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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bell 18 McCollum

18. Jno S McCollum & 19. Margaret ?

~1821, John S McCollum born in SC.
1/1827, Margaret born in NC.
(S) 1840 Census, AL, Tuscaloosa Co. Jno single, living alone.
8/1849, Jno registered in AL to vote on a Constitutional Amendment. n: “McCullum”.
11/6/1850, (S) 1850 Census, AL, Pickens Co., SD. Mary ( 9) was born the next month. Jno’s farm is valued at $250.
7/21/1860, (S) 1860 Census, AL, Pickens Co., Yorkville. b: SC. Occ: Ditcher.
3/25/1862, John S McCullum enlisted in the Confederate 41st Alabama Infantry, Company C, as a Private.
3/25/1865, John captured at Hatcher’s Run.
4/9/1986, Robert E Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox, VA.
5/12-14/1865, John released at Point Lookout, MD on taking the oath of allegiance.
7/4/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, LownCo., Artesia. Jno is not at home with Margaret.
No.8:(S) 1880 Census. John is living with his son-in-law. [Note Margaret is not listed in the census.]
Aft. 1880 Jno died.
No.4:(S) 1900 Census. Margaret living with James ( 4) and his family indicates she has had 7 children, of which only 2 are still living.
4/19/1910, (S) 1910 Census, AL, Tuscaloosa Co., Tuscaloosa. Margaret lives with her son General.
Children of Jno and Margaret:

i. Jane McCollum, born 1840 in NC.
Jane married ? Smith. (S) 1870 Census.
Bef. 1900 Jane died. (S) 1900 Census of parents.
Margaret Smith, born 1857 in AL. (S) 1870 Census.
John Smith, born 1860 in AL. (S) 1870 Census.
James Smith, born 1862 in AL. (S) 1870 Census.

ii. William Tecumseh McCollum, born 1846 in AL.
No.18:(S) 1850 Census.
No.18:(S) 1860 Census.
Bef. 1900 William died. (S) 1900 Census of parents.

iii. Jno Alexander McCollum, born 1848 in AL.
No.18:(S) 1850 Census.
No.18:(S) 1860 Census.
Bef. 1900 Jno died. (S) 1900 Census of parents.

iv. Mary Jane McCollum ( 9), born 12/15/1850.

v. Martha K McCollum, born 1855 in AL.
No.18:(S) 1860 Census.
Bef. 1900 Martha died. (S) 1900 Census of parents.

vi. General Morgan McCollum, born 1/1863 in AL.
~1893 Morgan married Mattie J Walley, born 1/1872 in AL.
No.4:(S) 1900 Census. Living with his wife and child in James Bell’s ( 4) family. He is a salesman in James’ grocery store.
4/19/1910, (S) 1910 Census, AL, Tuscaloosa Co., Tuscaloosa. They live on 26th Ave. His mother lives with them. Mattie has had only one child. General is a laborer doing odd jobs.
James Morgan McCollum, born 9/9/1896 in AL. (S) 1900, 1910 Census.
He married Evie ?, born 1899 in AL. (S) WWI Draft Reg. Card.
(S) 1920 Census, AL, Tuscaloosa Co., Hickmans. No children.
1935, James and Evie live in Tuscaloosa, AL. (S) 1940 Census.
4/23/1940, James and Evie, with son Charles, age 17, live in Tuscaloosa, AL. James a farmer. (S) 1940 Census.
12/9/1962, James died in Tuscaloosa, AL. (S) SSDI.