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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

William Milligan Frazer & Maria Susannah Purdy

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18. William Milligan Frazer & 19. Maria Susannah Purdy [SC, AL]

7/2/1800, William born in Charleston, SC, s/o 36. John Milligan Frazier & 37. Rebecca Sophia Ripley.
12/22/1801, Maria born in Charleston, SC, d/o 38. Joseph Purdy & 39. Johannah Bessilleau.
5/21/1812, William named as a child of John in a trust deed. (S) SCDA&H, Misc Records 4-Y, P276.
5/22/1821, William married Maria. “In Charleston, on Tueday evening, the 22nd ultimo, by the Rev. Mr Morgan, Mr. William M. Frazer to Miss Maria S. Purdy, both of that city.” (S) SCMAR. Vol. V, Spring 1977, No. 2, P99.
4/6/1822 at 12:00 AM, Anna born in Charleston, SC, d/o 18. William Milligan Frazer and 19. Maria Susannah Purdy. (S) William Milligan Frazer Bible, Printed and Published by S. Walker, Washington Street, Boston. Original owner, Susannah Rebecca Frazer. Last known owner, Charles Owen Johnson.
1822, William in business with his father. “William Fraser, Boat Builder, Daniel’s Warf.” (S) Charleston City Directory.
5/29/1823, William named as a child of John in a trust deed. (S) SCDA&H, Misc Records 4-E, P384.
12/1/1823, William M. Frazer made trust deed of gift with his brothers John M Frazer and John J Frazer as trustees for his daughters Ann Stevens Frazer and Susanna Rebecca Frazer. (S) SCDA&H, Misc Records 4-Z, P331.
1824, William listed in “Directory and Stanger’s Guide, for the City of Charleston; also, for Charleston Neck, between Boundary-street and the Lines.” (S) Compiled principally by the late Wm. F. Shackleford, Esq. while taking a census of the city. 3 Nov. 1824.
William owned a grocery store at No. 81 East Bay St. in Charleston. (S) SCDA&H, Misc Records 5-J, P117.
12/8/1824, Power of Attorney from John Cannon to William to collect all money due at Charleston. (S) SCDA&H, Misc Records 5-B, P15.
3/9/1825, William M Frazer involved in a “tax return” issue of G.C. Capers of St. Helenas Parish. (S) SCDA&H, S-126061, Y-1824, I-1976.
1825, William lives with his father at 22 Laurens’s St. The business is located on John St., Wraggsborough Neck. (S) Charleston City Dir.
12/11/1826, William named in his father’s obituary. (S) See No. 36.
2/10/1827, William M Fraser and John J Fraser involved in a lawsuit. (S) SCDA&H, L-10018, Y-1827, I-145A.
2/10/1827, William M Frazer involved in a lawsuit. (S) SCDA&H, L-10018, Y-1827, I-235A.
1828, William a member of a committee of the Huguenot Church adopted a resolution to have the services wholly in English [vs French which was no longer generally spoken]. (S) A Historic Sketch of the Huguenot Church, by Vedder, DeSaussaure, and Ravenel; Charleston, 1885.
7/1/1828, William M. Frazer gave a $224 mortgage to his brother-in-law George Osborne. (S) SCDA&H, Misc. Records 5F, P74.
2/18/1829, the funeral of Samuel Richards was held at William’s house at No. 7 Queen St.
4/23/1829, William M Frazer involved in a lawsuit. (S) SCDA&H, L-10018, Y-1829, I-107A.
1829, William Frazer, Notary Public, Res. on Laurens St., business at 81 E Bay St. (S) Charleston City Dir. His mother, and brothers Charles & John J, also live on Laurens St.
2/13/1830, William M Frazer involved in a lawsuit of James Mitchell of the Charleston Dist. (S) SCDA&H, L-10018, Y-1830, I-62A.
1830-1, William Frazer, Accountant, 53 Wentworth St.
7/1/1830, WM Frazer quoted as saying, “South-Carolina—Admired everywhere for her hospitality and her love of liberty; she never will be enslaved by any Northern monopolists”. (S) Proceedings of the States Rights Celebration in Charleston, 1830, P50.
6/22/1833, William M Frazer and John J Frazer involved in a lawsuit. (S) SCDA&H, L-10018, Y-1833, I-423A..
1833, William moved to Augusta, GA and started a boarding house. [by children’s births].
7/16/1838, William named in equity bills of his father. (S) SCDA&H, Equity Bills 81&82.
(S) 1840 Census, GA, Richmond Co. The large number of men with him is because he runs a boarding house. Maria and daughter Emiline are enumerated; 8 slaves. See CD Census Record 18-1840.
1841, William M Frazer – Justice of the Peace of Augusta, GA. (S) Augusta City Directory, P26. He also advertised: “Frazer’s House”. [See CD Misc Images.] William’s brother James was a director of a bank in Augusta, and his brother Charles owned another boarding house in Charleston.
1845, William and Maria moved to Mobile.
9/28/1850 Maria died in SC. “Maria Susannah Frazer wife of William M. Frazer departed this life at the residence of William Wilson her son in law in Barnwell Dist South Carolina on Saturday morning the 28th day of September 1850 at 9 o’clock and was buried in his family burying ground near his residence on Beech Island, Barnwell Dist. South Carolina by his special request.” (S) FBR. “Departed this life … in Barnwell District South Carolina … She was a native of Charleston S. C., but a resident of Mobile for the last five years … “. (S) 10/4/1850 Mobile Daily Advertiser. Maria is buried in the Wilson Cem. on Pine Log Road in Beech Island, SC.
William moved to AL, preceding the move of his daughter Anna who followed about 1858.
12/31/1850, (S) 1850 Census, AL, MobCo., Mobile. A Wd. & a clerk; he lives with his daughter Susannah’s family. See CD Census Record 18-1850.
1855, (S) 1855-56 Mobile City Dir. “Fraser W M, res ann cor shell road”.
11/6/1856 William married Ann Hardy, born 1818 in England, who has considerable wealth. “William M. Frazer married Mrs. Ann Hardy, a widow, on November 6, 1856, at the domicile of Mrs. Hardy in Mobile. They were married by J.H. Ingraham, Rector of St. John’s Church”. [She was previously married to a Mr. Crosby]. Ann died 9/30/1877. (S) Magnolia Cem. Records.
1856, (S) 1856 Mobile City Dir. “Frazer W M, r cor shell road and ann”.
1859, (S) 1859 Mobile City Dir. “Frazer, W M, sec’y fulton ins co, res ss govt w bayou”.
7/14/1860, (S) 1860 Census, AL, MobCo., Mobile, WD6. He is an Insurance Secretary. See CD Census Record 18-1860.
1861, (S) 1861 Mobile City Dir. “Frazer, W M, see fulton ins co, res 173 govt”. Entry for Fulton Ins. Co: “Office, No. 24 St. Michael St. Capital, $100,000. A. J. Ingersol President; W. M. Frazer, Secretary.”.
9/1864 William died in Mobile, AL. (S) 9/29/1864 Mobile Advertiser and Register: “The friends and acquaintances of the late William M Frazer are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this Friday morning at 10 o’clock from his late residence, corner of Government and Jefferson Streets. Carriages will be waiting at McDonald’s Stables, opposite to the Public Square, till quarter to 10 o’clock.” (S) 9/30/1864 Mobile Advertiser and Register: “Captain William M Frazer, 64 years. Internment.” - William is buried in MagFrazernolia Cem., Sq8, L65 in the Crosby family plot with his wife Ann Hardy Crosby Frazer. There is no marker, but there once was because his information has been recorded in the cemetery database.

(S) Frazer Bible Records, Charleston Historical Society. [FBR]. (S) Allied Families by Johnson.

Family notes:

• There is a William M Frazer/Fraser that appears in the 1820 & 1830 Census’ in Malboro Co. [well north of Charleston] who is likely not [but could be] this person.
• William was an educated individual that was involved in many legal issues apparently due to the nature of his vocation; some sort of legal representative to other individuals.

• Will of Susan R. Owen recorded in the courthouse, Mobile, AL, 3-704-400.

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Susan R. Owen, relict of the late John G. Owen, being weak in body, but of sound and memory, feeling a deep solicitude for the welfare of my children and desiring that they shall live together in harmony after my decease do will and desire that the following disposition shall be made of the property that I now hold and such as I shall die in possession of, viz.

First. I appoint my daughter Miss Martina H. Owen to be my executrix and do not desire that she shall be required to give any bond or security as such and I wish her to act as the guardian of my minor children that she may supervise their education and do what she can to fit them for the business of life and I enjoin upon them that they shall look up to and respect their eldest sister aforesaid and thereby make her task more easy and promote their own happiness and future being.

Second. I have built two separate houses out of my own separate means fronting on the Shell Road about....feet each including the lots that are enclosed around them, the improvements so placed thereon by me, constituting their principal value. These several lots and premises and improvements I give and devise as follows: The most western one by the north side of the Shell Road opposite to the premises of Mrs. ??? to my daughter Martina H. Owen and the one adjoining and next east thereof to my daughter Kate Lee Owen, for them to have and hold the same respectively in their own right forever and these houses, lots, and premises shall be all of my estate and that of my late husband that the said Martina H. and Kate L. Owen shall have and receive and I enjoin upon them to take care of my young children until they can provide for themselves.

Third. As to the house in which I live and the lot thereto attached, I wish to be retained without sale or division for the benefit of all my children except Martina H. and Kate L. aforesaid until the youngest of said children shall arrive at the age of 21 years. Said premises are at the northwest corner of Ann Street and the Shell Road.

Fourth. While the last named premises shall remain unsold and undivided I desire the furniture to remain in the house for the benefit of all the family.

Fifth. I give my watch and chain to my youngest child.

Sixth. I wish that my children shall be reared in the faith and church in which they have been baptized. And now as a last request of a fond mother to her dear children I beseech them all and severally to avoid strife among themselves, to keep the little property they shall have together that they may live at one common house and try to assist each other in becoming useful, happy and respectable.

In witness of all which I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 3rd day of May, 1869. /s/ Susan R Owen.

Children of William and Maria:

i. Anna Stephens Frazer (No. 9), born 4/6/1822 in Charleston, SC.

ii. Susannah Rebecca Frazer, born 10/29/1823 in Charleston, SC.
1842, Susannah’s portrait was made. The painting was last known to be in the possession of Charles Owen Johnson of Washington D.C. It was published in Mississippi Portraiture, P206.
1/24/1843, Augusta, GA Susannah married John Garland Owen, born 9/4/1818, Wilkes Co. GA; s/o Garland Owen and Sally Woolbright.
1/1/1847, Susannah given a Bible, in which the Owen genealogy was recorded, from family friend Alex Campbell.
12/31/1850, (S) 1850 Census, AL, MobCo., Mobile. Her father lives with them. John is a clerk.
4/1/1853, Martina, John, and Chauncy all baptized at the Christ Episcopal Church in Mobile.
7/20/1855, Kate baptized at St John’s Episcopal Church, Mobile.
1856, (S) 1856 Mobile City Dir. “Owen, Capt J G, n w cor ann and shellroad”.
10/19/1856, William baptized at St John’s Episcopal Church, Mobile.
1859, (S) 1859 Mobile City Dir. “Owen, John G, steamboat clk, nw cor shell rd and ann”.
7/5/1859, Frank baptized at St John’s Episcopal Church, Mobile.
7/31/1860, (S) 1860 Census, AL, MobCo., Mobile. John is a clerk with land valued at $2500 and a personal estate of $1500. Her neice, Anna’s daughter Sarah, lives with them.
1861, (S) 1861 Mobile City Dir. “Owen, J G, stbt clk, nw cor shell rd and ann”.
12/21/1861, Robert baptized at St John’s Episcopal Church, Mobile.
4/2/1864, Susannah given the book “Life and Works of William Cowper” by friend R. W. Dean of Cahaba, AL.
3/31/1865, Charles baptized at St John’s Episcopal Church, Mobile.
1866, (S) 1866 Mobile City Dir. “Owen, J G, clk str Flirt, res cor ann and shell road”.
1867, (S) 1867 Mobile City Dir. “Owen, J G, stbt clk, res cor ann and shell road”.
9/25/1867 John died at Garland’s Island, AL River, Selma. “A dispatch was received yesterday morning in town from Captain Johnson the steamer Mist announcing the death of Capt. John Owen first clerk of the Mist, and an old steamboat man. He died on the boat at Selma and had been sick some time. He was one of the most popular men on the river and his loss will be universally regretted.” (S) FBR. He is buried in Magnolia Cem. with Susan.
1869, (S) 1869 Mobile City Dir. “Owen Jno G Mrs, res nw cor Shell rd and Ann”.
5/3/1869 Susannah wrote her will. (S) Family notes.
1/11/1870 Susannah, 47, died in Mobile, AL. (S) 1/16/1870, Mobile Daily Register: “Died at her residence in this city, Mrs. Susan R. Owen, relict of the late Captain John G. Owen, a native of Charleston, SC, internment January 13th”. Both are buried in Magnolia Cem., {Owen Plot, Sq3, L64}. [As is unidentified Maude Owen and Garland].
Jo Hunter Owen, born 12/1845 in Mobile.
He died at three months old, buried with his parents in Magnolia Cem.
Martina Harper Owen, born 4/2/1847 in Mobile. (S) 1850, 1860 Census.
5/3/1869 named executrix of her mother’s will & given a house.
4/18/1872 she married Frank Strong Vincent, died 1922. (S) MobCo. MB25, P545.
(S) 1900 Census, LA, Orleans, New Orleans. 3 of 5 children living.
11/20/1920 she died in New Orleans, both buried with her parents in Magnolia Cem., Mobile.
[An infant son is also buried with them].
John Garland Owen Jr, born 9/15/1849 in Mobile, AL. (S) 1850, 1860 Census.
(S) 1869 Mobile City Dir. “Owen Jno G. Jr, clk stbt Mary Swan, res nw cor Shell rd and Ann st”. His residence is his mother’s home.
5/18/1880 in Houston, TX, he married Margaret Allen. (S) HarrCo., TX, V-H, P324.
4/1/1901, he died at 1306 Prythania St, New Orleans.
Chauncey “Chat” Hall Owen, born 12/2/1851 in Mobile. (S) 1860 Census.
5/1865, he recorded the family births as given to him by his father.
Kate Lee Owen, born 1/3/1854 in Mobile. (S) 1860 Census.
5/3/1869 named in her mother’s will & given a house.
12/8/1891 in N.O. she married Prof. Frederick Wespy, born in Germany, 1853-1928. (S) N.O. MB15, P634.
(S) 1900 Census, LA, Orleans, New Orleans. No children. [Dr. Wespy, a professor of Greek and German, taught at both Newcombe and Tulane.]
1/30/1913 she died, both buried with her parents in Magnolia Cem. (S) New Orleans Daily Picayune, 2/1/1913.
William Frazer Owen, born 3/31/1856 in Mobile. (S) 1860 Census.
5/15/1878, he married 1st Jennie Octavia Read. (S) Mobile Co. MR, B27, P594.
(S) 1890 Mobile City Dir., William a cotton buyer.
William’s life was oriented around various railroads. He was President and/or General Manager of multiple lines.
11/26/1910, Jennie died; buried in W F Owen mausoleum, Metairie Cem.
9/14/1921, he married Mary Cornelia Taylor , born 1879 in IN. (S) Mobile Co. MR, B52, P327.
(S) 1930 Census, AL, MobCo., St. Elmo & Irvington. No children.
11/18/1943, William died; buried with Jennie and her 4 children.
Frank Stone Owen, born 3/31/1859 in Mobile.
1/13/1883 in Abilene, TX he married Laura Sue Schroeder, born 8/21/1861 in TX; died 7/12/1898 in Waco, TX after giving birth the day before to Laura Owen – mother of Charles Owen Johnson.
(S) 1900 Census, TX, Mclennan Co., Waco. 3 sons. [He owned general stores in small towns.]
12/11/1917, he died in Waco, TX; buried in Oakwood Cem.
Robert Otis Owen, born 7/29/1861 in Mobile.
11/19/1884 in N.O. he married Mary Ann Armstrong, born 1/13/1859 in N.O.
They had 8 children, 2 with “Frazer” as their middle names.
(S) 1900 Census, LA, Orleans, New Orleans. 7 of 8 children living. Robert worked for the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad.
3/7/1912 he died in New Orleans.
Charles Wheadon Owen, born 8/11/1864 in Mobile.
2/3/1885 in Evergreen, LA, he married Claudia Ellen Pearce, born 1865 in TX.
(S) 1910 Census, LA, Orleans, New Orleans. 1 son; one of Frank’s children. Charles was an agent for Union Pacific and Texas Pacific railroads.

iii. James Robertson Frazer, born 4/12/1826 in Charleston, SC. (S) FBR.
7/25/1826, Tuesday, in Charleston, James died; buried at the French Protestant (Huguenot) Church Cem. (S) FBR.

iv. Martha Jane Frazer, born 12/18/1827 at 5 PM in Charleston, SC. (S) FBR.
4/30/1845 in Augusta, GA, Martha married William Wilson, born 4/30/1845 in Beech Island, SC. (S) FBR.
9/28/1850, Martha’s mother died in their home on Beach Island. (S) FBR.
11/23/1850, (S) 1850 Census, SC, Edgefield Dist. William [born 1820 ] is a farmer. Martha indicates she was born in GA.
7/25/1860, (S) 1860 Census, SC, Edgefield Dist., Beach Island. William has a personal estate of $2000. A 14 year old named William Griffin lives with them. Martha born in SC.
8/18/1870, (S) 1870 Census, SC, Edgefield Dist., Hammond Twp., Hamburg. William, a farmer, has real estate valued at $750 and a personal estate of $450. William Jr works on the farm.
6/15/1880, (S) 1880 Census, SC, Aiken Co., Hammond. William is a farmer, Martha is keeping house, Emma is still at home.
William F Wilson, born 1847 in SC. (S) 1850, 1860, 1870 Census.
Martha Wilson, born 1848 in SC. (S) 1850 Census.
Probably died as a child – not in 1860 census.
Susan O Wilson, born 1851. (S) 1860 Census.
Emma Wilson, born 1863. (S) 1870, 1880 Census.

v. Emiline Maria Frazer, born 4/10/1830 in Charleston, SC. (S) FBR.
Emiline married her 1st cousin Henry Gourdin Frazer, s/o James36viii.
They were members of Christ Church, Charleston. Henry was a member of Solomon’s Masonic Lodge, No.1; and ex-President of Mechanics Union #1, ex-President of the Mutual Aid Association, and a member of the German Friendly Society.
7/1895, Henry died, buried in Magnolia Cem., Charleston, lot #545.
10/18/1897, “The relatives and friends of Mrs. Emma M. Frazer, Relict of the late Henry G Frazer are respectfully invited to attend her Funeral Service from Christ Church, Rutledge Avenue, this afternoon at 4 o’clock.” (S) Charlest News and Courier, P8, Col6. Emma is buried with Henry.
Emma Marie Fraser, born ? in SC.

vi. Mary Ann Frazer, born 9/1/1833 in Augusta, GA. (S) FBR.
Mary Ann died a few hours after she was born; buried in Augusta. (S) FBR.

vii. Francis Marion Frazer, born 5/9/1835 in Augusta, GA. (S) FBR.
8/19/1836 Francis died in Hamburg, SC; buried in Schultz Hill Cem. (S) FBR.