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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bell 22 Kidd-Ward

22. John Brown Kidd & 23.Narcissa Ward {Lowndes Co., MS}

4/10/1816 John born in Giles Co., TN, s/o 44. William Kidd & 45. Zilpha Lewis Kimbrough.
(S) DAR Appl. of GGD Martha Hartness. [A “John B Kidd” Bible is cited in the application – but its whereabouts is unknown.]
No.44:(S) 1820 Census, TN, Williamson Co., Franklin. John m:<10.
10/25/1822 Narcissa born in SC, d/o 46. William Ward & 47. E W ?.
(S) 1836 LownCo. Tax Rolls. John Kidd.
(S) 1837 MS Census, LownCo. John Kidd.
No.44:(S) 1840 Census. John m: 20-30.
1/11/1838 in LownCo., MS, John married Narcissa. (S) LownCo., MS, MB2, P87.
(S) 1838 LownCo., MS Tax Rolls. John Kidd, in “Butta”.
(S) 1839 LownCo. Tax Rolls. John Kidd, in “Butta”.
1840, (S) 1840 Census, MS, LownCo. James is John’s brother who probably died before 1850.
9/3/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, LownCo., No TWP. b: TN. Land value: $1200.
9/2/1850, (S) 1850 Slave Schedule, MS, LownCo. John owns 18 slaves: 10 male and 8 female.
6/23/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, LownCo., Caledonia. b: TN. Value of real estate: $25,000. Value of personal estate: $55,000.
(S) 1860 Slave Census, MS, LownCo. He owned 40 slaves: listed by age, gender. All the slaves were listed as black. The slaves accounted for most of the personal wealth.
65,Female 61,Male 55,Female 44,Male, 40,Male 38,Female 35,Male 35,Female, 34,Male 31,Male 28,Male 28,Female, 25,Female 22,Male 20,Female 19,Female, 18,Female 17,Female 17,Male 15,Female 15,Female 11,Male 9,Male 9,Male, 8,Male 7,Male 7,Male 6,Male, 6,Male 6,Male 5,Female 4,Female, 4,Female 3,Female 2,Male 2,Male, 1,Male 1,Male 1,Female 1,Female.
4/22/1869 John left 1/3 of his father’s real and personal property in William’s will.
8/3/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, LownCo., Columbus, PD2.
10/2/1871 at 9 AM, John died at the home of his daughter Virginia. Buried in Woodlawn Cem., LownCo., MS. (S) Gravestone.
7/1874 Narcissa named as John’s widow the final estate papers of his will.
6/11/1880, (S) 1880 Census, MS, LownCo., Bt1. Narcissa living with son John.
11/29/1896 Narcissa died; buried in Woodlawn Cem., LownCo., MS. (S) Gravestone.

Family notes: John Brown Kidd:
• The ages of Mary and Virginia are reversed from 1850 to 1860. Another John Kidd family is also in LownCo. in 1850. This family from SC was still there in 1833, and only after that moved to MS.
• Last Will and Testament of William Kidd: (S) Microfilm of original records of the LownCo., MS Court House, Will Bk. 1, PP305-7.
     “To the Honorable …Thomas Kidd and Alfred Kidd would respectfully show facts your honor that John B Kidd late of said county departed this life on the 2nd day of October last at his residence of L C Harvey in said county; that before his death to wit on the 1st day of October AD 1871. The undersigned here at the habitation of L C Harvey [son-in-law] who was there and had been for several days previously confined by bodily illness; that the said John B kidd was then afflicted with a malady of a dangerous and alarming character, and being apprehensive of approaching dissolution did say about the hour of 11 O’clock AM of the day aforesaid desire the family and friends present except the undersigned leave the room, and did call upon the undersigned and expressed his desire of making his will, and did ask them to take notice and bear testimony that what he was then about to say was his last will, or words to the like effect, and did then and there utter the following testimony words to wit:
     That it was his will that his mill in said county be sold and all of his children to have one thousand dollars each of it being that much, except Wm R Kidd who has received one thousand dollars more than the others; he also stated that he had paid five hundred and fifty dollars to V C Harvey which he wished to be deducted from the thousand dollars going to her. He also expressed as his wish that the amt. coming to his three daughters, Mary P Harvey, V C Harvey, and Della Kidd, be paid out in real estate for their special benefit. And if any money is left after paying each of his children on thousand dollars as aforesaid, the remainder if any be divided between his wife and children. He also said – I wish my wife to move to the old homestead which is hers already and to have my horse and mules to run her farm.
     That the undersigned as said deceased expressed the above will hastily made the substance of his words on a sheet of paper at hand and handed it to decedent who made it out and expressed his assent to it correctness. The undersigned then asked the deceased if he could sign his name to it – who said he could – and making the effort affixed his name to the instrument of writing – written with a pencil heretofore attached to which decedents genuine signature appeared.
     That the said Alfred M Kidd remained with the deceased until late in the evening of that day and returned again on the following morning and remained until his death that day to wit Oct 2nd AD 1871.That the said Thomas Kidd remained form the time of the writing of said testament words until the said testator departed this life in his presence; and the undersigned further states that about the hour of 9 AM on the morning of the said 2nd day of October the said testator departed this life. The undersigned also state that the said testator at the time of the writing of said testament words was of sound & disposing mind memory and understanding. And your petitioners would further state that they are brothers of the deceased and in no way interested in his said estate. And they would further ask that said will should be admitted into probate as the last will and testament of deceased. And they will ever pray.” /s/ Alfred M Kidd, /s/ Thomas Kidd.
• 7/1874, (S) 5th Chancery Distr., LownCo., July Term, 1874, final accout of estate of John B Kidd, Wm A Harris exec: Received from … 1872 sale of personal property, 684.86; 1873 real estate sale, $1535; cash on hand of deceased, $5; cash from Special Deposit in the Columbus Insurance & Banking Company in gold, $3179.50; from the estate of John’s father William, $2527.77 … Paid out … tombstone, $20; …
• Kidd’s Tavern in LownCo. near Steens, located “across the road from the family cemetery”. (S) Source Material for MS History LownCo., V44, Pt 1, Columbus Library. The tavern was originally in the Woodlawn house next to the cemetery. The house was built around 1825. William bought the land around 1835 and operated it as a tavern and stagecoach station until around 1860. Rev. Wood, a Cumberland Presbyterian minister bought the house from the Kidd family.

Children of John and Narcissa:

i. William Rufus Kidd, born 12/4/1838 in LownCo., MS.
No.22:(S) 1840 Census, m<5.
No.22:(S) 1850 Census.
No.22:(S) 1860 Census.
2/12/1862 in MS William married Louisa Viola Tulane, born 1/1843 in MS; the d/o Louis S Tuland, born 8/14/1794 in NJ, died 10/2/1871 in Wetumpka, Elmore Co., AL. Her brother Paul Tulane endowed Tuland Univ. in New Orleans.
1870 – they may have been “on the road”; Benjamin was born in Columbus in 1871.
10/1871, William named, but left out of his father’s will because he had already received $1000.
9/24/1873, they live in Wetumpka, Elmore Co., AL. (S) Estate papers of his grandfather William.
7/1874 William, “residing in Wetumpka Ala”, named as John’s son in the final estate papers of his will.
6/1/1880, (S) 1880 Census, AL, Elmore Co., Weptumpka.
Bef. 1900 William died – Louisa is a widow living with her daughter Ledell in San Antonio.
11/11/1912 in San Antonio, TX Louisa died. Each of her 9 living children was left $20,000. Both are buried in the Old Wetumpka Cem., Elmore Co., AL.
Frances (Fannie) Kidd, born 1863 in AL. (S) 1880 Census.
She married Frank Morange, born 1838.
1941 she died.
Charles Tulane Kidd, born 7/2/1866 in AL. (S) 1880 Census.
He married Forence Mitchell, 1871–1914.
(S) 1910 Census, AL, Calhoun Co., Anniston. 1 son at home.
7/10/1913 he died in Calhoun Co., AL, buried in Hillside Cem.
Ledell Kidd, born 1868 in AL. (S) 1880 Census.
She married Charles L Bass.
(S) 1900 Census, San Antonio, TX. Her mother lives with her.
1/3/1958 she died.
Benjamin Edgar Kidd, born 10/16/1871 in Columbus, MS. (S) 1880 Census.
4/16/1902 he married Julia Valma Enslen, born 11/1/1879.
2/17/1945 he died in Lee Co., AL; buried in Oak Hill Cem., Birmingham, AL.
Myrtle Kidd, born 1872 in AL. (S) 1880 Census.
1908, she married Conner Dunlap.
(S) 1910 Census, AL, Morgan Co., Falkville. 2 children.
1931 she died.
Louis S Kidd, born 10/5/1874 in Elmore Co., AL. (S) 1880 Census.
1902, he married Etna Camp, 1876–1960.
(S) 1910 Census, AL, Calhoun Co., Anniston. 3 sons at home.
12/24/1935 he died; buried in Edgemont Cem., Anniston, AL.
Maysie S Kidd, born 3/1877 in AL. (S) 1880 Census.
She married ? Young.
1951 she died.
Birdie May Kidd, born 12/1878 in AL. (S) 1880 Census.
She 1st married Robert Johnson.
She 2nd married ? Crenshaw.
5/30/1958 she died.
Claudia Kidd, born ~1880.
1906 she died.
Juliette Kidd, born 2/1882.
She married James Hayden.
1/8/1917, they arrived on the cruise ship Atenas at New Orleans from Cristobal, Canal Zone.
1936, she died.

ii. Virginia Carol Kidd, born 11/22/1842 in MS.
No.22:(S) 1850 Census.
No.22:(S) 1860 Census.
5/6/1862 “Jenny C” married Dr Lewis Clay Harvey, born 2/22/1839 in MS, brother of Mary’s husband. (S) LownCo. MB5, P69.
7/12/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, LownCo., Columbus. n: “Jene”. Lewis is a physician.
10/1871 Virginia given $450 in her father’s will.
7/1874 “Jennie C Harvey wife of Lewis C Harvey” named as John’s daughter the final estate papers of his will.
1/6/1888 Virginia died in LownCo., MS. Buried in Woodlawn Cem. [Lewis remarried.]
9/22/1911 Lewis died; buried in Woodlawn Cem.
Lula Alma Harvey, born 1868 in LownCo., MS. (S) 1870 Census.
Lelia Madeline Harvey, born 12/1869 in LownCo., MS. (S) 1870 Census.
She married L Thos Wisdom. (S) Gravestone.
(S) 1930 Census, MS, Leflore Co., Greenwood. He is an insurance agent.
6/29/1934 she died; buried in Woodlawn Cem. (S) Gravestone.
Mary Virginia Harvey, born 2/22/1872 in LownCo., MS.
1897, she married James H Lance. (S) Gravestone.
(S) 1900 Census, MS, LownCo. She has had 2 children, 1 living.
4/15/1949 she died; buried in Woodlawn Cem. (S) Gravestone.

iii. Mary Petelia Kidd, born 10/18/1845 in MS.
No.22:(S) 1850 Census.
No.22:(S) 1860 Census.
8/12/1860 in LownCo., MS, Mary married Joseph England Harvey, born 7/22/1826 in Oglethorpe, GA, brother of Virginia’s husband. He was an MD. (S) LownCo. MB4, P645.
(S) 1870 Census, MS, Lowndes Co., Columbus. Joseph is a physician. Their real estate is valued at $480 and his personal estate at $400.
10/1871, Mary given $1000 in her father’s will.
4/2/1873, Joseph died; buried in Woodlawn Cem.
10/1873, Joseph paid $84 out of Mary’s grandfather William’s estate for services during his illness.
4/1/1873, Joseph died, buried in Woodlawn Cem. (S) Gravestone.
7/1874, “Mary P Harvey widow of Joseph E Harvey deceased” named as John’s daughter the final estate papers of his will.
7/4/1875, Mary died in LownCo., MS. Buried in Woodlawn Cem.
Lucy Virginnia Harvey, born 9/27/1862 in LownCo., MS. (S) 1870, 1880 Census: J T Kidd.
6/3/1883 she married Frank Sharp, 1849–1930. (S) LownCo. MB11, P324.
4/28/1888 she died; buried in Woodlawn Cem. (S) Gravestone.
Ila Harvey, born 7/15/1863 in LownCo., MS. (S) 1870, 1880 Census: J T Kidd.
12/25/1881 she married Frank A Rowan. (S) LownCo. MB10, P502.
7/5/1899 she died; buried in Woodlawn Cem., LownCo., MS.
Martha “Mattie” Harvey, born 1865 in LownCo., MS. (S) 1870 Census.
10/25/1885 she married J A Cook. (S) LownCo. MB12, P413.
Joseph England Harvey Jr, born 1866 in LownCo., MS.
8/5/1866, he died an infant.
James Harvey, born 1867 in LownCo., MS. (S) 1880 Census: A T Harvey. (S) 1870 Census.
John Harvey, born 3/31/1869 in LownCo., MS. (S) 1880 Census: A T Harvey. (S) 1870 Census.
1900, he married Maria E Campbell, born 1878 in KY.
(S) 1910 Census, MS, LownCo. 3 daughters.

iv. John Franklin Kidd, born 8/12/1849 in MS.
No.22:(S) 1850 Census.
No.22:(S) 1860 Census.
9/2/1870 John married Louisa J McReynolds, born 1851 in MS.
No.22:(S) 1870 Census. His wife Lou is listed with the family.
7/1874, J F named as John’s son the final estate papers of his will.
No.23:(S) 1880 Census. John is a farmer. His mother lives with him. 2 nieces, Ila and Lucy, daughters of Mary, also live with him.
Unnamed infant son; born 8/27/1871 [died the same day.]
Dell Anna Kidd, born 1872 in MS. (S) 1880 Census.
Beulah Kidd, born 1874 in MS. (S) 1880 Census.
12/31/1895 she married C O Lance. (S) LownCo. MB18, P384.
Whittier Kidd, born 1876 in MS. (S) 1880 Census.
Alma Kidd, born 1879 in MS. (S) 1880 Census.

v. Della Elizabeth Kidd (11), born 9/01/1855.

vi. Unnamed son, died 10/1859; buried in Woodlawn Cem., LownCo., MS.