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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nicholas Pierre Carco & Anne Theresa Assailly & Marie Josefa Tara

82. Nicholas Pierre Carco & 83. Anne Theresa Assailly & 187. Marie Josefa Tara

~1710 Nicholas Carco born in Dunkirk, France, s/o 164. Pierre Carco & 165. Catherine Vessen of Dunkirk.
~1715, Marie was born in Grausin diocese Cambrai France, d/o 374. Joseph Tarare & 375. Therese Delsine.
10/30/1730 in New Orleans, Marie married widow Nicholas Charles Bourgeois, born ~1700 in Paris, France. [His 2nd marriage, he had married Anne Le Vasseure in Biloxi on 6/22/1721.] Nicolas Fisseau986 attended the wedding.
1731 Census of New Orleans, “Charles” and Marie live in West New Orleans.
10/15/1731, Nicolas II, s/o Nicolas Charles and Marie Joseph Tarras baptized in New Orleans. (S) SLC, B1, P12. The godfather was Nicolas Fisscaux [Fisseau986], the godmother his aunt Anne Joachim Tarras.
1/1732 Census of New Orleans, Rue de Orleans, “Nicholas Carquet dit Pipy”.
4/3/1732, Anne Theresa Assailly dit Trenchmontagne born in AL d/o 166. Louis Assailly & 167. Theresa Bret.
1/15/1733, Marie Theresa Bourgeois, d/o Nicolas Charles and Marie Joseph Tarras baptized in New Orleans. (S) SLC, B1, P1?.
9/18/1733, Nicolas & Marie buried their 2-year-old son Nicolas.
1739, Nicholas Bourgeois died. [Marie Josefa Tara aka Widow Bourgeois.]
12/14/1739, Nicolas Carco married widow Marie. [Note that Marie signed the marrige document.] “Nicolas Pierre Carco son of the deceased Pierre Carco and of the deceased Catherine Vessen (?) native of Dunkirk, Bishopric of (blank), Parish of (blank) with Marie Joseph Tarare widow of the deceased Nicolas Bourgeois. Both parties consent to this marriage in the presence of witnesses and stipulating for Carco, Sieur Francois Brunet, a blacksmith, Pierre Calais and Lapierre friends of the named Carco. And for the lady Tarare - Gaspard Mikel, brother-in-law of the lady, and tutor of her minor child by Bourgeois, Nicolas Christina, her friend. Both parties have given their consent to this contract with the promise this marriage to be solemnized in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Laurent and George Bourgeois to be provided for until they reach the age of eighteen years. Also witnessing this act Don Antonio Rebouls, Don Joseph De La Place and Don Luis Loran P...Enter, Leonardo Mazange, Counselor. [Note: the fifth page of this document is in the Spanish language.] Signing - Marie Joseph Tara, Christisk, Piersetien, Brunet, Gaspard Mefre, Jahan, Roumier, Henry, Notary.” (S) LA State Museum, Archives of Notary Nicholas Henri, 1725–1758. [Nicholas also took in the other unmarried children inlcuding Marie-Theresa.]
1/20/1749, “Jeanne Carceau, child of Nicholas Careau and Marie Joseph Tora, baptized 1/20/1749”. (S) SLC, V2, P143.
Marie died shortly after the birth of Jeanne.
1750, Nicholas married Anne.
11/24/1750, “On November 24, 1750, was baptized Pierre, the legitimate son of Nicolas Carco and Anne Tranchemontagne, his wife, born on November 23, 1750. Godparents are Pierre Budgenon and Marie Therese Bourgeois, who signed with me on the day and year as above.” /s/ Fr. Sebastian, Cap. Miss. (S) SLC, BB2, P203.
6/2/1756, “On June 2, 1756, I, a Capuchin Apostolic Missionary Priest, Pastor of Mobile, the undersigned, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of baptism Marie Jeanne, born October 20, 1755, and baptized at that time without the ceremonies because of concern, of the legitimate marriage of Nicholas Carcou and Anna Tranchemontagne. Godparents were Jean Betineau and Marie Jeanne Guillori, who signed with me at Mobile on the day and year as above.” /s/ Fr. Jean Francois, Capuchin. (S) CIC, BB1, P194..

Family notes:
• Note that brother and sister Nicolas90 and Marie41, married brother and sister Jacques40 and Catherine91 Ladner.
• Ana Josefa Gosinde, mother of Maria41 in her marriage record (see #40 Family notes) has been found to be an error, or in essence to be the same person as Anne Theresa. (S) MCH&GS, Oct. 1985, “The Family Carco”.
• “Maria Francesca Carco, child of Christobal Carco and Nanuela Francesca Colorado, born 4/21/1781, and baptized 4/24/1781.” (S) SLC, V1, P276, A780.

Children of Nicholas Bourgeois and Marie:

i. Nicolas Charles Bourgeois II, born 10/15/1731 in NO, LA.
9/18/1733, 2 year old Nicolas was buried in N.O.

ii. Marie-Theresa Bourgeois, born 1/14/1733 in NO, LA.
9/20/1748, Marie married Rene-Auguste Chouteau II, born in France.
11/24/1750, Marie was the godmother to her new step-brother Pierre.
Rene II abandoned his family in New Orleans and returned to France.
Aft. 1755 in N.O., Marie co-habitated with Pierre Laclede, who had just arrived, and with whom she had 4 children: Jean Pierre, born 1758; Marie Pelagi, born 1760; Marie Louise, born 1762, & Victoire, born 1764. All were given the name “Chouteau” because Marie could not marry Pierre.
8/1763, they left N.O. for what is now St. Louis, MO where Pierre established a trading post.
1767, Rene II reappeared in New Orleans and demanded that the authorities return his wife to him. Both church and civil law made Madame Chouteau her husband’s property, and the government was officially bound to find and return her.
1774, Madame Chouteau was officially ordered by Governor Unzaga to return to her husband. Even upon receiving the official orders from New Orleans, Lt. Gov. Pedro Piernas in St. Louis was reluctant to force the issue with the town’s most important and powerful family.
1776, Madame Chouteau’s drunken husband died in an apoplectic fit in New Orleans before she was forced to return to him.
1778, Pierre died in St. Louis.
Marie is known to St. Louisans as “Madame Chouteau”. She conducted her own business affairs, with help from her Indian slave woman, Thérèse, whom she taught to manage her household. The town and family the widow constructed retained its French character during her lifetime.
8/14/1814, Marie died in St. Louis and is buried in Block 59 of the Village churchyard.
Children :
Rene-Auguste Chouteau III, born ~1750.
1764, Rene III was a co-founder of St. Louis, MO.
Rene wrote a 14 page manuscript of the family history: (S) Narrative of the Settlement of St. Louis.

iii. Francois Bourgeois, born ~1734.
Francois married Marie Anne Fayard462i.
[For more info see Marie Ann].

iv. Laurent Bourgeois, born ~1736.

v. George Bourgeois, born ~1738.
Children of Nicholas Carco and Marie:

vi. Francois Carco, born ~1746.
Francois married Marie Louise Fayard dit LaLancette492ii.
[See Marie for more info.]

vii. Maria Juana Karcaux ( 93), baptized 1/20/1749 in New Orleans, LA.

Children of Nicholas Carco and Anne:

viii. Pierre Carcaux, born 11/23/1750.
6/18/1769 Pierre was the godfather to Pierre, s/o his brother Nicolas.
He received a land grant on Bayou Lacroix in HancCo., MS, adjoining the land of Marie Louise Fayard492iii. (S) MCH&GS, V36, 2000, P62.

ix. Nicolas Carcaux II ( 90), born 1752.
(S) No. 90 Family notes – baptism of Pierre.

x. Marie Jean Carco ( 41), born 10/20/1755.

xi. Christobal Carco, born ~1758.
~1780 Christopher married Nanuela Francesca Colorado. (S) Family notes.
Maria Francesca Carco, born 4/21/1781 in LA. (S) See Family notes.