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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Jeffrey Robertson

Jeffrey Robertson

1709, Jeffrey born in VA. [Established in the autobiography of Norvell Robertson, his grandson, who states that his grandfather, Jeffery Robertson was 75 years old when he died.]

[According to Daniel S. Robertson, deceased, a long-time Robertson researcher, Jeffery married first Elizabeth Elam, daughter of Gilbert Elam and Annie Bolling of Virginia.]

[Jeffery, according to family tradition, is said to have made a trip back to Scotland after the death of his first wife. He married his second wife, Judith Tanner Mills, on his return.]

7/20/1738, Jeffrey granted 2 tracts of land in Henrico Co., VA; 400 acres beginning at Edward Haskin’s corner, standing on the north side of Skin Quarter Creek; 384 acres on Skin Quarter Creek, being Thomas Bass's corner in Edward Haskin’s line.

9/17/1767, “Taken up in Chesterfield, a small black cow, about 5 years old, marked with a smooth crop and 2 slits in the right ear, and a slit in the left, posted and appraised at 30 shillings. Jeffery Robertson.” (S) Virginia Gazette.

8/20/1775, Jeffery Robertson signed the Chesterfield Petition. Other signers were George Robertson and John Robertson.

1781, Jeffery a supplier of beef, corn, and bacon to the Revolutionary War effort.

12/16/1784, Jeffrey wrote his will.

Bef. 7/14/1785, Jeffrey died. (S) Will proved.

Children of Jeffrey and ?:

i. Jeffrey Robertson, born 1/15/1737 born in VA.

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