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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Andrew Early & Winifred Rusinah Frazier

120. Andrew Early & 121. Winifred Rusinah Frazier

10/23/1784, Andrew born in Augusta Co., VA, s/o 240. Daniel Early & 241. Elizabeth Allison.

5/3/1787, Winifred born in Augusta Co., VA.

7/26/1808, Andrew married Winifred in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA.

1810, Andrew Early lives in Augusta Co., VA. Family: 1m<10 (Samuel), 1m 16-25 (Andrew); 1f<10, 1f 16-25 (Winifred). (S) U.S. 1810 Census.

8/25/1812, They live in VA. (S) Birth of son James F.

By 1820, They moved SW to NC.

8/7/1820, Andrew Early lives in Rutherford Co., NC. Family: 2ms, 3fs. (S) 1820 Census. [Census appears to be miss-marked – which is not uncommon for this format. The path from VA to TN supports this first stop in NC.]

By 1830, They moved to TN.

1830, Andrew Early lives in the Western Division of Blount Co., TN. Family: 1m<5 (Andrew), 1m 10-14 (Albert), 1m 15-19 (James), 1m 20-29, 1m 40-49 (Andrew); 2fs<5, 2fs 5-9, 1f 10-14, 1f 15-19 (Elizah), 1f 20-29, 1f 40-49 (Winifred). (S) U.S. 1830 Census.

1839, Andrew Early in the tax records of Blount Co., TN; holding 114 acres valued at $750, with 37.5 acres? of ?. (S) TN Early Tax Records.

1840, Andrew Early, a farmer, lives in Blount Co. TN. Family: 1m 5-9, 1m 50-59 (Andrew); 1f 5-9 (Sarah), 2fs 15-19, 1f 20-29, 1f 50-59 (Winifred). (S) U.S. 1840 Census.

10/18/1850, Andrew (An’d) Early age 65, a school teacher born in VA; Winney age 63 born in VA; Elizah (f) age 39 born in TN; An’d age 23, Sarah age 18; Thomas Russell age 17 lives with them. The Family lives in 6th Civil Distr., Blount Co., TN. (S) U.S. 1850 Census.

1857, Andrew wrote a will. (S) Blount Co. Wills and Probate entry.

1860, Andrew age 75, Winefed age 72, Sarah age 27, Howard age 32, Isabella age 23, Mary age 5, and a baby age 10 months live in District 9, Blount Co., TN. (S) U.S. 1860 Census. [Howard is likely married to Isabella, and the children are his.]

1/26/1861, Winifred died in Maryville, Blount Co., TN.

1862, Andrew Early assessed taxes on 129 acres in Blount Co., TN. (S) Original Doc.

5/5/1864, Andrew died in Maryville, Blount Co., TN; buried in New Providence Cem.

Children of Andrew & Winifred:

i. Samuel S. Early, born 1808 in VA.

1861, Samuel died.

ii. Elizah Jane Early (f), born 1811 in VA.

1864, Jane died.

iii. James F Early (60), born 9/25/1812 in VA.

iv. Eurterpe Ann Early, born 4/9/1816.

v. Rusina Early, born 4/9/1816.

vi. Rev. Albert Park Early, born 2/26/1818 in Augusta Co., VA.

1840, Albert P Early lives next to his brother James F Early in Blount Co., TN. (S) U.S. 1840 Census.

8/17/1860, Albert P Early, age 42, is a minister in Rhea Co., TN. His wife Hannah is age 42. Albert has real estate valued at $6000, and a personal estate of $4000. They have 5 children. (S) 1860 U.S. Census.

1862, Howard Early taxed on 117 acres in TN.

5/23/1893, Albert died in Dayton, Rhea Co., TN; buried in Early Cem.

vii. Betsy W. Early, born 1820 in NC.

1870, Betsy died.

viii. Mary Emeline Early, born 1822.

4/20/1879, Mary died in Washington Co., TX.

ix. Drucilla Early.

1854, Drucilla died.

x. Andrew Howard Early, born 9/29/1827.

6/9/1896, Andrew died in Sulphur Springs, TX.

xi. Sarah E Early, born 1832 in TN.

1895, Sarah died in Sulphur Springs, TX.

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