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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Sir Richard Pudsey & Joan Cheney

 46166. Sir Richard Pudsey & 46167. Joan Cheney

~1465, Richard Pudsaye born in England.

1469, Joan Cheney born in England, d/o 92334. John Cheney.

6/26/1483, Richard III succeeded Edward V as King of England.

[––Joan & Thomas––]

Joan married 1st Thomas Say.

2/15/1484, Thomas Bultell gave Lyston Overhalle manor, Essex, in fee to Thomas Say and Joan his wife. (S) IPM of Thomas Say, 6/30/1497.

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

2/15/1487, IPM of John Cheyne of Pyn, esq. [Joan’s grandfather] The said John Cheyne, … Joan Say, aged 17 and more, the wife of Thomas Say the younger, and Isabel Walgrave, aged 15 and more, the wife of Edward Walgrave, are his cousins and heirs, viz. daughters of John Cheyne his son and heir. (S) CIsPM.

1486, Richard Pudsey, serjeant of the king’s cellar, received £40 for the preparation of a ‘disgusing’. (S) Court Festivals of Henry VII, Anglo.

9/1486, Grants by the king: To Richard Pudsey, esq., by way of reward - £7 2s. (S) Materials of the Reign of Henry VIII, Campbell, 2012, P85.

4/1488, Grants by the king: To Richard Pudsey, esq., by way of reward - £10 2s. (S) Materials of the Reign of Henry VIII, Campbell, 2012, P297.

11/1/1491, Richard Pudsey, esquire to Sir Henry Tudor, Duke of York, knighted. (S) Hist. of the Orders of Knighthood, V3, Nicholas, 1842, P11. [On the day Prince Henry, 5 months old, created Duke of York – future King Henry VIII.]

1492, Richard Pudsey a MP for Devizes, Wiltshire.

6/26/1496, Thomas Say died. (S) IPM of Thomas, 6/30/1497.

10/3/1496, IPM of Thomas Say. Somerset: John Cheyney of Pynne near Exeter was seised of the manor and advowson in fee of Raddstoke, Somerset, and being so seised suffered a recovery thereof to William Huddesfeld and John Bygonell, knt., to the use of himself and his heirs. He died, and the said William Huddesfeld and John Bygonell were and are seised of the said manor and advowson to the use of Joan late the wife of the said Thomas Say and of Isabel wife of Edward Walgrave as cousins and heirs of the said John Cheyny, viz. daughters of John Cheyny his son. The said Joan Say is 28 years old and more, and at the time of the death of the said John Cheyny the elder was aged 20. The said Isabel Walgrave is 26 years old, and at the time of the death of the said John Cheyny was aged 18. (S) CIsPM.

[––Richard & Joan––]

Joan married 2nd Richard.

1496-97, Richard Pudsey, squire to the body of the king, and Joan his wife granted the manor of Hampton-Inarden, Warwick [forfeited the previous year by Simon de Montfort.] (S) Antiq’s of Warwickshire, V2, 1730, P955.

6/4/1497, Richard Pudsey, esquire, enfeoffed Thomas Coterell, Robert Stowell, the younger, William Wadham, of Katerston, and Edward Walgrave therein, for the performance of his last will. (S) IPM of Richard.

6/17/1497, Sir Richard Pudsey at the Battle of Blackheath [Also known as the Battle of Deptford Bridge]. An army of 15,000 came from Cornwall protesting a tax on the tin industry and marched on London. James Touchet, baron Audeley, joined the group. Henry VIII had a force of 25,000 which defeated the Cornish army. James Touchet was captured. (S) Knights of England, Shaw, V1, 1970, P29.

11/12/1497, IPM of Margaret Wodehull late the wife of Thomas Wodehull, esquire. … was seised in fee of Two parts of the manor of Didesham [Devon] demised to her for life, with remainder to the right heirs of John Hill, esquire. … died so seised, when they descended to Joan wife of Richard Pudesey, knight, and Isabel wife of Edward Waldegrave, esquire, as cousins and heirs of the said John Hill, viz. daughters of John Cheyny of Pynne son of Alice [Elizabeth] sister of the said John Hyll, who entered and are still seised thereof in fee in right of the said Joan and Isabel, aged respectively 30 and 22. [This Margaret 1st married to John Hulle, brother of Elizabeth (184669), Joan’s paternal grandmother.]

1498, Sir Richard Pudsey, Kt., High Sheriff of Warwickshire.

6/27/1500, Stephen Hamerton, knight died. IPM: … York: … land in Preston … Richard Pudsey, a half-bovate there, by knight-service and 4d. rent … (S) CIsPM.

8/9/1500, Richard Pudsey wrote his will: His feoffees should, within two years of his decease, make estate to Joan, his wife, in all the premises for the term of her life, with remainder to Elizabeth Pudsey, his and her daughter, to her and the heirs of her body, with remainder to his own right heirs. (S) IPM of Richard. [No mention of Ann, so she must have been born after he wrote his will.]

8/24/1500, Richard died.

9/9/1503, Joan died.

3/6/1504, Writ of Mandamus for Richard Pudsey, knight. … He died 24 August, 15 Henry VII. The said Joan died 9 September, 29 (sic) Henry VII. The said Elizabeth is his daughter and heir, and is aged 4 and more. Wilts:  messuages … tofts … tenements … lands … worth [total] £6 38s 15d. (S) CIsPM.

 (S) Hist. of Berkshire, V4, 1924, Inkpen. (S) Collectanea Topo. et Gen., 1834, P409. (S) Antiquary, V32, 1896, P223. (S) Hist. of Somerset, V3, 1974, East Lydford.

Family notes:

·         1491, Possible family connection: Richard Pudsey, is squire/knight to the infant Prince Henry, who’s mother Queen Elizabeth, is d/o King Edward IV, of the House of York.

·         (S) Hist. of Somerset, V3, 1974, East Lydford, indicates that Joan also had daughters by Thomas.

Child of Thomas and Joan:

i. William Say, born 1491 in England.

Children of Richard and Joan:

i. Elizabeth Pudsaye, born 1499 in Wiltshire, England.

Elizabeth married William Clopton of Denston, Suffolk.

ii. Anne Pudsaye (23083), born 1501 in Wiltshire, England.

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