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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bond 152 King-Cooke

152. William King & 153. Sarah Cooke [VA, NC]

1680 William born in Isle of Wight Co., VA; s/o 304. Henry King & 305. Elizabeth Clark.
~1700 Sarah born in Brunswick Co., VA, d/o 306. John Cooke & 307. Diana ?.
11/1/1684 William and his brother Henry are named in their maternal grandfather’s will. (S) No.610 Family notes.
By 1734 in Brunswick Co., VA, William was married to Sarah.
2/3/1735 William King of Isle Of Wight Co. leased 325 acres for 5 shillings to James Loftin for 1 year that bordered on the land of his brother Henry Jr. The property was located on the south side of the Nottoway River in St. Andrews parish, Brunswick Co., VA. (S) Family notes.
By 1740 William living in Bertie Co., NC.
12/6/1740 William, “late of Brunswick, now of North Carolina”, sold for £5 the land purchased in 1735 to William Battersley. The sale was apparently never completed. (S) Brunswick Co., VA, DB2, P61.
4/19/1743 William witnessed Sarah’s father’s will. “Sary” was left 1 cow in her father’s will. (S) No.306 Family Notes.
6/2/1743 (the date of Sarah’s father’s probate hearing), William King and Sarah, his wife, of B, sold 150 acres for £20 to Amos & Sarah Horton, on Moor’s Swamp, at the mouth of Cowhorn Creek. At this same Court, William proved by oath the will of Sarah’s father. (S) Brunswick Co., VA, DB2, P293.
7/25/1743 William bought the Moor’s swamp land back for 20 L’s. Sarah appeared in court to relinquish her dower rights. (S) Brunswick Co., VA, DB2, P350.
9/1/1743, William King of St Andrew’s Parish in B, sold the land purchased in 1735 to James Walker. Sarah, the wife of said William, appeared in Court, and being first privately examined, voluntarily relinquished her right of dower to the lands conveyed. (S) Brunswick Co., VA, DB2, P352.
William moved to NC.
11/1/1753 William witnessed a land dispute settlement of his brother Henry. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-H, P44.
(S) 1755 Tax list, Beaufort Co., NC. “Wm King and son Britain”.
4/5/1756, William witnessed a land grant of Joseph Parker to his son [Joseph was married to his neice Amelia King]. (S) Bertie Co., DB-H, P288.
1/1759, William witnessed a land deal of his nephew, Michael King, in Beaufort Co., NC. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-L, P160.
9/3/1760, William witness to brother Charles’ selling of 50 acres in Bertie Co., NC previously owned by William. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-L, P434.
9/9/1760 William witnessed nephew, Michael King IV’s purchase of 250 acres in Bertie Co., NC. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-L, P445.
9/10/1760, William bought 64 acres next to his brother Henry on Broad Branch from his brother Charles. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-L, P447.
11/13/1760, William witnessed a land sale in Bertie Co., NC. (S) Bertie Co., NC, DB-K, P8.
1/1/1761, Pitt Co. was formed from Beaufort Co., NC.
8/14/1761, William was a buyer of items in the estate of James Parker. [James was the father of Joseph Parker mentioned in 1756. James was murdered by one of his slaves.]
2/1762, William died in Pitt Co., NC.
2/1762, Sarah named administrator of William King deceased. (S) Pitt Co., NC records.
(S) 1762, Sarah, widow; Tax list, Pitt Co., NC.
Aft. 1763 Sarah died in Pitt Co., NC.

Family notes:
• The kings owned property north of Roquis Swamp, on Broad Branch; and in Bucks Swamp at the mouth of Popular Branch.

Children of William and Sarah:

i. Brittain King ( 76), born bef. 1735 Brunswick Co., VA.
(S) 1755 Tax list, Beaufort Co., NC. “Wm King and son Britain”.

ii. Jesse King, born 1737 in Brunswick Co., VA.
(S) 1762 Tax list, Pitt Co., NC. Jesse.
(S) 1763 Tax list, Pitt Co., NC. Britton King; Jesse King; Etheldread King.
1/11/1768, Jesse acquired 100 acres in Pitt Co., NC. (S) Pitt Co., NC DB-D, P5.
1/28/1778, Jesse witnessed a land transaction of Benjamin King. (S) Pitt Co., NC deeds.
Bef. 1790, Jesse died in Pitt Co., NC. (S) Not in 1790 Census – the only “Jessee” is in Hertford Co.
1/19/1795, Jesse mentioned as deceased in a land deal of John King ( 38).

iii. Etheldred King, born ~1740 in Bertie Co., NC.
(S) 1762 Tax list, Pitt Co., NC.
(S) 1763 Tax list, Pitt Co., NC. Britton King; Jesse King; Etheldread King.
10/27/1784, 100 acres on Buffalo Creek surveyed for Eltheldred by Philip Waters.
1785, Newberry Co. formed from part of the 96th Dist.
(S) 1790 Census, SC, Newberry Co., 96th Distr. 2 m>16, 1 m<16, 4 f’s.
2/28/1798, Etheldred witnessed and proved by oath a land sale in Newberry Co., SC. (S) Newberry Co., SC DAB-D2, P347-8.
3/22/1798, Elthedred mentioned in a deed “on waters of Buffalo Creek, Ninety Six District.”
11/21/1799, Etheldred was administrator of the estate of Patrick Quotemus, deceased. (S) Newberry Court of Common Pleas, Box 2, Folder A-36.
(S) 1800 Census, SC, Newberry Co., 96th Distr. Married with children.
(S) 1810 Census, SC, Newberry Co., 96th Distr. Married with children.
(S) 1820 Census, SC, Newberry Co., 96th Distr. Widower.
4/13/1826, Elthedred wrote his will in Newberry Dist.: Jacob (Slave)/Haritta (Slave)/Rachel (Slave)/Adam (Slave)/Markson (Slave)/Lindsey, Sarah/Langford, Martha/King, Elijah/Banks, Elizabeth/Banks, Charls/Lindsey, Benjamin/Langford, William/Wise, John/Derrick, George/Wise, George.
Bef. 1830 Eltheldred died. (S) Not in 1830 Census.
Elijah King, born bef. 1776.
2/11/1797, Elijah acquired 198 acres on Buffalo Cr., 96th Dist.

iv. Eliphalet King, born ~1742 in Bertie Co., NC.
In Pitt Co., NC Eliphalet married Elizabeth Noble, d/o Levi Noble.
4/12/1775, Eliphalet witnessed Brittain76 grant of 200 acres. (S) Pitt Co., NC, DB-F, P510.
1/19/1795, Eliphalet mentioned as an heir to his brother Jesse in a land deal of John38.
5/28/1810, Eliphlet sold 320 acres, formerly owned by William152 and then Brittain, for a debt of £318. (S) Pitt Co., NC, DB-R, P428.
5/8/1811, Eliphlet and Elizabeth sold 1/7 of the estate of Elizabeth’s father Levi for $60. (S) Pitt Co., NC, DB-S, P155. Elizabeth’s brother Jesse was identified as deceased.
Eliphalet King Jr, born 1780–1785.
(S) 1810 Census, NC, Pitt Co. Married, 2 daughters. b:1765–1785
(S) 1830 Census, GA, Pulaski Co. b:1780–1790.
Bef. 3/28/1848 died. (S) Estate sale, Pulaski Co., GA.