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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Information on Published History Books

Information on Published History Books
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About the author: After college Rodney Bond served in the Air Force during the Vietnam era, then worked as an engineer, and then as a high school teacher. As a high school teacher in Texas, he coached student teams to Regional Championships in Academic Decathlon, and to State Championships in Science. In 2010 Rodney was named the MIT High School Inspirational Teacher of the Year. In 2011, he was selected as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction by the National Society of High School Scholars.

Title: Messages For Graduates

This book begins by affirming the importance of each person through poetry and physics. Why each person is important is explored through the perspectives of science and mathematics. This is followed by descriptions of how each person’s decisions affect his or her future, and how knowledge and attitude are the keys to making good decisions. Knowledge about the important topic of economics is addressed in detail. Knowledge of social issues is then presented. The book closes by addressing philosophical issues that will help steady the journey of their lives. Link to YouTube videos about Messages For Graduates: Messages For Graduates

Title: Early European Monarchies

This book was compiled from over twenty years of research on the royal ancestries of persons from Mississippi, combined with an interest in the history of western civilization. All of the previous history books I read had omissions and errors or were focused on specific royal families. None of the books documented the complex relationships between the various monarchies. My ultimate aim was to concisely document the early history of Europe. Original source identification is embedded. This is the third and final book. The two previously released books described below are about the early histories of England and France.

The three-book series documents the complex royal relationships of the monarchies of early Europe, including England, Scotland, France, Spain, Hungary, and Germany. Some of the royal family histories, particularly those of Spain and Hungary, are rare in English. There are external links to the website “Many Mini Biographies” with the other family histories that are necessary to fully understand the political pressures under which the monarchies in the various countries evolved.

Title: A Chronological Multimedia History of Early Royal England

In tales of the kings, queens, and knights, this book uses a new linear approach to describing history. It  tells the history of early England by documenting specific chronological events. The book is unique in that there are supporting details of minor players of the history documented on an external website. This allows for additional reading about individuals of interest. The book begins with the Roman occupation in 54 B.C, followed by a detailed history of the early kings, ending with the death of King Edward III. This ancestry is not completely documented in any other modern book. Included are identifying numbers linking to the website “Many Mini Biographies” to be used in finding further history and ancestry of important dukes, earls, and knights.

Title: A Chronological History of Early France

This book provides a detailed chronological history of early France, 58 B.C. to 1371 A.D., through the lives of the nobility, their marriages, betrayals, rebellions, and wars. The book has identification of original sources embedded. There are external links to the histories of many of the related families on the website “Many Mini Biographies.” There are very few books in English documenting the early history of France. The few that do, do not document events surrounding actual royal succession as in the crowning of Charlamagne or the subsequent end of the Capetian lineage.

Title: Chronological History of Early French-Canadian Families

This is a history book. The book provides a detailed chronological history of early Canada through the lives of the French settlers. Many of these family's descendants were the first families of the Gulf Coast. Not only is the book chronological, it also has original source documentation embedded which provides more details about the lives of the early settlers. There is little commentary. The reader is left to decide how the events impacted the individuals. 

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