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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cox 66 Madison-Taliaferro

66. Roger Madison & 67. Elizabeth Taliaferro [VA]

~1710, Roger born in K&Q VA, s/o 132. John Madison Jr & 133. Isabel Minor. [Note, it is possible, but not well supported, that Roger was a son of John Madison III.]
1711, Elizabeth born in Caroline Co., VA; d/o 134. Robert Taliaferro & 135. Margaret French. [Note: the family name is pronounced “Toliver”.]
1724, Robert Taliaferro134 deeded slaves to his daughters Anne and Elizabeth.
3/14/1734-5, Roger served jury duty in Caroline Co., VA.
Aft. 1740 Roger married Elizabeth in Caroline Co., VA.
8/31/1741, Roger owned land in Caroline Co. near his brother Thomas. (S) Roger and Thomas cited in Deed of Duncan Bohannon.
3/8/1750-1, …Thomas Madison and Roger Madison, set apart Ruth Trice’s late Ruth Booth’s dower of the estate of Daniel Booth.
9/13/1751, Abraham Estes was ordered to pay Thomas Madison and Roger Madison a witness fee for testifying in a court case.
6/14/1753, Roger and wife Elizabeth acknowledge deeds to Robert Taliaferro, Elizabeth’s father, in Caroline Co.
2/15/1754-5, a lawsuit of Roger Madison against Robert and John Taliaferro on an obligatory note in Caroline Co.
6/13/1755, Roger is a plaintiff in a court case in Caroline Co. His estate was attached because of a debt.
8/1757, Roger appointed guardian of his brother Henry’s son Henry Jr. (S) Lunenburg Co., Court Order B4, P335.
1767, Roger sold the land on Ledbetter Creek and bought property in Lunenburg Co.
5/11/1769, Elizabeth relinquished her right to the land bought in 1767.
6/19/1777, Roger bought 2 tracts of land of 100 acres each in Halifax Co., VA on Childers Creek for 100 pounds. This is in the vicinity of the 202 acres Henry Cox ( 32) will buy from the same person on 2/12/1777. (S) Halifax Co., VA, June Court 1777, P220-1.
(S) 1782 VA Census, Halifax Co., Roger paid taxes on 4 whites, 10 slaves, 3 horses and 6 mules.
(S) 1785 VA Census, Halifax Co., 6 whites, 2 dwellings, 3 other buildings.
4/28/1789, Last Will and Testament of Roger Madison of the County of Halifax.
1801, Roger died in Halifax Co., VA.
1/25/1802, (S) Roger’s will proven by oath in court.
(S) Caroline Co. Court Order Book, 1746-1754.

Family notes:
     In the name of God, Amen, the twenty Eighth day of April one thousand seven Hundred and eighty Nine, I Roger Madison of the County of Halifax being Infirm & weak in Body but of Perfect Mind and Memory, thanks be to God do make Constitute and Ordain this my last Will and Testament Revoking all Former Will or Wills whatsoever by me made and as touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, Devise and Dispose of in manner & form following. First I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Ann Cox one negro Boy named Isaac to her and her Heirs forever – Secondly I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Mary Collins one Negro Girl named Lucy, to her and her Heirs forever – Thirdly, I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Moore one Negro Girl named Annaca to her and her heirs forever – Fourth, I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Frances Collins one Negro Girl named Ritter to her and her Heirs forever – Fifthly, I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Peggy French Madison one Negro Girl named Thinthia and one Feather Bed & Bolster, to her and her heirs forever – Sixthly, I give and Bequeath unto my Grandson Taliaferro Richards Twelve Pounds Current money to be paid to him when he shall arrive at the Age of Twenty one years, if then living, Also one Negro Girl named Milly to him and his Heirs forever and if the said – Taliaferro Richards shall die without Lawful Heir, then the said Negro to go to his father George Richards- Seventhly, I give and Bequeath unto my Grandson Taliaferro Cox one Negro Girl named Phanny, to him and his heirs forever – Eighthly, I give and Bequeath unto my Son Ambrose Madison all the Residue of my Estate both Real and Personal, to him and his Heirs forever and for the said Ambrose Madison to pay all Just demands that shall come against my Estate out of his part of the Estate. I do hereby appoint my Nephew George Camp & Ambrose Madison, my Executors of this my last will & Testament in witness thereof Carried over brought over I do here hereunto set my hand & Seal this 28th day of April one thousand seven hundred and Eighty nine- Signed Sealed & acknowledged In Presents of … . Signed: Roger Madison. At a Court for Halifax County the 25th day of January 1802 The within written Last Will and Testament of Roger Madison deceased was exhibited in Court & proved by the oath of two of the witnesses thereunto & subscribed & ordered to be Recorded. Testimony John Wimbish CHC.

Children of Roger and Elizabeth:

i. Ambrose Madison, born ~1732.
4/13/1773, Amborse witnessed a deed. (S) VA Co. Rcds, Spotsylvania Co., 1721-1800, V–I, Crozier.
1/25/1802, named in the will of his father. (S) Family notes.
9/11/1819 Ambrose married Jane Willis. (S) VA Marr’s 1740¬-1850.

ii. Ann Madison ( 33), born ~1734.

iii. Mary Madison, born ~ 1740.
Mary married Richard Collins.
1782, Richard in Charlotte Co., VA. (S) Continental Census.
4/28/1789, Mary named in the will of her father. (S) Family notes.
(S) 1810 Census, VA, Frederick Co., VA. f >45.
Felecia Collins, born ? in VA.
Amelia Jane Collins, born 1773 in VA.

iv. Elizabeth Madison, born Aft. 1740.
Elizabeth married ? Moore.
4/28/1789, named in the will of her father. (S) Family notes.

v. Catherine Madison, born ~1750.
Catherine married George Richards. (S) Will of Roger Madison.
(S) 1782 VA Census, Fairfax Co.
Bef. 1789 Catherine died.
Taliaferro Richards, born bef. 1789 in VA. (S) Will of Roger Madison.

vi. Peggy French Madison, born ~1760.
~1800 in Botetourt Co., Peggy married Sylvanus Johnson. (S) VA Marr’s 1740¬-1850.
1/25/1802, Peggy named in the will of her father. (S) Family notes.
(S) 1810 Census, VA, Botetourt Co., Sylvanus 26-45; 1 m<10, 1 m<16.
1818 Peggy died.

vii. Frances Madison, born 1763 in Halifax Co., VA.
2/1778, future husband Elisha entered Revolutionary War service. He fought against the British & Shawnee Indians. He served multiple tours of duty. (S) Pension application. [He got $30/year.]
4/21/1783 in Halifax Co., VA Frances married Elisha Collins, born 11/30/1759 in VA. (S) VA Marriges to 1800, Ancestry.com.
1784, they moved to KY. (S) Pension application.
4/28/1789, Frances named in the will of her father. (S) Family notes.
1810, (S) 1810 Census, KY, Clark Co. 31301,01102.
1820, (S) 1820 Census, KY, Logan Co., Russellville. 111111,42101.
~1820 they moved to Greene Co., AL. (S) Pension application.
1830, Frances died in Greene Co., AL. [Elisha is not listed – probably living with a child].
6/7/1832 Elisha applied for a Rev. War pension.
9/28/1842 Elisha died in Greene Co., AL.
Joseph Collins, born ? in ?.
Sarah Collins, born 2/26/1784 in KY.
Richard Collins, born 4/26/1785 in KY.
He 1st married Sarah Baldwin, born 7/13/1780 in VA.
1822 he died in Greene Co., AL.
Nathaniel Madison Collins, born 4/30/1787 in KY.
1/8/1814, Battle of New Orleans, served under Capt. Samuel Crawford.
He 1st married Susan Burrow.
He 2nd married Lucy Brumfield [Statham].
1/17/1860 he died in MS.
Meredith Collins, born 3/13/1789 in KY.
Bef. 1810 he 1st married Maria/Meredith ?.
8/26/1837 in Sumter Co. he 2nd married Sidney W Gibbs, born 1803 in NC.
(S) 1850 Census, AL, Sumter Co. 2 children.
Gabriel Collins, born 3/9/1791 in KY.
Stephen Collins, born 3/17/1793 in KY.
1/22/1825 in Greene Co., he married Mary Mahala Clements, born 1802 in SC.
(S) 1850 Census, AL, Greene Co. 6 children.
3/23/1857 he died in Greene Co., AL. (S) Probated will.
John Collins, born 11/2/1796 in KY.
Elizabeth Collins, born 1799 in KY.
3/12/1827 in Greene Co., she married John Trussell, born 1798 in SC.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, Lauderdale Co. 4 children.
Taliaferro Collins, born 6/22/1801 in KY.
Josiah Collins, born 12/10/1803 in KY.
2/12/1835 in Greene Co., he 1st married Drucila Gordon. [All his children by her].
5/30/1849 he 2nd married Penelope Baker [Cabiness] born 1816 in AL.
(S) 1850 Census, AL, Greene Co., Mount Hebron. 3 children; step children, others.
4/12/1893 he died in AL.