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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

John (Shane) O’Neal & Margaret (Peggy) ?

120. John (Shane) O’Neal & 121. Margaret (Peggy) ? [Ireland, SC]

1728, John born in Co. Antrim, Ireland.
1733, Margaret born in Co. Antrim, Ireland.
~1752 in Ireland John married Margaret.
John was and educated man, with good business experience, and well off financially.
2/13/1768, They arrived in SC on the Ship “Dungannon”, which had left Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland. The Captain of the ship was Robert Montgomery.. (S) Meeting of the Council, Province of SC. “Shane’s Castle” is in the Barony of Dungannon, the source of the ship’s name. They first lived in Georgetown, SC where they had friends that had preceded them from Ireland. John set up a trading company between Irish and American companies in Georgetown and Charlestown. The warehouses established to hold the goods had attached “dormitories” for the traders’ families, friends, and immigrants. John had multiple luxury items brought from Ireland, including Peggy’s “gold Irish harp”, which eventually traveled with them to MS.
2/15/1768, received 100 acres of “bounty” land. The land set aside for Irish immigrants was in the townships of Queensboro and Belfast. There appears to be a “Belfast” on an old SC map in Newberry Co. John eventually built his business and home in this area, in the western part of the colony, near what is now called Strother.
John moved again and started a mercantile business near present Darlington, about 70 miles northwest. A family plantation was built along the PeeDee river between Georgetown and Darlington. John hired a Cherokee Indian to work in his store and teach his son the language. John created a trade route northwest into Cherokee territory, recorded historically as “O’Neal’s path”. As Arthur developed trade with the Indians, he became known as “Chief Blarney”. Sometimes John and his business partners imported African slaves. These were sold in the Charleston area. John purchased a slave, “Hark”, for Arthur who traveled with him to MS
1776, While not an active soldier, John furnished supplies for the detachment of Col. Lemuel Benton, Commander of American forces on the Pee-Dee river. Col. Benton served under Gen. Marion, (S) “History of the Old Cheraw’s”, P411, by Gregg, dated 1782.
(S) 1779 SC Census, 96th Distr. John.
1782, Commissary of Detachment under Col. Benton of the Old Cheras, Marion Brigade.
(S) 1790 Census, SC, Georgetown Parish, Prince Fredericks. John had business relationships with the McIntosh family. L. McIntosh is living with John in this census.
1790, Margaret died in SC.
(S) Records of Nettie Bond Simpson, with most coming from personal records of Bashaba Bond, d/o John Bond (s/o Elisha16) and Elizabeth O’Neal (1st cousin of Nancy15).

Family notes:
• In the Irish language “John” is “Shane”.
Immigration record:
Meeting of the Council, Province of South Carolina, 13 Feb 1768
Arrived on the Brig “Dungannon”, Robert Montgomery, Master.
John (Shane) O’Neal ….. age 40 (b. 1728)
Margaret (Peggy) O’Neal .. age 35 (b. 1733)
Jane O’Neal ..… age 15 (b. 1753)
Alice O’Neal ..… age 12 (b. 1756)
Margaret (Peggy) O’Neal .. age 5 (b. 1763)
Arthur O’Neal ..… age 3 (b. 1765)

Children of John are Margaret:

i. Jane O’Neal, born 1753 in Ireland.

ii. Alice O’Neal, born 1756 in Ireland.

iii. Margaret O’Neal II, born 1763 in Ireland.

iv. Arthur O’Neal ( 60), born 1765 in Ireland.