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Monday, December 14, 2009

Ezekiel Cowart Sr & Elizabeth Barfield

116. Ezekiel Cowart Sr & 117. Elizabeth Barfield [NC, MS]

1748 Ezekiel born in Johnson Co., NC s/o 232. Edward Cowart I & 233. Dorcas Jane Roberts.
~1750 Elizabeth born in NC; d/o 234. Thomas Barfield.
Ezekiel married Me-Ah-Ha-Math.
~1764 Ezekiel married Elizabeth in NC.
(S) 1769 NC Census, Dobbs Co. Edward w/son Needham, Elisha, Ezekiel, James with sons Edward and James Jr., John with Elizabeth & John Clemmons cou., Nathaniel, William.
[5/1775–1/1777 no Dobbs Co. deeds were recorded due to the Rev. War.]
(S) 1790 Census, Georgetown, Prince Georges Co., SC. Brothers Ezekiel, Zachariah (Zikes), and Lewis are living near each other.
No.58:(S) 1800 Census, SC, Barnwell Co., Ezekiel.
(S) 1810 MS, Wayne Co., tax list. Ezekiel.
(S) 1811 MS Census, Wayne Co. Ezekiel.
1814, tax rolls of JaxCo, MS. Ezekiel. (S) Cyril Cain, V1, P184.
1815, tax rolls of JaxCo, MS. Ezekiel. (S) Cyril Cain, V1, P184.
[1820 Census, son Ezekiel is listed next to William Cochran, No. 56, , but not the father.]
1823, Ezekiel died in PerrCo., MS. Burial: Sweetwater Cem., PerrCo., MS. (S) Memorial Record of Alabama, Vol II, 1893.
1855, Elizabeth died in GreeCo., MS. [possibly not this Elizabeth – she would be over 100.]
(S) Principal facts are derived from memoranda collected by Jackson Cowart, died 10/31/1883, with materials from William Carter.

Family notes:
• Many researchers believe that Elizabeth Barfield and Me-Ah-Ha-Math are one and the same due to corresponding dates, circumstances and papers. They believe that the name Elizabeth Barfield was taken to cover the fact that Me-Ah-Ha-Math was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian and it was not fashionable to marry into the native people. There is no concrete proof of this, but there is the possibility due to the various circumstances as stated.
• According to family tradition & somewhat authenticated data, all Cowart named individuals in the USA derived their origin from two orphan brothers who emigrated from Wales ~1690, and took residence near New Bern, NC. They were school masters. Their names are uncertain, but are believed to be Ezekiel & John, or Zachariah. The believed father of the emigrants brothers was Edward Cowart of Wales. According to the 1790 Census the name Cowart is found only in three states, NC, SC & MD. In NC, Newbern Dist.: we find: Edward, James, John, Elisha, James, Ann, Needham & John, Fayette Dist.: Joel & John. In SC, Georgetown Dist.: Isham, Ezekiel, Lewis, James & Wm; In MD, Talbot & Baltimore Co.’s: Bridget, Richard Thomas & Fielding. There are proven records beginning with Ezekiel Cowart. He is either a s/o or gs/o emigrant brothers from Wales. The Cowart history is the oldest authentic written document which is available, written by Jackson Cowart. Original history is held by Nancy Cowart Brunson, co-author. An exact copy of Jackson Cowart’s history is set forth with biographic accounts, some 11 pages covering the family from Wales until they departed for MS.
• Hardy and Needham Coward, probably brothers, are also in the 1810 Census in Amite Co.

Children of Ezekiel are Elizabeth:

i. Ezekiel Cowart Jr, born 1765 in Bertie Co., NC.
2/25/1797 in Barnwell Distr., SC, Ezekiel married Margaret Cochran, d/o William, No. 56.
(S) 1810 Census, SC, Barnwell Co. See No.58.
(S) 1820 Census, JaxCo, MS.
(S) 1825 MS Census, JaxCo.
1829–1832, Rev. A C Ramsay taught school at “Ezekiel Cowart’s, above Red Creek”. (S) Four Centuries … by Cain, P31.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, GreeCo. See No. 58.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, GreeCo. 2f:5-10 not identified.
(S) 1841 MS Census, GreeCo. Ezekiel.
9/3/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, GreeCo., 7th Div. Ezekiel is a farmer. He is living next to 3 sons.
(S) 1853 MS Census, GreeCo.
1855, Margaret died.
9/13/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, GreeCo., Vernal; Ezekiel living with son Jesse.
7/23/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, GreeCo., PD5, State Line. Living with “Charlotte Adams”, his widowed daughter and her family.
3/1/1874, Ezekiel died in GreeCo., MS at 109 years old.
Children: see Margaret.

ii. Hiram Isham Cowart, born ~ 1766 in Georgetown Distr., SC.
~1786 Hiram married Susannah Miller, born 3/24/1769, d/o William and Eliza Snyder.
Af.t 1805 they moved to MS.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, PerrCo. “Isham” living near brothers Jesse, John & Wiley. His wife >45, and they has 4 males and 3 females living with them.
~ 1825 Hiram died in GreeCo., MS. Buried in Little Oak Cem., Pike Co., AL.
Elias Coward, born 1787 in SC.
He married Sarah G ?.
Jesse Coward, born 1792 in SC.
He married Lyia Fullewood.
Elizabeth Coward, born 1795 in SC.
She married Allen Burch.
Stephen Coward, born 1797 in SC.
He married Lavinia Allred.
He married Nancy Black.
3/1878 he died in Pike Co., AL.
Molcey Coward, born 1799 in SC.
She married Joseph Tucker.
Sarah Coward, born 3/28/1800 in SC.
She married William M Depriest.
Hardy Coward, born 1801 in SC.
Susannah Coward, born 1803 in SC.
She married James Brooks.
Enos Coward, born 1805 in SC.

iii. Zylphia Ann Cowart, born 1770 in SC.
8/25/1791 in Buckswamp, SC, Zilpha married Charles Moody Jr, born 1765 in Liberty Dist., SC., s/o Charles Moody Sr.
(S) 1800 Census, SC, Marion Dist., Liberty. Charles Jr 26-44, & Zilpha 18-25, 2 m<10, 2 f<10.
(S) 1810 Census, SC, Marion Dist. Charles Jr >44, & Zilpha 26-44: 01101,00010.
1816–1820, they moved to GreeCo., MS. (S) Births of children.
(S) 1820 Census, SC, Marion, Marion. Charles: 200201,22001.
6/1/1830, (S) 1830 Census, MS, GreeCo. Charles Sr 60-70, Zilpha 50-60. They live near her brothers Ezekiel and Edward.
[Neither found in 1840 or 1850 census.]
7/15/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, GreeCo., Leaksville. Zilpha, 90, living with her daughter Amy.
(S) Our Cowart Family, Marion & Nancy Cowart Brunson, 1967.
Mathew Moody, born 1792 in SC.
1820 he married Delphia Cowart.
Isham Moody, born 1790-1800 in SC.
He married Priscilla Bass.
Martin Moody, born 1800 in SC.
He married Ann H Manning.
Charles Moody, born 1805 in SC.
He married Margaret Thompson.
Amy Zilpha Moody, born 7/13/1808 in SC.
1827, she married Frank Allen Cochran, s/o William ( 56).
[For more info see Frank.]
Lucy Moody, born 12/19/1812 in SC.
She married Hiram Breland.
4/19/1890 she died.
William Moody, born 1816 in SC.
He married Martha Breeland, d/o his sister Lucy.
Priscilla Moody, born 6/17/1820 in GreeCo., MS.
1839 she married James S “Tinner” Greene.
6/8/1904 she died in GreeCo., buried in Old Washington Cem. in Neely.
Martha Moody, born 1824 in MS.
She married Barlet Gavin.

iv. James D Cowart, born ~1772 in Barnwell Distr., SC.
1792 James married ? Jordan, d/o William ( 154), & sister to Sylvia, wife of Brittain King ( 76).
3/8/1792, James named as son-in-law and left 10 shillings in the will of William Jordan. (S) See No.154.
9/16/1795 Brittain King ( 76) “enters” 800 acres in Craven Co., NC on the south side of Great Contentney Creek, “being the land where he lives”, bordering on property of James Coward. (S) Craven Co., NC Deeds 1778–95, P298, #1363.
1/12/1807, James Coward, plat for 375 acres on Old Three Runs, Barnwell District. Edward Coward mentioned, (S) SCDA&H, S-213192, V-39, P-475, I-2.
4/18/1814, Needham Coward, plat for 383 acres on Lower Three Runs, Barnwell Dist. Edward and James Coward, and William Cochran mentioned, (S) SCDA&H, S-213192, V43, P528, I2.
1815 in Barnwell Co., SC, James married Charlotte Allred, born 9/9/1780 in NC, d/o Jonathan & Margaret Burt.
1820, the family moved to MS where daughter Mary was born.
Aft. 1823, the family moved to GA.
Bef. 1840, the family moved to Pike Co., AL. (S) 1840 Census, AL, Pike Co.
11/21/1840 Charlotte died in AL.
1/1/1846, James wrote his will in Pike Co., AL.
Aft. 1/21/1846 James died in Troy, Pike Co.; buried in Allred Cem.
(S) James father, wife and children documented in Memorial Record of Alabama, Vol II, 1893, as given by Hon. F. J. Cowart, s/o Hansford. [He stated that the family was of Welsh origin.]
Children: [named in will.]
Fletcher Jackson Cowart, born 4/26/1816 in SC.
8/24/1845 he married Nancy Thomas Carter., 12/1/1824–11/30/1907, d/o Wm & Mary Buchanan; buried in Wm Carter Cem.
2/23/1886 he died in Little Oak, Pike Co., AL; buried with Nancy.
Hansford Duncan Cowart, born 9/25/1818 in Barnwell Dist., SC.
12/14/1843, he married Louisiana Emiline Carter, 6/4/1820–3/16/1908, sister of Nancy; buried with Hansford. [10 children.]
CSA: 57th AL Inf. at Battle of Franklin.
He was a Methodist, and Pike Co. Commissioner.
6/9/1890 he died in Troy, Pike Co. AL; buried in Wm Carter Cem.
Mary Elizabeth Cowart, born 10/9/1823 in PerrCo., MS.
8/1848 she married Henry Malone Bradley.
1/8/1894 she died in Pennington, Trinity Co., TX.

v. Edward Cowart ( 58), born ~1774.

vi. Jesse Cowart, born ~1778 in Georgetown Distr., SC.
1798, Jesse married Penelope Dear.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, PerrCo. Living next to Wiley and John.
(S) 1840 Census, AL, Pike Co.
1847, Jesse died.
Mahala Cowart, born ?.
She married Richard Moody.

vii. John “Wiley” Cowart Sr, born ~ 1780 in Barnwell Distr., SC.
No.116:(S) 1800 Census. m:16-26.
~1800 John married Sarah Laird, born ~1775 in NC.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, PerrCo. Living next to Jesse and Isham.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, GreeCo. Living near Needham.
~1831, John died in GreeCo., MS.
(S) Our Cowart Family, Marion and Nancy Cowart Brunson, 1967.

viii. Elizabeth Cowart, born ~ 1783 in Barnwell Distr., SC.
Elizabeth married John Drummond.

ix. Needham Cowart, born 3/22/1786 in Barnwell Distr., SC.
No.116:(S) 1800 Census. m:10-16.
~1813 Needham married Mary Taylor, born ~1796 in SC.
4/18/1814, Needham Coward, plat for 383 acres on Lower Three Runs, Barnwell Dist. Edward & James Coward, and William Cochran mentioned, (S) SCDA&H, S-213192, V-43, P-528, I-2.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, Amite Co.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, GreeCo. Living near John.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, GreeCo. Living near multiple Coward and Cochran families.
(S) 1841 MS Census, GreeCo.
(S) 1845 MS Census, GreeCo.
9/10/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, GreeCo., Div 7. n: “Kneedham”. He is a farmer with land valued at $300.
(S) 1853 MS Census, GreeCo. n: “Neadhan”
Bef. 1860 Needham died in GreeCo., MS.
9/4/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, GreeCo. Mary is a widow; son Newit and daughter Mahala live with her.
Washington Cowart, born 1814 in Barnwell Co., SC.
Wesley Cowart, born 1816 in Barnwell Co., SC.
Levin Lemuel Cowart, born 1818 in Barnwell Co., SC.
1840 in MS, he married Mary Ann Breland, 1817–1904, d/o Samuel & Mary Robertson.
1880 he died.
Mahala Cowart, born 1826 in MS. (S) 1850 Census.
Kneedham Cowart, born 1827 in MS. (S) 1850 Census.
Mary Cowart, born 1829 in MS. (S) 1850 Census.
Elizabeth Cowart, born 1831 in MS. (S) 1850 Census.
Newit Cowart, born 1833 in MS. (S) 1850, 1860 Census.
CSA: 3rd Regt., Co. A, Live Oak Rifles. (S) Four Centuries … V2, by Cain, P69.
James Jackson Cowart, born 1/20/1835 in Vernal, MS. (S) 1850 Census.
He married Amanda Jane Ramsay.
9/20/1888 he died in Biloxi, MS.

x. Jemimah Cowart, born ~ 1789 in Barnwell Distr., SC
No.116:(S) 1800 Census. f:10-16.

xi. Delphia Cowart, born ~ 1792 in SC.
No.116:(S) 1800 Census. f<10.

xii. John Hardy Cowart, born 3/9/1793 in SC.
No.116:(S) 1800 Census. m<10.
John married Lucy Elizabeth Bates, born 1/25/1802 in Cambridgeshire, England.
12/12/1808, “Ordered that Passports through the Creek nation be prepared as after mentioned, to wit – One for John Cochran … – One for Hardy Coward and his family – and One for William Cochran … .” (S) Passports issued by Governors of GA, 1785-1820, Bryan, 1962, P50.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, PerrCo. Living next to Jesse and Wiley.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, GreeCo.
(S) 1841 MS Census, GreeCo.
(S) 1845 MS Census, GreeCo.
11/5/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo. Living with his nephew Ezekiel, s/o No. 58.
8/1/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, GreeCo., Div7. John is a peddler. His land is valued at $100 and his personal estate at $200.
Elizabeth Cowart, born 1822 in MS. (S) 1860 Census.
Martha Cowart, born 1840 in AL. (S) 1860 Census.
Martha O Cowart, born 1858 in MS. (S) 1860 Census.