daughters of the said John Pavely, born of Agnes his second wife, a minor in the king’s wardship, in the presence of the aforesaid John de Seintlou and others. (S) CIsPM.

2/1/1363, Commitment to Richard Urdelee of the wardship of 13 acres of land … in Westbury late of Bogo Waryn, who held by knight service of the heir of John Pavely [Joan], a minor in the king's ward, … (S) CFRs.

1/8/1368 at Westbury, Joan, one of the daughters and heirs of John de Pavely: Wiltshire (proof of age). Nicholas Brok, aged 40 years, John Cros, aged 50 years, … say that the said Joan was born at Westbury and baptised in the parish church there on 14 November, 27 Edward III. They were there with John de Pavely, her father, to make an agreement between the same John and John Vernoun upon a quarrel that arose between them, of which agreement indentures were made dated at Westbury the said 14 November, 27 Edward III, which were found in the custody of John de Pavely’s executors; and by the date of the indentures they know this. … Joan Percy and Ellen de Pavely lifted Joan from the sacred font. (S) CIsPM.

1368, Ralph married to Joan.

11/20/1368, To escheator in Wylts. Order of the heritage of John Paveleye tenant in chief … rendering to Ralph Cheyne and Joan his wife daughter of the said John Pavely … the manors of la Broke, the hamlets … and Hauekerygge, the other moiety of the said profits and perquisites, 2 marks of rent … the said £6 of rent of the manor of Westbury and the hamlets aforesaid, mast or pasture for their pigs and the pigs of the said Joan's heirs in the wood of Westbury called 'le Holt,' and a piece of ground to build their piggery there. … suit of the said Ralph, who has now taken to wife the said Joan daughter of John Paveley, alleging manifest errors in the record and process of the said partition … Ralph and Joan alleged that the value of the lands assigned to the purparty of his said 3 daughters [of Joan’s sister Alice by John de St. Lo] and delivered to John de Seintlou is in excess of the value of those kept in the king's hand and committed to the said bishop for the purparty of the said Joan by 13s. 4d. yearly … Joan daughter of John Paveley now wife of the said Ralph, who has now proved her age before the escheator, … (S) CCRs.

By 1373, Ralph knighted.

4/1373, Geoffrey Gascelyn demised the manor of Great Chiverel, Wiltshire, to Ralph Cheyne, knight, for 10 years at a rent of £16 13s 4d. (S) IPM of Geoffrey son of Edmund Gascelyn.

9/1373, Ralph Cheney, Deputy Justiciar of Ireland. [Ralph named the deputy by Sir Robert Assheton (d.1/1384) of Pitney, Somerset, a cousin on his mother’s side.]

6/4/1374 at Poyntington, Edmund Cheyne granted his brother Ralph Cheyne … the manor of Long Stanton, Cambridgeshire, … to hold of the chief lords of these fees by the customary rents and services. (S) 7/31/1423, IPM of Katherine wife of John Streeche (738674), Chevalier.

6/26/1376, Writing of Thomas de Roos knight lord of Hamelake, being a quitclaim … Witnesses: John de la Mare, Ralph Cheyne, Humphrey Stafford, … knights, … (S) CCRs.

1376, Ralph heir to his older brother Edmund. [The manor of Cheyney-Cottered in Hertfordshire, 2 parts of that of Cheyneysplace in Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire, and property in Devon. Edmund’s widow Katherine (d.1422) retained a life interest in some family holdings.]

10/26/1376, Ralph appointed the sheriff of Wiltshire.

6/22/1377, Commitment to Ralph Cheyne, ' chivaler ' ; county of Wilts and castle of Old Sarum, so that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff. (S) CFRs.

1378, Ralph’s income estimated at £99 yearly.

11/16/1378, John Dauntesey knight and Ralph Cheyne knight to be paid £12 16s for 32 days at parliament summoned at Gloucestre on Wednesday after St. Luke last, representing Wiltshire. (S) CCRs.

5/27/1379, Ralph Cheyne, ' chivaler,' commissioned a collector of a subsidy in Wiltshire. (S) CFRs.

3/1380, Ralph on a commission of array in Wilts.

4/1381, Ralph, Lt. Warden of the Cinque Ports, on a commission about a shipwreck.

1381, Peasant Revolt against new Poll tax. [Aka Wat Tyler’s Rebellion.]

7/1381, Ralph on a commission to put down a rebellion in Hants. and Wilts.

1383, John de Edendon brought a suit against Ralph Cheyne and Joan his wife for the recovery of the manor of Baddesley in possession of which he alleged he had been confirmed by royal writ. (S) Hist. of Hampshire, V4, 1911, Boldre.

6/27/1383, Ralph appointed the Lord Chancellor of Ireland. [Ralph held the position until 11/8/1384. His Lt. was Sir Philip Courtenay (3802768).]

1/1384, Ralph and Sir Maurice Russel heirs to their cousin Sir Robert Assheton of the manors of Litton and Bradpole in Dorset [which they divided.]

11/1384, Ralph returned to England. Ralph, for his service, awarded, for a payment of £160, the custody of estates in Wexford during the minority of the earl of Pembroke.

2/7/1385, Quitclaim with warranty of the manor called 'Cyfrewastescourt' in Wiltesir. Witnesses: Thomas de Hungerford, Ralph Cheyne, John de Kyngeston, knights, … (S) CCRs.

1386, Ralph an MP for Wiltshire.

1/18/1387, Enrolled a Quitclaim with warranty of the manor of Great Wichforde. Witnesses: Thomas Hungerforde, Ralph Cheyne, Hugh Cheyne knights, … (S) CCRs.

1/1387, Ralph on a commission of oyer and terminer in Wilts.

12/1/1388, Commitment to Ralph Cheyne, ' chivaler ' ; county of Wilts, so that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff. (S) CFRs.

9/1388, Ralph a MP for Wiltshire.

10/17/1388, Ralph Cheyne knight and Richard Horne to be paid £18 8s for 46 days at parliament representing Wiltshire. (S) CCRs.

12/1/1388, Commitment of the county of Wiltshire to Ralph Cheyne, ‘chivaler,’ that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff. (S) CFRs.

7/15/1389, Ralph appointed a JOP for Wilts. [Ralph held the position until 7/1391.]

2/1390, Ralph on a commission into wastes of lands of a royal ward. [Multiple misc. commissions this year.]

5/1390, Ralph on a commission to survey Marlborough castle.

10/27/1391, Mainprise by Ralph Cheyne and Thomas Bekerynge knights, and John Wolfe, of Wiltesir, for Thomas de la Mare knight. (S) CCRs.

11/8/1392, To the justices of the Bench. Order, upon petition of the plaintiffs, to proceed in a plea between Ralph Cheyne and Maurice Russell knights and John de Wyndesore concerning the manor of Lutton. (S) CCRs.

Joan died before Ralph. (S) CFRs.

3/1398, Ralph to hold special assizes in Wilts.

12/1399, Ralph on a commission of array in Wilts.

11/11/1400, Ralph died, buried in the church of Edington Priory, Wiltshire.

11/16/1400 at Westbury, IPM of Ralph Cheyny, knight. Wiltshire: He held by the courtesy of England in right of Joan his late wife, daughter of John Pavely, knight: Brook, the manor, with half the profits of the hundred of Westbury, half the profits of the portmote, fair and markets there, and £6 rent from the manors of Westbury and Huntenhull, of the king in chief as half a knight’s fee, annual value £20 13s.4d. Imber, half a messuage … Hilperton, half the manor and the advowson … annual values, half manor 40s., advowson £10. Ditteridge, 1 messuage … He died on 11 Nov. last. William his son and heir, and heir of Joan his wife, is aged 26 years and more. Cambridge: He held the manor of Tothill with the advowson … Hertford: … Cottered, the manor called Chenyes … Dorset: … Thomas de Gorges held in his demesne as of fee the manor of Litton Cheney with the advowson, and gave it to Ralph de Gorges, Eleanor his wife, and the heirs of their bodies. They had issue Elizabeth, Eleanor and Joan, and died and their holdings were divided. This manor and advowson were allotted to Elizabeth as her share …  they descended to Maurice Russell, knight, and Ralph Cheyny, knight; Maurice being the son of Ralph son of Eleanor, sister of Elizabeth, and Ralph being the son of Joan, the other sister of Elizabeth, mother of Robert. … Ralph Cheyny held half the manor with alternate presentations to the church when he died. … (S) CIsPM.

12/9/1400, Order to the escheator in the county of Wilts to take the fealty of William Cheyny, ‘chivaler,’ son and heir of Ralph Cheyny, ‘chivaler,’ and Joan late the wife of Ralph, and cause him to have full seisin … of the right and inheritance of Joan and of his own inheritance. (S) CFRs. [Same for Cambridge, Lincoln, Hertford, and Dorset.]

(S) Natl. Archives Prob 11/22/294, Nina Green, 2017. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

Child of Ralph and Joan:

i. William Cheney (369336), born 1374 in Norfolk, England.

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