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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Walter Kempe of Cornwall

 16390. Walter Kempe

~1550, Walter born in Cornwall, England.

9/20/1571, Release of right to lands in Stoke Damarel, Plymouth, and Compton, from John Rede of Moore in St. Budeaux, right heir of Rose Rede, widow, to Mr. Walter Kempe of Stoke Damarel.

12/1/1573, Feoffment of lands in Markwell for Henry Kempe of Crede, Elizabeth his wife, and John Kempe their son and heir apparent, to Walter Kempe and another.

7/5/1592, Draft of Award of Compensation for lands taken or traversed by leat. … provisions of the Water Act … “Towne of Plymouthe … is in thoccupacon and possession of … John Marchaunt … Walter Kempe … beinge Tennts or farmo … and to the said Prouse for his Lande … in possession of the said Walter Kempe xxijs and to the said Walter Kempe … xxijs … ” (S) Cal. of Plymouth Municipal Records, Worth, 1893, P270.

4/8/1604, Walter Kempe buried at Stoke Damerel parish church. (S) FMP/PWDRO.

(S) Misc. Gen. et Her., V2, 1877, P195.

Children of Walter and ?:

i. William Kempe, born ? in England.

1581, William received a BA degree from Cambridge.

1582, William returned to Plymouth where he presided over 50-80 males ages 5-16, with the help of an usher who mostly worked with the younger children. William’s school was a chaple of an old almshouse furnished with benches along the walls (founded in 1561). William received a stipend of £20 a year (same salary as the mayor).

1587, William wrote “A Dutiful Invective.”

1588, “The Education of Children in Learning” by William Kempe of Plymouth. (S) Scenes of Instruction in Renaissance Romance, Dolven, 2008.

1592, William received 14s 8d towards building his study and trimming his chamber.

1592, William published a translation of ‘Peter Ramus’ Arithmetic’.

1592-93, William farmed the Vicarage, receiving £40. (S) Hist. of Plymouth, Worth, 1890, P271.

11/18/1601, William Kempe, Master of the Grammar School at Plymouth, wrote his will. He named his father, Walter Kempe, his brother Robert, and his sisters, Thomasine, and Joany [whom he left his smallest volume of the English Bible.] William also mentions his brother-in-law John Honkin, his cousin Pascowe Kempe of Rame (will of 7/18/1628). He names his wife Joan, giving the names of his children as William, Judith, Elizabeth, Joan and Wilmot. (S) UKNA.

1601, William died.

ii. Robert Kempe, born ? in England.

iii. Thomasine Kempe  (8195), born ~1580 in Cornwall, England.

“The name Pascowe is derived through a marriage between Thomasine Kempe and John Pascowe, and the widow of the latter we find married Francis Croker, Gent., at St. Stephen's Church.” (S) A Gen. Hist. of the Kemp and Kempe Families.

iv. Joan Kempe, born ? in Cornwall, England.

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