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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bond 234 Barfield

234. Thomas Barfield & 235. Priscilla ? [NC]

~1728 Thomas born in Chowan Prct., NC, s/o 468. Thomas Barfield & 469. Mary Rutland.
1/7/1758, Thomas Barfield and Elizabeth Watson [his sister] witnessed a deed of John Edens which named “Thomas Watson’s old line”. (S) Northampton Co., DB1, P433.
2/14/1758, Thomas witnessed a deed of Job and Mary Felton. (S) Johnston Co., DB1, P435.
1759, Dobbs Co. formed from Johnston Co.
3/23/1768, in his father’s will Thomas to receive the plantation after the death of his step-mother.
(S) 1769 NC Census, Dobbs Co. (duplicate entry, or could be a son). Thomas.
3/29/1777, The Jurors … present that Richard Barfield late of the Parish of St. Patrick in the County of Dobbs in the State of North Carolina Planter on the seventeenth day of January, in the first year of the Independence of said State, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Seventy Seven, with force and arms, the lose of a certain Thomas Barfield in the Parish aforesaid in the County aforesaid did break and the same without Leave did enter and two apple trees thereon growing did fell, cut down and destroy and other wrongs to him the said Thomas Barfield then these did to the great damage of him the said Thomas Barfield …. (S) Dobbs Co. Court Records.
(S) 1779 Dobbs Co. Voter list: Thomas & Blake Barfield.
1779, Wayne Co. formed from Dobbs Co.
(S) 1780 NC Census, Dobbs Co. Thomas: value $440; William: $745, $John: $260, James: $100, Mills: $505.
[1781 Dobbs Co. military men “over age”: no Barfields listed.]
(S) 1782 NC, Dobbs Co. tax list. Thomas.
(S) 1788 Dobbs Co. Voter List: Thomas.
(S) 1790 Census, NC, Dobbs Co. “Barfield”: Ann: 023, William: 202, Mills: 235, John: 226, James: 336, Thomas 110, James 133.
1791, Glasgow Co. & Lenoir Co. formed from Dobbs Co.
Bef. 12/6/1792 Thomas died. “Prisscilla Barfield widow of Thomas Barfield”. (S) Glasgow Co., DSCR 206.508.1.

Children of Thomas and Priscilla:

i. Elizabeth Barfield ( 117), born ~1750 in Johnston Co., NC.