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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bond 128 Bond-Wallis

Bath North Carolina

Bath was founded in 1705 and would have been a primary center of commerce for all families on the south side of the creek, which was over a mile wide at that point. [The other town was Washington founded in 1721, the county seat, which was an additonal 12 miles up the river.] The first settlers were French Huegonots from VA. By 1708, Bath consisted of 12 houses and 50 people. It was accessible off of the Pamlico River. Primary trade was in lumber for ships, tobacco and furs. Bath was also a haunt of Edward Teach, aka “Blackbeard”. He was killed by Lt Robert Maynard of the British Navy in 1718, about the time the Bond family arrived. St. Thomas Espicospal Church was built in 1734. Our Bond ancestors likely worshiped there; and were at least involved in community activities which centered around the church. A home built in 1744 that is still standing would also have been a common site for them. A 1770 map of the area shows the “Bond Ferry” as the only public means of transportation from the south side of the river where there were large plantations to the town.

128. John Bond Jun. & 129. Lydia Wallis  [NC]

1722 John born in Beaufort Co., NC, s/o 256. John Bond I & 257. Elizabeth Pritchett. 

2/28/1724 Lydia born in Bramcote, Nottingham, England the d/o 258. William Wallis & 259. Mary Shaw.

5/22/1741 in Beaufort Co., NC, William Wallis sold land to Joseph Barrow, witnessed by Lydia Wallis. (S) National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1991, Hendrix, P282.

10/29/1741, Joseph Barrow purchased from William Wallis 640 acres on Tar River at Fenney Run, witnessed by John Wallis, Keziah K. Wallis and Lidia L. Wallis.

8/16/1746, John purchased 100 acres on the south side of the Pamlico river from Robert Purser. (S) Deed Bk2, P478.

~1747 John married Lydia in NC.

(S) 12/28/1748, John and Lydia mentioned in John’s father’s will in Beaufort Co., NC. Identified as Lydia Bond.

Bef. 7/8/1749, John’s father died in Beaufort Co., NC. 

1750, John died in Beaufort Co., NC.

Lydia married 2nd John Roe. (S) National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1991, Hendrix, P278.

5/3/1808 in Hancock Co., GA, Lydia Roe witnessed a deed of her son Shadrack Roe. [Shadrack formerly owned land in Cravens Co., NC.]

(S) 9/4/1750 – inventory of assets filed by “Lidia” Bond.

Family notes:
• “North Carolina Beaufort County Sept 4 1750, an inventory of the estate of John Bond Jun. deceased, 3 negros, 18 head of cattle, 13 head of hogs, 1 sheep, 256 acre? farm?, 3 cast thousand oak barrels ?, 2 feather beds and bed sheets and furniture, 1 oval table, 1 ? of 1 ?, 2 spinning wheels, 2 pair of cards, 2 iron pots and hooks, 2 frying pans, 2 saddles and bridles, 1 ? and 1 skillet, 3 iron wedges, 3 club ? club ? and 1 hatchet, 1 cooper iron and 1 ? and howel and drawing knife, a parcel? of shoe maker tools, 1 gun and cutless and ? box, 7 pewter basins and 3 dishes, 14 pewter plates, 12 pieces earthenware, 15 pewter spoons and 1 ?, 6 glass bottles and 1 foot glass, 1 candle stick and 7 ?, 10 knives and forks, 9 yards of shelloon?, 7 yards of home spun cloth, 3 coats and 6 jackets and 2 shirts, 3 pair of britches and 3 pair of stockings, 2 hats and hat cases and 1 bible, 2 deer skins, 1 steer hide and a parcel of leather, 1 pound of indigo and 1 of brimstone, 1 pair of ? and some ammunition, 1 pair of iron ? and 2 ?, 4 hoes and 1 stock lock and 1 pad lock for livery ?, 1 dowling bitt, money ? ? ? and 1 pocket book and 2 meal sifters and 3 baskets, 1 yard of ? linen, 2 handkerchiefs and 1 claw hammer, a parcel of wooden ware, 1 spear?, a parcel of old corks and 1 ink glass, 3 pair of shoe buckles, 1 neck buckle and thread for a pair of stockings and 1 ? of paper, 1 pair of house buckets, 18 metal buttons for dress leather by me Lidia Bond. Lidia Bond produced this within inventory upon Oath …?... have notice thereof Test. Philip Pritchet.”

Child of John and Lydia:

i. John Bond Sr ( 64), born 1749.