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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

William H Pate & Lovica Lucinda McAlister

 98. William H Pate & 99. Lovica Lucinda McAlister

1806, William born in GA.

1/12/1822, Lucinda born in Yazoo, Laurence Co., MS.

4/2/1825, William married Martha Davis (b.1804) in Monroe Co., GA.

By 1836, Martha Died.

11/1/1836 in Pulaski, AR, William Pate born 1806 in GA, married Lavicy Mcallister born in MS. (S) AR Compiled Marriage Records, 1779-1850.

1837, William Pate on the Van Buren Co., tax list. (S) AR 1830-1839 Tax Lists Index.

1840, William Pate lives in Griggs, Van Buren Co., AR. Family: 2m(s) 15-19, 1m 30-39 (William); 2f(s)<5 (Julia and Mary), 1f 15-19 (Lovica). (S) 1840 U.S. Census.

12/9/1850, Wm. Pate age 45 and born in GA, a farmer, wife Lucinda age 29 born in MS. Children: Julia Ann age 13, Mary age 11, James age 10, Amy age 8, David age 6, Jane age 5, Susan age 3, William age 1, all born in AR. They live in Lick Mountain Township, Conway Co., AR. Wm.’s real estate is valued at $1500. (S) U.S. 1850 Census.

3/24/1854, William died in Conway Co., AR.

7/26/1860, “Lovicy” Pate age 38, born in MS, is keeping house with real estate valued at $3000 and a personal estate of $1000. Children: Son Wilson age 19 works on the farm. David 16, Disa J 14, Susan 12, Wm J 10, Sarah C 8; all born in AR. They live in Springfield, Lick Mountain township, Conway Co., AR. (S) U.S. 1860 Census.

8/20/1870, Lovica Pate age 45 and a widow, lives in Clinton, Griggs township, Van Buren Co. AR. Her real estate is valued at $2000, and her personal estate at $200. Daughter Sally age 17, son Wm J age 20. (S) U.S. 1870 Census.

12/13/1877, Lucinda died in Clinton, Van Buren Co., AR.

Children of William & Lucinda:

i. Julia Ann Pate (49), born 4/4/1838 in Van Buren Co., AR.

ii. Mary Ann Pate, born 1839 in AR.

1873, Mary died.

iii. James Wilson Pate, born 2/26/1841 in AR.

8/22/1919, James died.

iv. Amy Pate, born 1842 in AR.

v. David Pate, born 1844 in AR.

1864, David died.

vi. Dicie Jane Pate, born 9/26/1845 in AR.

3/9/1900, Dicie died.

vii. Susan Pate, born 10/1847 in AR.

5/1878, Susan died.

viii. William J Pate, born 11/1849 in AR.

1900, William died.

ix. Sarah “Sally” C Pate, born 1852 in AR.

1937, Sarah died.

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