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Thursday, December 31, 2009

William Doak & Ann Stewart

124. William Doak & 125. Ann Stewart {Montgomery Co. VA}

1747, William born in VA; s/o 248. David Doack.
9/5/1747, William baptized at North Mountain Church. (S) Bethel and her ministers, Turner, 1946.
3/1767–3/1768, Robert and William Doack signed an Augusta Co., VA petition. (S) Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA, P497.
10/10/1774, William an ensign in his brother Robert’s militia company at the Battle of Point Pleasant against Shawnee and Mingo Indians.
5/2/1775, William granted Letters of Administration for his brother Robert’s estate, with David Doack and William Davis as securities.
6/16/1778, Privy examination of Mary, wife of Joseph Love, of Montgomery County, before Wm Davis and Wm. Doack. (S) DB22, P556.
5/24/1782, “Wm. Doak” signed a Montgomery Co. petition to revise tax law: “… Specie has been is almost unknown amongst us for some years past; & what there is, does not circulate, but is securely kept by the few who have had Foresight Enough to gather it. The Alternative of paying in Commodities at our immence Distance from Navigation is of very little service to us, having no way to transport them. Besides our last years crop is generally disposed of for Salt and other real Necessaries, so that if we had Carriages we Could make no Payments at so early a Period as the first of July; Which Circumstances in our Opinions might have occurred to any considerate Person. Your Petitioners humbly conceive that Warehouses might be erected in the Respective Counties, on the Western Waters for the Reception of the Commodities, which the Taxes are to be paid in; This with a reasonable time for making the payment out of the ensuing Crop might inable your Petitioners, and others in similar Circumstances to pay the amount of their Taxes in such commodities. But as to Paying any part, even the Land Tax in Specie it is in Vain to think of it for this Year. …” (S) VA State Archives.
(S) 1779 Census, Montgomery Co., VA: William Doake.
1786, William granted land in [future] Greene Co., TN.

Family notes:
• Robert Doak of the 11th District of Madison, Surveyor’s District 10, State of Tennessee. Last Will and Testament written 16 Oct 1821. Beloved wife, Patsey Doak, 130 acres in Wilson Co., Tenn. on east fork of Spring Creek and 30 acres adjoining same for life or widowhood. Negro woman, Sarah, household and kitchen furniture, bridle, saddle also to her. Son, Alanson Fielding Doak, negro boy Henry; a dark gray horse colt. Dau, Minerva Milton Doak, negro girl Dicy. Dau, Dorinda Harriet Doak negro girl Esther. Dau, Martha Ann Doak negro girl Nelly. Dau, Prudence Roddy Doak negro girl Phillis. Son, Robert Stewart Doak negro boy Andy. At death or remarriage of his widow, Patsey, the 130 acres in Wilson Co., Tenn. to go to his sons Alanson and Robert. The negro woman, Sarah, to be divided among his several hrs. Lands west of Tenn. River to be sold to pay his debts and provide means for educating his “hrs”. Execs Adam R. Alexander, Patsey Doak, wife. Oct. 16, 1821. Wits Thomas Shannon, Robert H. Wynne. (S) Madison Co., TN, WB1, P2.
• Roberts inventory: livestock, tack, household and kitchen furniture, tools, small library of books, rifle, 5 feather beds and furniture. (S) Madison Co., TN, WB1, P4. The sale of items and land provided $1,038.075.

Children of William and Ann:

i. John Doak, born 1773 in VA.
7/10/1793 in Guilford Co., NC, John married Mary Foster, d/o John A. & Martha Morrison. (S) Guilford Co. Marr. Rcds.
(S) 1810 Census, NC, Guilford Co. “J Doak”: 00310,00101.
1812, John in muster roll of Guilford Co. Regt., 2nd Co.
1815, John died in Wilson Co., TN.
9/16/1815, in Wilson Co., John’s estate inventoried, William H . Doak administrator.
9/17/1815, Mary was a buyer during the estate sale [a common occurrence back then] as well as Patsy Doak and William H Doak; William H . Doak administrator.
(S) 1820 Census, TN, Wilson Co. Lebanon. Mary Doak: 26-45; and has 2 teenage sons. Her brother-in-law Robert also lives in Wilson Co.; as does a Jonathan Doak > 45.
(S) 1830 Census, TN, Wilson Co. Mary appears to live with her son John.
[Mary does not appear with John in the 1840 census – nor does the other son.]
John F Doak, born 1800–1810 in NC.
(S) 1830 Census, TN, Wilson Co. He appears to be married and have a son. His brother also appears to live with him.

ii. William H Doak ( 62), born 6/27/1782 in VA.

iii. Robert Doak, born ~1784.
11/1/1803, in NC Robert married Patsy [Fielding], born 1775–1794. (S) Family notes.
1818, (S) Tax List, Campbell Co., TN – Robert Doak.
1820, (S) 1820 Census, TN, Wilson Co. 010010,22010; 7 slaves.
10/16/1821, Robert wrote his will. (S) Family notes.
10/3/1821, Robert signed a petition to incorporate the county. (S) TN State Archives, Nashville. Legislative Petitions: 62-1821-1B. [His son Alanson and brother William also signed.]
~11/1821, Robert died in Madison Co., TN.
12/18/1821 Robert’s will probated. (S) Madison Co, Minute Book 1, Book A, PP1–3.
2/8/1822, Patsey Doak, exec of Robert Doak, dec., of Madison Co., Tenn. sold to William H. Doak, for $250, 50 acres “on the waters of the south fork of forked deer river,” on McNairy & Butler’s east boundary line. SD10, R1, S9. (S) Madison Co., TN, DB1, P1, 9–10.
3/1822, Robert’s personal effects were inventoried and sold. (S) Madison Co. Court Minutes.
6/7/1822, William H. Doak, Madison Co., Tenn. sold to Patsey Doak, for $250, 50 acres “on the waters of the South Forked of the Forked Deer River.” SD10, R1, S9. (S) Madison Co., TN, DB1, P1, 26.
9/27/1823, Willam Doak witnessed the sale of land by Patsey Doak, exec of Robert Doak, dec. (S) Madison Co., TN, DB1, P4, 212.
3/1824, Commissioners’ report on Robert Doak’s estate. (S) Madison Co. Court Minutes.
2/1/1825, William Doak conveyed some land, SD10, R1, Ss8-9, to Patsy Doak. (S) Madison Co., TN, DB1, P7, 512. A.F. Doak was a witness [Patsy’s son Alanson Fielding Doak].
Children: (S) Robert’s will & 1820 Census.
Alanson Fielding Doak, m, born 8/5/1805 in TN.
~1826, he married Adaline ?, born 1810 in TN.
(S) 1850 Census, MO, Hickory Co. Married with 4 children.
Minerva Milton Doak, f, born 1807 in TN.
Dorinda Harriet Doak, f, born 1810 in TN.
Martha Ann Doak, f, born 1812 in TN.
Prudence Roddy Doak, born 11/1/1817 in TN.
12/18/1834 in Wilson Co., she married Green A Hancock.
(S) 1850 Census, TN, Wilson Co. 7 children.
Robert Stewart Doak, m, born 1821 in TN.
9/14/1847, he married Rebecca E Clementine Hancock, born 1825 in TN.
(S) 1850 Census, TN, Wilson Co. No children.
They moved to TX.

iv. Thomas Doak, born 1780–1790 in ?.
1/25/1803, Thomas married Elizabeth Hope in Jefferson Co., TN.
1810, Thomas a member of a Lincoln Co., TN road crew with William. (S) 1st Co. Minutes of Lincoln Co., TN, 1809-1818, PP1-35; by Helen Marsh, 1996.
1820, in Lincoln Co., TN; Thomas married with 4 girls under 10. (S) – See No.62.
12/19/1823, Thomas bought 200 acres for $400. (S) Madison Co. DB1.
5/1/1826, Thomas bought 304.5 acres for $1218. (S) Madison Co. DB1, P540.
2/19/1827, Thomas bought items in the estate sale of E Newsom. (S) Madison Co. WB1, P116.
1830, (S) 1830 Census, TN, Madison Co. 1000001…, 232001…
1/24/1832 in Madison Co., Thomas witnessed a will. (S) Madison Co. WB1, P335.
2/11/1832, Thomas put some land up for sale. “FOR SALE. Tract of land on which subscriber now lives, in Madison County, ten miles west of Jackson, on the South side of Forked Deer river, containing 300 acres. Thomas Doak.” (S) Southern Statesman Abstracts: Vol. 2. No. 2, February 11, 1832.
7/16/1838, Thomas Doak has 5 children in the Distr. 7 school of Madison Co. (S) Madison Co. School Records.
1840, (S) 1840 Census, TN, Madison Co. 12100001…, 0122001…
[Not found in 1850 census.]