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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jacques Lamy Jr & Marie Helene Moreau

112. Jacques Lamy Jr & 113. Marie Helene Moreau [Fra, MS, AL]

1735, Jacques “Brindamour” born in Musso, Diocese of Meaux in Brie, France; s/o §Jacques Lamy Sr &  §Marguerite de Rossiere. The “Brindamour” was likely derived from the fact that in French regiments each soldier was given a “nickname” that was commonly used; and had to be unique to the unit.
~1750, Marie born in Biloxi, Province of Louisiana; d/o 226. Joseph Moreau & 227. Marie Jeanne Dauphin. (S) Love’s Legacy, P379.
9/25/1753, as a young child Marie was christened. (S) SLC, New Orleans, B3, P10.
1/22/1760, Jacques married Marie. (S) Loves’s Legacy, P379. Jacques is identified as a Seargent of the Company of Trent; and his parents are identified. (S) SLC, New Orleans, B4, P57.
5/4/1764, Jacques - Sergeant, discharged from the military on half pay of 9 livres per month, sent to the “Bureau de Invalids”. Jacques was in a company headed by Captain Trente. (S) Louisiana Troops, P74.
2/17/1770 Jacques died in the sinking of the ship Pere de Famille on a trip to France. (S) Louisiana Troops, P73-4.
12/31/1771, Pierre Moyse, s/o “Heleine Moreau, Widow Lamis, surnamed Birndamour” baptized. (S) SLC, B6, P128.
12/2/1778, Marie married Francois Krebs. Cornelius McCurtin, future husband of Marie Bosarge88i, was a witness at this wedding. Jacques identified as “deceased”. (S) Love’s Legacy, P379.
12/1783, Francois granted ownership of Round Island based inheritance by Marie.
1/1/1786, (S) 1786 Spanish Census of Mobile. Ages 43 & 40, 1 freed slave, 4 slaves, 2 houses, 2 children, 100 acres of corn.

Family notes:
• Meaux, France is a small town 25 miles east of Paris.

Children of Jacques and Marie:

i. Jean Baptiste Lamie Sr ( 56), born 1761.

ii. Euphrasie Lamie, born 11/19/1769.
12/2/1769 Euphrasie baptized. (S) SLC, New Orleans, B6, P70. (S) L.O., P643. Her sponsors were Jean Lamy and Marie Roze.

iii. Pierre Moyse Moreau, born 12/26/1771.
12/31/1771, Pierre baptized. (S) SLC, New Orleans, B6, P128.
Pierre was named “Moreau” because his father died before he was born and his mother’s last name was used.