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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bond 18 Taylor-King

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18. Myles Taylor Jr & 19. Mary Elizabeth King [NC, MS]

10/10/1788, Mary born in Pitt Co., NC, d/o 38. John King & 39. Mary Smith.
No.38:(S) 1790 Census. Mary: f.
1790, Mills born in Robeson Co., NC; s/o 36. Mills Taylor Sr & 37. Charity ?.
(S) 1810 Census, NC, Robeson Co. Mills.
11/25/1813, “Miles” left 2 shillings in the will of his mother. See No.37.
~1816, Myles married Mary.
~1818, Mills moved to GA [and then MS].
(S) 1820 Census, MS, CovCo., No TWP.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, PerrCo., No TWP. 1m:10-15, 1m:15-20 not identified.
(S) 1841 MS Census, PerrCo. Mills.
(S) 1845 MS Census, PerrCo. Mills.
7/11/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo. Mills is a Farmer. His married son John lives next to him.
(S) 1850, Slave Schedule, MS, HarrCo. Mills owns 2 slaves; m: 22, black, f:16, mulatto.
7/29/1863, Mills died in HarrCo, MS; buried in Taylor Cemetery, StnCo., MS.
10/29/1865, Mary died in JaxCo, MS; buried with Mills.

Children of Mills and Mary:

i. Mary (Polly) Taylor (No. 9), born 9/23/1817.

ii. Roseanah Taylor, born 1818 in GA.
No.18: (S) 1820 Census. f<5.
No.18: (S) 1840 Census. f:15-20.
No.18: (S) 1850 Census.
3/2/1854, Roseanah married James Hendricks Wyatt, born 1794 in GA. (S) HarrCo, MB3, P45.
1855, James died in MS.
Bef. 1860, Roseanah died. In 1860 her 15 year old step son Washington is an orphan with an estate of $250.

iii. Catherine Taylor, born 1819 in GA.
No.18: (S) 1820 Census. f<5.
No.18: (S) 1840 Census. f:10-15.
No.18: (S) 1850 Census.

iv. John J Taylor, born 1830 in MS.
~1848 John married Delilah ?, born 1828 in MS.
No.18:(S) 1850 Census; HarrCo.
7/13/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, HarrCo, Bt5, Biloxi. Living near his sister Mary (No. 9). He is a farmer with land valued at $300 and a personal estate of $1500.
6/16/1880, (S) 1880 Census, MS, HarrCo, Distr142. He lives next to Sylvanus (No. 4).
Mary Taylor, born 1849 in MS. (S) 1850 Census.
Nellie Taylor, born 3/13/1851. (S) Gravestone.
She married Thomas Miles, born 3/29/1841, died 3/27/1918, buried with Nellie.
11/19/1928 she died, buried in Taylor Cem., StnCo., MS.
Verilla Taylor, born 1855 in MS. (S) 1870,1880 Census.
12/22/1877 she married Joseph Breland. (S) HarrCo, MB8, P355.
Angeline Taylor, born 10/28/1856 in MS. (S) 1870 Census. (twin)
She married J F P Bond8iv.
12/1/1951 she died, buried in Taylor Cem., StnCo., MS.
David Josiah Taylor, born 1857 in MS. (S) 1870,1880 Census. (twin)
1880 he married Angeline Delia, born in 1861. (S) Who Married Whom in PerrCo., 1985.
Mills Taylor, born 8/4/1859 in MS. (S) 1870,1880 Census.
3/3/1939 he died, buried in Taylor Cem., StnCo., MS.
William Taylor, born 1861 in MS. (S) 1870,1880 Census.
Carrie Jane Taylor, born 1863 in MS. (S) 1870,1880 Census.
Daniel Taylor, born 1865 in MS. (S) 1870,1880 Census.
9/7/1898 he married Julie LeBlanc. (S) HarrCo, MB11, P423.
John Taylor, born 1/1870 in MS. (S) 1870 Census.
D W Taylor, m, born 1882. (S) 1880 Census. (twin)
Mary Taylor, born 1882. (S) 1880 Census. (twin)