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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bell 84 Thomas-Hanna

84. Capt. Robert Thomas & 85. Martha Hanna {Spartanburg Co. SC}

~ 1747 Robert born in PA, s/o 168. John Thomas & 169. Jane Black.
~ 1752, Martha born in Lancaster Co., PA, d/o 170. James Hanna Sr & 171. Jean Black.
~1771 in SC, Robert married his 2nd cousin Martha.
1/30/1772, Robert purchased his homestead in Tyron Co., NC [now Spartanburg Co., SC] from Peter Johnston. (S) Register of Mesne Conveyances Office, Chareston, SC, Deed G-4:303-304.
1775, Robert joined his father’s Patriot’s Spartan Regt.
6/1780, Robert, his father John Sr, and his brother Abram were imprisoned about 60 miles SE of Spartanburg [now the National Park Service’s 96 Historic Site].
3/2/1781, Robert died in 96th Distr., SC, killed at the Battle of Mud Lick Creek [aka Roebuck’s Defeat]. (S) Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution, V2, No.5, P20. [In an article of “The Magnolia” in 1842: “Capt. Robert Thomas, mentioned above, was the son of Col. John Thomas sr. Mrs. McHargue of Green County, Ga., is his daughter. His brother, William Thomas, was wounded in the same engagement.” His death is also recorded in the memoirs of Major Joseph McJunkin, written ~1837, his brother-in-law who was at the Battle of Mud Lick Creek.]
1/4/1785, Martha was “paid one year’s annuity, 8 pounds, 15 schillings” as the widow of Robert. (S) SC House of Representatives Annunities Reports, 1784–1785, RG AA, 5849-A.
1786, Martha married 2nd William Shands Golightly of Spartanburg, a fellow soldier with Robert. He had served with Robert in the Spartan Regt. of Robert’s father Col. John Thomas.
5/7/1787, Shands Golightly was the administrator of Robert’s estate.
10/19/1797, Shands bought land in SC.
4/9/1798, State of South Carolina—Spartanburg County. “I, Isham Harrison, one of Judges of the county aforesaid, do hereby certify unto all whom it may concern that Martha Golightly, mother to the within named John Thomas, did this day appear before me, and being privately and separately examined by me, did declare that she does freely, voluntarily and without any compulsion, dread or fear of any person or persons whosoever, renounce, release, and forever bequeath unto the within named Moses Foster, his heirs and assigns, all her interest and estate—also all her right and claim of dower of, in, or to all and singular the premises above mentioned and released.” Below Golightly’s script is written: “I do certify that the above Shands Golightly is the Acting Adm’r upon the said Robert Thomas Estate. J. Thomas, Jun., J. P. _96 Ds.” Military Record 7732 for Thomas, Robert, National Archives, on file in South Carolina Archives and in Spartanburg Public Library. [This was in response to her son selling the land on 3/21/1798 – see No. 42.]
3/5/1802, Shands bought land in Spartanburg Co., SC.
1805, Shands mentioned in a Baptist publication as being a member in Greenville Co., SC.
(S) 1810 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. Shands: 01012,00301.
Bef. 1820, Martha died in Giles Co., TN.
1832, Shands died in Hickman Co., TN.

Children of Robert and Martha:

i. John Thomas III ( 42), born 1771–1777 in SC.

ii. Elizabeth Thomas, born 1778 in 96th Distr., SC.
Elizabeth married ? Jackson.
4/18/1811, Elizabeth given $20 in her grandfather John Thomas’ will.
1/31/1814, Elizabeth given $10 in her uncle William’s will.
(S) 1850 Census, GA, Green Co., D141. She lives with her sister Martha. Her children live next to her and Martha.
Issac C Jackson, born 1803 in GA. (S) 1850 Census.
He married Louise C ?, born 1808 in GA.
(S) 1880 Census, TX, Caldwell Co. They have a grandson living with them.
James W Jackson, born 1828 in GA. (S) 1850 Census.
(S) 1860 Census, TX, Angelina Co., Homer. He is a single farmer with a personal estate of $400.

iii. Anne Thomas, born ~ 1780 in 96th Distr., SC.
4/18/1811, Anne Thomas given $20 in her grandfather John Thomas’ will.
1/31/1814, Anne given $10 in her uncle William’s will.

iv. Martha Thomas, born 1782 in Spartanburg Co., SC.
[Martha was likely born after the death of her father.]
Martha married Jno McHargue, born 1770–1780.
4/18/1811, Martha given $20 in her grandfather John Thomas’ will.
1/31/1814, Martha given $10 in her uncle William’s will.
(S) 1820 Census, GA, Greene Co., Capt. Rankins. 020010,01111.
(S) 1840 Census, GA, Green Co. 1m:15-20, 1m:60-70[Jno], 1f:20-30, 1f:50-60[Martha].
(S) 1850 Census, GA, Green Co., D141. Martha, a widow, with real estate valued at $1000. Her sister Elizabeth Jackson, lives with her.
Margaret Ann McHargue, born ~1801.
12/18/1823, she married James Dolvin.
Bef. 12/17/1835, she died.
Martha McHargue, born ~1803.
7/8/1819 in GA she 1st married Mathew Ellis.
8/25/1836 in GA she 2nd married Joseph Robinson.
William T McHargue, born 1805 in GA.
6/29/1843, he married Julia A F Hendricks, born 1821 in GA.
(S) 1850 Census, GA, Green Co. He is a blacksmith; they have no children.
Bef. 6/7/1852, he died.
Jane H McHargue, born 3/1822 in GA.
5/25/1843, she married her widowed cousin David W McJunkin, s/o Ann Thomas ( 168vi).
(S) 1850 Census, GA, Wilkes Co. Multiple McJunkin families live together.
9/7/1884, she died; buried at Siloam Presb. Ch., Greene Co., GA.