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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

David Lockhart Campbell II & Jane Pettison Smith

124. David Lockhart Campbell II & 125. Jane Pettison Smith

1/15/1800, David born in Campbells, Knox Co., TN.

11/19/1803, Jane born in Rockbridge Co., VA.

11/29/1823, David Campbell married Jane Smith in Knox Co., TN. (S) TN Marriage Records.

1830, David Campbell lives in Knox Co., TN. Family: 1m<5 (David), 1m 5-9 (unknown), 1m 30-39 (David); 1f<5 (unknown), 1f 20-29 (Jane). (S) U.S. 1830 Census.

1840, David Campbell lives in Knox Co., TN. Family: 2m’s<5 (John & Robert), 2m’s 10-14 (? & David), 1m 40-49 (David); 1f<5, (Mary), 2f’s 5-9 (Margaret & ?), 1f 30-39 (Jane). (S) 1840 U.S. Census.

11/16/1850, David Campbell age 50 a farmer born in TN, wife Jane age 46 born in VA, children: David 22, Margaret 18, John 15, Robert 12, Mary 10, James 8, Saml 6, Elizabeth 4, Sarah 2; all born in TN. Living with them is Mary Houston age 40. They live in Bradley Co., TN. (S) U.S. 1850 Census.

7/5/1860, David Campbell age 61 a farmer born in TN, wife Jane age 56 born in TN, children: Robert 21 born in IL; Saml 16, Barbary 14, Sarah E 12; all 3 born in TN. They live in Prairie Point, Wise Co., TX. David is a farmer with real estate valued at $1000, and a personal estate of $450. (S) U.S. 1860 Census.

12/16/1867, David died in Grayson Co., TX.

4/23/1870, Jane died in TX.

Children of David & Jane:

i. William Smith Campbell, born 12/29/1824  in Knox Co., TN.

3/29/1904, William died in Parker Co., TX.

ii. Nancy S Campbell, born 1826 in Knox Co., TN.

i. David L. Campbell, born 1/14/1828 in TN.

Civil War: David served as a private in the Texas 19th Regiment, Co. E. (S) U.S. Civil War Soldiers.

9/16/1896, David died in McMinn Co., TN; buried in Dennis Cem.

i. Nancy J Campbell, born 7/24/1830 in Knox Co., TN. (Died a week later)

ii. Margaret C Campbell, born 6/7/1832 in TN.

3/11/1856, Margaret died in TN.

iii. John Stanfield Campbell, born 1/18/1835 in TN.

John died in Chickisha, Grady Co., OK.

iv. Robert A Campbell, born 6/8/1837 in TN.

1/17/1893, Robert died.

v. Mary Ann Campbell, born 7/10/1839 in TN.

8/14/1924, Mary died in Cottondale, Wise Co., TX.

vi. James V Campbell, born 1/21/1842 in TN.

8/18/1858, James died in TN.

vii. Samuel Walker Campbell (62), born 3/17/1844 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN.

viii. Barbara Elizabeth Campbell, born 4/2/1846 in TN.

5/5/1916, Elizabeth died in Reno, Parker Co., TX.

ix. Sarah Emaline Campbell, born 5/18/1848 in TN.

12/1/1928, Sarah died in Plainville, Hale Co., TX.

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