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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thomas Dygge

 2500168. Thomas Dygge

~1300, Thomas born in Kent, England, s/o §Thomas Dygge. (S) The Genealogist, 1916, P198.

Family notes:

·         7/24/1302, … Thomas Dygge, … acknowledge that they owe to the warden and scholars of the house of the Scholars of Merton in Oxford £480; to be levied, in default of payment, of their lands and chattels in co. Kent. (S) CCRs.

Children of Thomas and ?:

i. Roger Dygge (1250084), born ~1320 in Kent, England.

ii. John Digge, born ~1327 in Kent, England.

9/16/1375, John Dygge [son of Roger] a legatee of his uncle John Digge: “I leave John Dygge son of my brother my silver and gilt cup with cover and six silver dishes (scutellos) and a silver covered cup of the better king and 24 good spoons and "pipam deauratam" [a small vessel] with cover, and a little hand basin and I will all these to remain with my executors until the full age of the said John. I wish that everything that remains in my disposition by the will of Roger my brother shall be disposed by my executors. I will the foresaid John Dygge have the great brass ‘campaneam’ and 3 other good brass.”

8/1376, John died.

1377 [bef. 6/21], IPM of Roger Digge and John Digge, clerk. Gillyngham. A marsh, held by Roger Digge by the courtesy of England, of the inheritance of Albina his wife, of John Northwode, knight, ... It descended to John Digge, son and heir of Albina, a minor in the wardship of the said John Northwode. Wykham by Ledes. The manor, held by the said John Digge, clerk, uncle of the said John son of Roger, ... John died on Thursday before Michaelmas, 50 Edward III, and Roger on Monday after the Assumption in the same year. John Digge, son of the said Roger, aged 18 years and more, is kinsman and next heir of John Digge, clerk, to wit, son of Roger his brother. (S) IsPM, Kent, File 41.

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