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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bond 304 King-Clark

304. Henry King & 305. Katherine Clark [VA, NC]

1650 Henry born in Nansamond Co., VA; s/o 608. Michael King & 609. Elizabeth Carey.
~1662 Katherine born in Surrey Co., VA; d/o 610. John Clarke & 611. Katherine Gwaltney.
Henry lived in Isle of Wight Co., VA; and was a carpenter by trade. (S) No.610 Family notes. [This could have been as an apprentice.]
Bef 1679 in Surrey Co., Henry married Katherine Clark. [Henry was apparently on the move since he would eventually be in NC.]
1/6/1679, “Judgment is granted Henry King, who married Katherine ye daughter of John Clarke, against Sheriff for so much as he shall made, appeared due at next court. Ye said Clarke having failed to appear to answer the said King’s action. ... so of costs ut n. at.” (S) Surrey Co. OB 1671–91, P295.
5/2/1679, “Attachment is granted to the Sheriff against John Clarke for so much as Henry King shall recover against the Sheriff at the next court for the said Clarke’s nonappearance to answer said King’s action, so ye costs ut n. at. Judgement is granted Henry King against the Sheriff for the nonappearance of John Clarke, two steers 3 years old each at last Christmas.” (S) Surrey Co. OB 1671–91, P295.
11/1/1684, Henry is named in his father-in-law’s will. (S) No. 610 Family notes.
1697, Henry lived on Bennet’s Creek near Gatesville in Chowan Prct. (later Gates Co.) NC. Meetings of the Chowan Prct. were frequently held in their home. [Chowan was originally part of VA.]
9/16/1701, Henry, 302 acres in Chowan prct., “upon the middle swamp issuing out of Bennetts Creek, joining John King [his brother] … (S) NC PB1, P113.
(S) 1704 Rent Rolls of Nansemond Co., VA. Henry.
10/20/1704, Henry adj John Stallings, middle swamp, a branch of Bennett’s Creek.
By 1711 Henry had moved his family to Gatesville, NC.
12/1/1712, Henry purchased land form John Plowman, later sold by his widow.
2/24/1714, Henry wrote his will. (S) Family notes.
7/20/1715, Chowan Prect. At a court at the house of Henry King: “Tredle Keef and John Mainer being attached of a Breach of the trust reposed in him by the Publick, … and James Rutland ( 938) be Summoned Evidences …”. (S) Chowan, DB1.
10/2/1715, Henry given a Power-of-Attorney.
Bef. 3/9/1716 Henry died in Chowan Prct., NC.
Katherine married 2nd Gerrard Lynch.
3/9/1716, Gerrard Lynch of Chowan Prect. and Katharine his wife to Coll Edward Moseley of the same place. 50£ sterling 640 acres more or less on the Midle swamp of Salmon Creek, joining a branch and the swamp granted to Katharine King Relict of Henry King decd., the sd. patent being lapsed from Henry King and purchased from John Plowman on 1 Dec 1712. (S) Chowan Co., DB–B1, P535.
8/2/1716, A receipt from R Calfe to Gerrard Lynch at West Shore Log House for Sundry Merchandise taken up per Henry King lately decd. (S) Chowan Co., DB–B1, P484.
11/15/1716, John Hardy, Esq. ( 632) order with 2 others to divide up Henry’s Negros and Chattles in 3 parts. Katherine to get 1st choice; then the remaining two-thirds to be divided amonst the children. (S) NC Exec. Council Minutes.
4/4/1717, Agreement between Gerrard Lynch on behalf of his wife Katherine King and John King guardian of Michael King and one of the administrators of the Estate of sd. Henry King, the sd Lynch receives use of slave Frances during the life of Katharine and then the sd slave to go to Katharine's children [Document signed Catharine Lynch]. (S) Chowan Co., DB–B1, P456.
8/16/1717, Gerrard Lynch, … Indebted to James Beazley Esq in ye sum of 100£ current money -- the sd. obligation to be void if the sd. Lynch shall well and truly pay the portion of the Estate of Catherine King, Ann King, Mary King, and Charles King children of Henry King decd to each Child when they Come to age. (S) Chowan Co., DB–B1, P22.

Family notes:
• Henry retained large tracts of land in both Nansemond Co., VA and Chowan Prct., NC. The NC land was on the Blackwater (Chowan) River.
• 2/24/1714, will of Henry: “Know all men by these presents that I, Henry King, being now in my right senses, and in good health, do with the grace of God and my own free will make my last will and Testament. Whereas I have a full tract of land called the (Log House Land), being in the Chowan Precinct, in the County of Albemarle, Whereas the above mentioned land, I do freely give unto my three sons Michael King, Henry King, Charles King; and the said land is to be equally divided amongst the three. And whereas, I have another piece of land in VA in the county of Nansemond that lies between the flat swamp and the third swamp;and whereas there is a part of the said land that lies between the flat swamp and the third swamp,that I do give to my two sons Michael King and Henry King, and share and share alike between them two, one by Michael King, his choice. And whereas the other part of said tract of land being between the flat swamp and the third swamp, I do freely give to my two older daughters Elizabeth King and Catherine King; and they are to choose alike, one by Elizabeth is to be her choice of the said land; and I freely give to them the tract of land being in the precinct lying upon the meadow. And whereas I do freely give to my daughter Ann King two hundred acres of the said land. And whereas I do freely give to my daughter Mary King two hundred acres of the said land. Whereas this being my last will and testament”. /x/ Henry King. (S) Albemarle Co. (Chowan Prct.), NC Wills.

Children of Henry and Katherine:

i. William King ( 152), born 1680 Isle of Wight Co., VA.
11/1/1684 William and his brother Henry are named in their maternal grandfather’s will.
9/10/1760, William bought 64 acres next to his brother Henry on Broad Branch from his brother Charles. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-L, P447.

ii. Henry King Jr, born 1682 Isle of Wight Co., VA.
[He was a “cooper” by trade.]
11/1/1684 Henry and brother William are named in their maternal grandfather’s will. (S) No.610 Family notes. [Henry was later in possession of grandfather John Clarke’s property.]
2/24/1714, Henry named in his father Henry’s will.
Henry married Elizabeth Parker.
3/25/1725 Henry purchased 100 acres of land at the mouth of the Cashia River, Bertie Co., NC for L130. (S) Bertei Co., DB-A, P436.
1/1/1726, Henry King, Jr of the County of Brunswick, planter, to Cornelius Cargill of Brunswick, planter, 30 lbs … a tract of land whereon Thomas Gualtney now lives, Parish of Lawnes Creek, County of Surry, 100 acres bounded on every side by the land of Edward Browne, …. [an Edward Browne was a neighbor of his grandfather John Clarke on the same creek.]
5/28/1728, Henry purchased 541 acres on Cypress Swamp.
9/27/1729, Henry witnessed an assignment of Robert West. (S) Bertie Co., DB-C, P211.
11/1/1753, Henry (of Chowan Co.) settled a land dispute in Brunswick Co., VA. His brother William was a witness. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-H, P44.
11/23/1754, Henry a member of his brother Charles’ command of NC Militia.
Elizabeth King.
She 1st married her 1st cousin William King, s/o her Uncle Charles.
Ann King, born ~1734.
3/30/1752, she married Joseph Speight. [his 2nd wife] 1725–1792.
(S) 1769 NC Early Census, Dobbs Co.
~1795 she died.
Amelia King, born ? in NC.
1762, she married Joseph Parker [his 2nd wife].
1798, he wrote his will; died bef. 2/1803.
4/16/1816, Amelia wrote her will, died by 8/1816.

iii. Michael King III, born 1685 Isle of Wight Co., VA.
2/24/1714, Michael a “minor son” in Henry’s will. His Uncle John was given guardianship.
Michael married Elizabeth “Isabel” Ferguson, born in 1706. (S) named in Michael’s will.
1719, Michael lived between Cashie River and Salmon Creek, Chowan Co., NC.
4/19/1721, Robert Bell, Michael King and Isabel his wife to the Hon Charles Eden, Governor of NC 71£ money of NC 606 acres on the middle swamp at the head of the Beaverdam, joining the sd. Charles Eden, Collo. Thomas Pollock, and Major John Plowman. (S) Chowan Co., DB-F1, P103.
1722, Bertie Co. formed from Chowan Co.
2/9/1722, Michael, of Chowan Prct., NC, bought 100 acres from C. Vanluven. (S) Bertie Co., DB-A, P46.
10/7/1726, Michael, of Bertie prct., bought 200 acres from Edmond Smithwick. (S) Bertie Co., DB-B, P269.
2/8/1729, deed of Samuel Smithwick: … a tract of land … “between Michael King and me” … (S) Bertie Co., DBC, P102.
5/20/1741 Michael wrote his will.
Bef. 10/1741 Michael died. (S) will proved in Bertie Co., NC.
8/1742, “Isabell” provided the inventory of Michael’s estate.
Isabel married 2nd ? Diall.
Michael King IV, born 1722 in Bertie Co., NC. [GF of Vice-President Rufus King.]
He married Mary Catherine Snell.
He served in the Rev. War.
1784, he died.
Henry King born 1725 in NC.
He 1st married Ann Snell.
He 2nd married Mary Boone.
1762, he died.
John King, born 1730 in NC.
He married Priscilla ?.
They moved late in life to Montgomery Co., TN.
1807 he died.
Catherine King, born 1732.
She married John Byrd; died 1761.
She married Moses Smith; they moved to SC.
Penelope King, born 1736.
She married Jonathan Dixon, will of 6/9/1808.
Bef. 1808 she died.
Isabel King, born 1734.
Mary King, born 1738.
She married Edward Byrd; died 1802.

iv. Charles King, born 1702 in Chowan Prct., NC.
2/24/1714, Charles named in his father Henry’s will.
8/6/1717, Charles named in document of his stepfather.
9/17/1729, Robert Shine gave his godson Charles of Craven precinct 480 acres lying on Brice Cr. (S) Craven Co. DB-1, P288.
Charles married Elizabeth Vann, d/o Edward and Mary Vann.
1733, Charles signed a petition to the NC Executive Council.
9/26/1734, Charles appointed a JOP for Chowan prct. (S) NC Exec. Council Minutes.
9/16/1740, Charles of Craven Co. sold land to William Wilson. (S) Craven Co.,DB-1, P321.
1/31/1741, Charles named Capt. of James Craven’s Regt. of NC Militia in Chowan Co.
11/23/1754, Charles commanded a NC militia unit that contained multiple relatives.
9/3/1760 Charles sold 50 acres in Bertie Co., NC. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DBL, P434.
9/9/1760 Charles witnessed nephew, Michael King IV’s purchase of 250 acres in Bertie Co., NC. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-L, P445.
9/10/1760, Charles sold 64 acres to his brother William. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-L, P447.
11/13/1760, Elizabeth witnessed a land sale in Bertie Co., NC. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-K, P8.
1/3/1761, Charles sold 75 acres in Bertie Co., NC. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-K, P4.
Charles died in Bertie Co., NC.
Ronquist Henry King.
William King.
He married his 1st cousin Elizabeth King, d/o his Uncle Henry.
Charles King.
He 1st married Judah ?.
~1774, he 2nd married Elizabeth Gardner, d/o his 1st cousin Sarah Bryan.
He served as a private in his father’s company

v. Elizabeth King, born 1710 in Chowan Prct., NC.
2/24/1714, Elizabeth named in her father Henry’s will.
Bef. 2/24/1717 Elizabeth died. (S) Not named in document of Gerrard Lynch.

vi. Catherine King, born 1712 in Chowan Prct., NC.
2/24/1714, Catherine named in her father Henry’s will.
8/6/1717, Catherine named in document of his stepfather.
Catherine married William Bryan.
1744, William died in Bertie Co.
~1765, Catherine married 2nd Aaron Ellis.
1769, Aaron died in Bertie Co.
1771, Catherine asked the court to settle her 1st husband’s estate so she could settle her 2nd husband’s estate.
8/1779, Catherine wrote her will.
12/26/1777, Catherine died in Bertie Co., NC.
Sarah Bryan, born ~1734.
~1755, she married Martin Gardner; wrote his will in 1784.
Bef. 2/4/1794, she died in Bertie Co.

vii. Ann King, born 1714 in Chowan Prct., NC.
2/24/1714, Ann named in her father Henry’s will.
8/6/1717, Ann named in document of his stepfather.
Ann married William Parker.
11/25/1754, Wm Parker a member to the Chowan NC militia commanded by John Sumner.
Thomas Parker.
He married Sarah Norfleet, d/o James & Mary Gordon.
1762 he died.

viii. Mary King, born 1716 in Chowan Prct., NC.
2/24/1714, Mary named in her father Henry’s will.
8/6/1717, Mary named in document of his stepfather.