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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bell 46 Ward

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46. William Ward & 47. Elizabeth M ? {Lowndes Co. MS}

~1790, William born in GA or Ireland, gs/o an Irish immigrant from Dublin.
6/17/1806, Elizabeth born.
6/13/1820, Abbeville Dist., SC, William & Elizabeth M Ward witnessed a wedding. (S) SC Marriages, 1800–1820, P39.
8/20/1832, William bought 240.68 acres, NE & E1/2,NW; S15,17S,17W (S) LownCo. Land Records.
10/2/1832, William bought 80.09 acres, W1/2,SE; S10,17S,17W. (S) LownCo. Land Records.
11/7/1832, William bought 40.04 acres, N1/2,E1/2,NE; S10,17S,17W. (S) LownCo. Land Records.
11/7/1832, William bought 40.17 acres, SE,NW; S35,16S,17W. (S) LownCo. Land Records.
(S) 1833 LownCo. Tax Roll. William Ward.
10/1/1834, William bought 40.04 acres, S1/2,W1/2,SW, S2,17S,17W. (S) LownCo. Land Records.
(S) 1834 LownCo. Tax Roll. William Ward.
10/5/1835, William bought 80.30 acres, W1/2,NW; S11,17S,17W. (S) LownCo. Land Records.
(S) 1835-1838 LownCo. Tax Rolls. William Ward.
(S) 1839 LownCo. Tax Roll. William Ward, 320 acres, “Yellow Cr.”. This is near William Kidd ( 44), and John Thomas ( 42).
(S) 1840 Census, MS, LownCo. He is listed next to William Kidd ( 44), whose son John would marry his daughter Narcissa. 1 male & 2 females unidentified.
(S) 1840 LownCo. Tax Roll (sup). William Ward, 400 acres.
11/10/1842, Elizabeth, “36y 4m 23d” died; buried next to William.
4/7/1855, William, “about 70 years”, died; buried in the Rowan Cem., Lowndes Co., MS. [The cemetery is north of the Woodlawn Cem on Hwy 12, turn rt. on Rowan Cem. Rd. at Seeds Rd.]

Family notes:
• Narcissa has been identified as a neice of Dr. William Eldred Ward, of Belmont College, Nashville, TN. This is not likely since she was born in 1822 and he was born in 12/21/1829. However, it is likey that they were cousins, since he was the eldest of 6 children from a cotton planter near Huntsville, AL. Dr. Ward was the grandson of an Irishman who had emigrated from Dublin to settle in Savannah, GA. In 1847, Dr. Ward, then 18, left home for Lebanon College; the same year his family moved to TX. In 1859, he married Eliza A Hudson.
• 1850 Mortality index for Lowndes Co: Lunceh Ward – age 37 and married, born in GA, COD “Scarlet Fever”. 1850 Mortality index for Lowndes Co: Robert Ward – age 14 born in MS, COD “Scarlet Fever”.

Children of William & E W:

i. Elizabeth Ward, born 10/18/1816 in SC.

ii. Narcissa Ward (23), born 10/25/1822 in SC.