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Friday, October 9, 2020

Thomas Knolles Esq. & Isabel ?

 1901516. Thomas Knolles Esq. & 1901517. Isabel ?

~1390, Thomas Knollys born in London, England, s/o 156266. Sir Thomas Knollys & 156267. Joan Herkstede.

~1390, Isabel born in England.

[––Thomas & Isabel––]

~1405, Thomas married Isabel.

1407-08, Grant by William Wexcombe to Thomas, son of Thomas Knolles, John Oxeney, and William Dorchestre, citizens and grocers of London, of all his rights in the tenement called 'le Sterre,' by Dougate, London. (S) UKNA, E 40/1792.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

6/12/1414, William, son of John Drew, late grocer, an orphan. The guardianship of the above orphan and of his property committed by William Crowmer, the Mayor, and John Proffyt, the Chamberlain, to Thomas Knolles, junior, grocer Sureties, viz., Thomas Knolles, senior, and Robert Chichely, grocers. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909, Folio cxxxiv.

1/23/1422, John Hamptone, senior, John Hamptone, junior, and Emma Hamptone, and each received in Court from Thomas Knolles, junior, the sum of £4 bequeathed to them by Thomas Hamptone, their brother. (S) Letter-Books of London, 1909, Folio cclxxviii b.

6/16/1424, Demise by Thomas Braghyng, …, to John Hotoft, …, esquires, …, and Thomas Knolles the younger, of all lands etc, in the towns and hamlets of Ware, Alcewyk, …, lately had of the gift of Richard atte Water of Ware … (S) UKNA, C 146/3388.

4/18/1428, Demise by William Sevenoke and John Whitby of London, to Robert Shilley, esquire, and Joan his wife, daughter of Thomas Knolles the younger, of the lands, tenements, &c., in the parishes of …, St. Dunstan by the Tower and St Olave by the tower, … (S) UKNA, E  326/2018.

11/25/1428, Thomas Knolles the elder, citizen and grocer of London, … Thomas Knolles the younger, citizen and grocer of London, … querents, … (S) Feet of Fines.

12/10/1432, Henry Barton and Thomas Knolles the younger to …. Quitclaim of 4 messuages, 260 acres of land, … and 16s. of rent in Wymbotesham, … and Hecham by the sea, … (S) CCRs.

6/17/1434, Geoffrey Wyke clerk to Thomas Knolles the elder and Thomas Knolles the younger citizens and grocers of London. General release of all actions, suits, plaints and demands. (S) CCRs.

5/20/1435, Thomas’ father wrote his 2nd will. … His successor his son Thomas. … To Robert, Richard, and Beatrice, children of his son Thomas, all minors, 100 marks each. … He desires that his son Thomas may be enfeoffed in his manor of North Mimms immediately after his decease. (S) South Mimms, Cass, 1877, P106.

7/1435, Thomas’ father died.

6/20/1436, Prior Reginald and the convent of St. Bartholomew’s granted to Thomas Knolles, grocer, permission to convey superfluous water belonging to the priory by pipes to the gates of Newgate and Ludgate, for the relief of poor prisoners there. (S) Records of St. Bartholomew’s Priory, 1921.

11/23/1436, Commission to … doctors of law, Thomas Knolles, citizen and grocer of London, to hear and determine the appeal made to the king’s audience by Lewis de Alzats, merchant of Genoa, … (S) CPRs.

5/22/1438, Grant by John Wasshbourne of London to Thomas Knolles, John Langeley and Thomas Lavyngton, of a shop, &c., in the parish of St. Nicholas in the Shambles … (S) UKNA, E 326/2227.

1/20/1439, Thomas Knolles, a Commoner, added to the supervisors of the assessment for the quarter 15th in London, levied each year. (S) Govt. of London, Barron, 1970, P288.

6/5/1439, Will of Robert Chichele, citizen and grocer of the city of London … I bequeath £10 to Thomas Knolles, citizen and grocer of London. … (S) Florilegium Urbanum, Lambeth Palace Library.

1442, Thomas Knolles and Henry Frowyk, aldermen, appointed to supervise the construction of the chapel at Guildhall. (S) The London Guildhall, 2007. [There names were later found on “foundation stones”.]

6/7/1442 at London, Thomas named an exector in the will of John Welles, who left him “my psalter written in Latin and my best god chain with a cross dependent with diamonds …” (S) Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth, Bk 23, P257.

1442-43, Grantor: John Fastolf, knight, and others. Grantee: Thomas Knolles and John Chichele, citizens and grocers of London, and others. (S) UKNA, LR 14/496.

Isabel died.


2/8/1445, Thomas Knolles of London, 'grocer,' and Edmund Ekeney of London, 'draper,' by mainprise of John Dobell, 'draper,' and Richard Austyn, 'goldsmyth,' both of London, from Michaelmas last for 10 years, at a yearly farm of the 30s. which Richard Acton the late farmer rendered ; in the counties of Cambridge and Huntingdon. (S) CFRs.

2/18/1445, Thomas of Saint Anthony, City of London, wrote his will: Isabel deceased, son Robert left the manor of North Mimms, sons Richard and John, daughter Beatrice a nun at Dartford, daughter Johanna wife of William Baron, daughter Isabella. (S) UKNA, PROB 11/3/520.

7/5/1445, Demise by Thomas Drewe esquire, …, of lands, tenements, &c., in the parishes of …, St. Dunstan by the Tower, and St. Olave by the Tower in London, with contingent remainder to Thomas Knolles. (S) UKNA, E 326/2014.

2/1446, Thomas died.

2/9/1446,; Writ of diem clausit extremum to the escheator in the county of Hertford after the death of Thomas Knolles, who held of the king in chief. (S) CFRs.

(S) Peerage of England, 1812, Collins, P585.

Family notes:

7/18/1461, William Gregory, Alderman, citizen and skinner.—To …, the rector, and churchwardens of the church of S. Antonin …, an annual rent of £7 3s 4d …, for the maintenance of a chantry, in a chapel called “Knolles Chapell” within the said church, for the souls of Thomas Knolles senior, Johanna, wife of the same, Thomas Knolles junior, Isabella, wife of the same. (S) Cal. of Wills Proved in Court of Husting, Pt2, 1890.

o   Thomas buried with his wife, Isabel, in St Antholin’s Church in the north aisle. On their tomb was the following epitaph:

o   Thomas Knolles lyeth undre this ston

o   And his wyff Isabell, flesh and bone;

o   They weren togeder nyntene yere,

o   And x chyldren they had in fere.

o   His Fader and he to this Chyrch

o   Many good dedys they did wyrch.

o   Example by him ye may see

o   That this world is but vanitie;

o   For, wheder he be smal or gret, All sall turne to wormy mete.

o   This seyd Thomas was leyd on Bere

o   The eighth day the moneth Fevrer,

o   The date of Jesu Crist truly

o   An Mcccc five and forty.

o   Wee may not prey, hertely prey ye

o   For owr Soulys, Pater Noster and Ave,

o   The sooner of owr peyne lessid to be,

o   Grant us the holy trinite. Amen

Children of Thomas and Isabel:

i. Robert Knolles, born ~1412 in London, England.

Robert married [her 2nd] Elizabeth, d/o 738736. Lord William Troutbeck & 738737. Joanna Riston.

5/20/1435, Robert named in the will of his paternal grandfather.

3/29/1446, Attornment by Robert Knolles, esquire, son and heir of Thomas Knolles, late citizen and grocer of London, deceased, to Richard Knolles his brother, whom he has put in peaceable possession, by the payment of 1d. of a yearly rent of 100 marks issuing from the manor of North Mymmes. (S) A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, 1900, P373.

11/7/1460, Robert Knolles, esquire ; sheriff of Essex and Hertford. (S) CFRs.

ii. Richard Knollys (950758), born 1414 in Mimms, Hertfordshire, England.

5/20/1435, Richard named in the will of his paternal grandfather.

iii. Beatrice Knollys, born ~1420 in Mimms, Hertfordshire, England.

5/20/1435, Beatrice named in the will of her paternal grandfather.

6/7/1442 at London, Beatrice a legatee the will of John Welles [friend of her father] “I bequeath my second best primer to Beatrice Knolles.” (S) Florilegium Urbanum, Lambeth Palace Library.

Bef. 2/8/1445, Beatrice died. [Not named in the will of her father.]

iv. Johanna Knolles, born in Mimms, Hertfordshire, England.

Joan 1st married Robert Shelley, esq.

Richrd died. [1 son, Thomas Shelley]

5/20/1435, Joan and Richard named in the will of her paternal grandfather.

Joan married of 2nd William Baron.

2/18/1445, Joan, husband William Baron, and son Thomas Shelley all named in her father’s will.

v. Isabella, born ? in Mimms, Hertfordshire, England.

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