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Thursday, October 1, 2020

William de Cassingham

 10000644. William de Cassingham

~1210, William born in Essex, England, s/o 20001288. William de Cassingham & 20001289. Agatha ?.

10/19/1216, Henry III succeeded John as King of England. Louis of France also claimed the throne.

Aft. 1236, William’s father died. [Assumed by break in records.]

4/11/1241, William de Kassingham to give to the Friars Preachers of Canterbury 20 oaks to build their church as gift of the King. [Signed by the King.]

1242-43, William held a 7th part of a fee of Nicholas Folet in Kent. (S) Testa Nevill.

By 1253, William died, his son Ralph his heir. (S) Hist. of Kent, V7, 1798, Rolvenden.

Child of William and ?:

i. Ralph de Cassingham (5000322), born ~1245 in England.

1258-59, Ralph, son of William de Casingeham, gives half a mark for taking an assize before William of Wilton in Kent.

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