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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bell 122 Alexander

122. Phineas Alexander & 123. Elizabeth ? {Mecklenburg Co.}

1752, Phineas born in Cecil, MD; s/o 244. Zebulon Alexander & 245. Hannah Hodgson. [Phineas named after Hannah’s father .]
Phineas 1st married Jane ?.
7/1775, Phineas served on a Mecklenburg Co. jury. (S) Publ’s of the South. Hist. Assoc., 1/1897, P333.
2/5/1777, a deed for property on Sugar Cr adjoining “Zebulon Alexander, … Phineas Alexander, and Charles Alexander.” (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB10, P94.
~1778, William Akins, 1st Lieut, SC Militia, 1st term served under Col. Thomas Pack in winter of 1777 for 6 months. 2nd term under Phineas Alexander.
3/3/1779, Zebulon Alexander received a state land grant of 70 acres on the Reed branch of Sugar Cr adjacent to Phineas. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB10, P509.
9/20/1779, Phineas mentioned as a land owner on the King’s branch of Sugar Creek in a deed. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB10, P502.
3/20/1780, Zebulon bought 200 acres for £100 on the south side of Sugar Cr adjoining the lands of his son Phineas.
7/1781, Phineas provided “evidence” of Philip Ford, deceased. (S) Meck. Co. Crt. Minutes, B1, P295.
10/14/1782, Zebulon and wife Jane sold 111 acres to Phineas for £50. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB11, P171.
1/1/1783, Phineas bought 100 acres for £100 on Sugar Cr. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB11, P274.
4/22/1783, Phineas witnessed a deed. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB12, P287.
3/3/1784, Phineas named as a son in his father’s will: “my beloved son one Cross cut saw and also the sum of ten shillings.”
Phineas married 2nd Elizabeth ?.
7/28/1789, Zebulon Alexander sold 33 acres on the east side of Sugar Creek to Phineas for £20. On the same date Phineas witnessed another deed of his father.
(S) 1790 Census, NC, Mecklenburg Co. Phenias: 1,3,4. He lives near William Clark, father of his future son-in-law; and next to his brother Abel.
8/28/1790, Phineas received a state grant for 80 acres. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB17, P207.
7/17/1794, Phineas sold 165 acres on Sugar Cr adj Zebulon for £200. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB15, P294.
4/26/1797, some acreage of Phineas’ on the west side of Little Sugar Creek was sold at auction to cover a debt of £131.15. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB15, P276.
3/9/1799, a deed for property next to Phineas. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB14, P320.
1799 tax list, Phineas with 1 white poll in Capt Bowman’s Co.
(S) 1800 Census, NC, Mecklenburg Co. Phensas. 20101,00220,01.
7/15/1800, Phineas sold 100 acres for £40. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB16, P727.
4/25/1807, Elizabeth bought the Negro Fan, about 30 years old, for $300. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB21, P293.
5/16/1808, Phineas sold to his brother Zenas 70 acres on Sugar Cr for $500. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB18, P375.
9/31/1808, Phineas received a state grant for 70 acres. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB17, P186.
2/8/1821, Phineas & Elizabeth, for “$100 love and affection” sold to Jonas, daughter Ann’s husband, their Negro woman Fan and her 4 sons. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB21, P293.
3/8/1821, Phineas Alexander sold the Negro boy George, about 13 years old, to his son-in-law Jonas Clark. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB21, P309.
5/1826, “Fen & Phineas Alexander” sued by Winslow McRae … (S) B7, P137.
11/23/1826, Phineas named in a deed of trust. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB23, P121.
11/1826, Phineas died; court ordered settlement of his estate. (S) B7, P161.

Children of Phineas and Jane:

i. Nathaniel Alexander, born ~1780 in NC.
4/25/1807, Nathaniel witnessed his mother’s acquisition of the Negro Fan.
1/30/1821, Ann’s brother Nathaniel relenquished all claim to Ann that he had in the negro named Jim. (S) Mecklenburg Co., DB21, P293.
10/27/1823 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, Nathaniel married Caroline Alexander.

Children of Phineas and Elizabeth:

ii. Issac Alexander, born ?.
[Note – Issac appears in many records of the Alexander and Clark families. The problem is the numerous Alexanders in Mecklenburg at the time – many sharing the same name.]

iii. Ann Alexander (61), born 11/18/1787 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.