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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Col John H Hardee Sr & Susanna Tyson

158. Col John H Hardee Sr & 159. Susanna Tyson [NC]

6/16/1701, Susanna born in Accomack Co., VA; d/o 318. Mathias Tyson & 319. Mary F Potts.
Aft. 1702, Susanna’s family moved to NC.
4/13/1707 John born in Greenville, Beaufort Co., NC; s/o 316. Anthony Hardee & 317. Evelyn Dulverton.
4/5/1710, Susanna given “one two year old heffer with all her increase” in the will of her father.
3/1728 in Beaufort Co., NC, John married Susanna.
3/1/1736 in Beaufort Co., NC, John witnessed the will of his brother-in-law Samuel Tison.
1745, John a member of the River and Roads commission.
8/24/1748, John witnessed the will of Henry Smith ( 156.)
4/13/1752, Moses Tyson sold 100 acres on Tysons Branch to George Sugg and John Hardee as administrators of Benjamin Forbes. (S) B3, P94.
1754, John a Capt. of the Militia.
2/8/1755, John Moy and Richard Harris sold 103 acres to John Hardee, Trader; witnessed by Abraham Enloe, Abraham Tison, Arthur Moore. (S) B3, P204.
(S) 1755 NC Census, Beaufort Co., John, son Issac, 7 slaves.
6/1759, John witnessed Joseph Hardee land sale. (S) Beaufort Co. Court Minutes.
1760, Pitt Co. was formed from Beaufort Co. Initial court for the county was held at John’s house.
(S) 1760 NC Census, Pitt Co. John.
9/22/1760, John received a Lord Granville grant of 50 acres on the north side of Grindall Creek and Impassable Pocoson.
5/1761, Ordered that Abraham Tison, John Tison, and John Hardee Esqrs. be Recommended to his Excellency the Govrn. for his appr? a? appointment of one of them to Execute the office of Sheriff for this County.
(S) 1762 NC Census, Pitt Co. John, 7 slaves.
1762, John a member of the NC Colonial Assembly.
5/22/1763, a certain tract of land on south side of Tar River and west side of Swift Creek on the Long Branch Ninety Eight acres being part of a tract of land granted to Lawrence Kirwin which was converyed by deed from said Lawrence Kirwin to John Hardee Esqr. (S) PittCo., DB-M, P683.
(S) 1764 NC Census, Pitt Co. John.
5/30/1764, Daniel Wilson to said John Hardee Esqr. … tract on the south side of Tar River and west side of Swift Creek swamp containing one hudred and thirty nine acres.
1767, John Sheriff of Pitt Co.
1767, Col. John commanded the Pitt Co. Regt. of the NC militia which included his son John Jr.
1774, John signed a petition to the VA House of Burgesses requesting a ferry over the Fluvanna River. (S) Leg. Journals of the Council of Col. VA, Waine, P1585.
(S) 1775 NC Census, Pitt Co. John.
1775, John a Colonel of Colonial Militia. Initially a Captain, when his company was divided he became a Colonel. There is little of direct military importance connected with his leadership of troops in the revolution as he was 68 years old in 1775, and died before the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. However, the part he played seemed to be more of a political than of a direct military nature, as his name is found subscribed to various documents and pleas for help and supplies both to the Governors of NC and VA.
1/11/1768, John witnessed the Jesse King152ii acquisition of 100 acres in Pitt Co., NC. (S) Pitt Co., NC DB-D, P5.
1/29/1777, Col. John Hardee in a sale to William Hellen. (S) DB-F, P247.
1783, John wrote his will, currently in the NC Collection, UNC, Chapel Hill. He left property to his 2 daughters Jemima Smith and Elizabeth Simpson; and some personal property to the children of Abraham Enloe, deceased.
12/4/1784, John died in Hazards Neck, Camden Co., GA. Buried in Greenville, Pitt Co., NC.
8/8/1785, Susannah died; buried with John. [In 1987 the graves were still existant on E. 10th St.]
(S) Book Family Reunions, The Haddock Family of Essex England, Pitt County, North Carolina and Georgia, USA. (S) “The Hardee Family” by David L Hardee (Army Officer). Both sources in possession of Mildred Balkcom, Orangevale, California, 1996. (S) 3/31/1962 article in Greenville, NC Daily Reflector.

Family notes:
• He was a founder of Pitt County, NC. He named the county after his best friend in England, Lord Pitt. and was one of the most prominent Hardy or Hardee of Colonial and Revolutionary days. The old home site is near Greenville, where his grave may still be seen. The old home before its destruction a was known as the “Old Court House” because the first courts that were held in Pitt County were held in his house. The first court house, prison, pillory and stocks were built on his lands. The freeholders met at his house to elect vestrymen of the newly erected parish to be known as St. Michaels, Parish.
• After serving several terms as chairman of the Committee of Public Safety, he was chairman of the first meeting of freeholders to meet in opposition to the British Crown. He was Justice of the Peace, a member of the River and Roads Committee, and a member of the Assembly.
• John Hardy and his wife “Charity” lived in Chowan on what is believed from his son’s will to have been the Manor Plantation.

Children of John and Susanna:

i. John Hardee Jr, born ~1729 in Beaufort Co., NC.
(S) 1762 NC Census, Pitt Co., John Jr.
1767, Joh a member of the Pitt Co. Regt. of NC militia under his father.
11/18/1773, John a Capt. of Col. Simpson’s Regt. of Pitt Co.

ii. Susanna Hardee, born 1730 in Beaufort Co., NC.

iii. Jemima Hardee ( 79), born 1732 in Beaufort Co., NC.

iv. Isaac Hardee, born 5/22/1734 in Beaufort Co., NC.
Issac married Cassandra Smith, d/o David Smith ( 156), and sister of Jemima’s husband.
(S) 1755 NC Census, Beaufort Co., Isaac.
6/1759, Isaac witnessed Joseph Hardee land acquisition. (S) Beaufort Co. Court Minutes.
1/9/1760, Issac died; buried with his parents in Greenville.

v. Samuel Hardee, born 1735 in Beaufort Co., NC.

vi. Elizabeth Hardee, born 1/1/1738 in Beaufort Co., NC.
~1753, Elizabeth married Gen. John Simpson, born 3/8/1727 in Boston MA. [Their home was located on what is now route 264 just out side of Greenville and east of Hardee’s Run and Book Valley Golf Club.]
1760, John a representative to the Lower House of the Gen. Assembly of Beaufort Co.
11/18/1773, Col. John Simpson commanded the Pitt Co. Regt. of militia.
8/25/1774, John represented Pitt Co. at Newbern.
4/1775, John represented Pitt Co. at Newbern.
7/1/1775 in Martinborough, Pitt Co., John chaiman and signer of a letter of 93 persons stating that they belive in supporting the Crown; but will are “determined never to become slaves to any power upon earth.” (S) Hist. Sketches of NC, Wheeler, 1851, P345.
8/21/1775, John represented Pitt Co. at Hillsboro.
4/4/1776, John represented Pitt Co. at Halifax. John was named a Colonel.
4/1778, John Simpson, merchant of Pitt Co., in article of agreement with Robert and Isaac Hardee – for $1000 he bought the right to trees on 400 acres of land. Witness Josiah Hardee.
1782, John a member of the House of the General Assembly from Pitt Co.
1783, “Elizabeth Simpson” named in the will of her father.
1786, John a member of the Senate of the General Assembly from Pitt Co.
3/1/1798, John died in Pitt Co., NC.
4/27/1804 in Pitt Co., Elizabeth wrote her will naming children and grandchildren. (S) NC Archives. Supreme Court Case #5952.
3/4/1805, Elizabeth died in Pitt Co., NC.
Mary Randall Simpson.
Elizabeth Simpson.
She married Laurence O’Bryan.
Samuel Simpson,
He married Penelope ?.
Joseph Simpson,
3/22/1790 he died.
Alicia Simpson, born 12/5/1767;
9/07/1770 she died.
John Hardee Simpson, born 5/20/1769;
1/31/1804 he died.
Ann Simpson, born ~1773;
She married John S Easton, born 1/10/1756 in Hartford, CT; died 11/29/1810.
12/4/1823 she died.
(S) gs–Warren Eason Kennedy Bible.
Sarah Simpson, born 11/26/1778;
She married Dr. Joseph John Brickell, 12/23/1769–2/27/1811.
7/17/1852 she died.