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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Joseph Bouzage & Louise Catherine Baudreau

88. Joseph Bouzage & 89. Louise Catherine Baudreau [Fra, MS, AL]

2/26/1733 Joseph born in Poitiers, France, s/o 176. Jean Baptiste Bosarge Dit La Brosse and 177. Marie Jeanne Touche. (S) Love’s Legacy, P335. (S) No. 176 Family notes.
1/13/1741, Louise born in Pascagoula, JaxCo., MS, d/o 178. Jean Baptise Baudreau Dit Graveline II and 179. Marie Catherine Vinconnau. (S) Family notes.
5/30/1742 Louise baptized. (S) No. 178 Family notes.
7/24/1747 Louise is given a cow by a family friend. (S) MCH&GS, V23, #3, P85.
10/30/1754 Louise, living with her mother near New Orleans, is named in the separation agreement between her parents. (S) MCH&GS, V23, #3, P85.
Joseph traveled to Colonial LA.
6/5/1762 Joseph married Louise. “On June 5, 1762, after having published the first bann of marriage in our parish and having given dispensation form the two other banns, for good reason and for the marriage between Joseph Bouzage, native of Poitiers, France, s/o Jean Baptiste Bouzage and Marie Jeanne Touche, his father and mother, and Catherine Louie Baudro, native of Pascagoula, d/o Jean Baptiste Baudro and Catherine Vinçonot, and with no impediment existing to the said marriage, I, Father Fernand, … apostolic Missionary and pastor in Mobile, having seen their mutual consent, have given the nuptial blessing to them in the presence of their parents and witnesses.” /s/ Joseph Bouzage, /s/ Louse Baudreau, /s/ F. Ferdinand, Cure. (S) MAA: MB1, P48. (S) Creole Mobile, P5. [It is noted on their marriage record that Joseph and Louise signed their names themselves, which indicated literacy.]
1762, they lived in Pascagoula, MS.
(S) 1764 British Census of Mobile, West Florida. Joseph took the oath of loyalty to the English King. Many families in the Mobile district moved to New Orleans or west of the MS at this time to be under continued French rule. The Bouzages were among the 112 French inhabitants of the Mobile district who chose to stay.
8/26/1764, “On August 26, 1764, I a Capuchin apostolic missionary priest, curate of Mobile, have baptized a girl, born of the legitimate marriage of Joseph Bosage resident, and Louise Baudrau, on January 8, 1764. Godparent are Louis Mazurier, resident of this city, and Marie Catherine Baudrot, his wife, who gave the child the name Marie Euphrosine. The signed with me, the undersigned, the day and year as above.” /s/ Catherine Baudro Mazurier. /s/ Mazurier. /s/ Father Ferdinand, Cure. (S) MAA, BRB 1, P225a.
1766, they lived on Deer Island, off the Biloxi, MS coast. (S) Jean’s baptism.
10/12/1767, “On October 12, 1767, I a Capuchin apostolic missionary priest of Mobile, baptized a boy born May 31, 1766, from the legitimate marriage of Joseph Bozage, habitant of Deer Island, and Catherine Baudrot. The godfather is Jean Baptiste Baudrot178ii, and the godmother is Madame Baudrot, who named the boy Jean Baptiste. I declare and write my name.” /s/ Father Ferdinand, Cure. (S) MAA, BRB 1, P231a.
4/11/1770, Joseph bought property from John Favre in Mobile, AL, paid for with horned cattle. (S) Family notes.
7/8/1770, “On July 8, 1770, I, a Capuchin apostolic missionary priest have baptized the child, Genevieve, born of the legitimate marriage of Joseph Bousage and Louise Baudrot. Godparents are Augustin Rochon and Therese Seragairen. In faith of which I have signed.” /s/ Father Ferdinand.
1772, Joseph signed petition for Father Ferdinand in MobCo. (S) Family notes.
8-9/1772, they weathered a sever hurricane that hit the area.
2/16/1773, Joseph sold Lewis Marteaux, for the sum of $200, the Mobile property which he had bought three years earlier. (S) National Archives, Division D, P14.
1773, “In the year 1773, I, a Capuchin apostolic missionary priest, previous pastor of Mobile, have baptized Marianne, born of the legitimate marriage of Joseph Bousage and Louise Baudrot. Her godfather ? Maroteau; the godmother, Marie Catherine Miot, the widow Nicaise.” /s/ Father Ferdinand. (S) MAA, BB1, P237a.
3/10/1774, Joseph & Louise received land as a gift from her brother-in-law, Louis Francis Mazurier, husband of Marie Catherine Baudreau, sister of Louise, a piece of property on the east side of Tensa River at the bluff, containing 1¾ acres frontage by 50 acres in depth. (S) National Archives, Division D, Private Land Claim Item 28, PP179-80.
3/14/1780 Galvez captured Mobile.
3/22/1780, Joseph took the oath of loyalty to the Spanish King. 76 Frenchmen took the oath.
1781, Catherine lost a petitioned for the ownership of an island. (S) Cyril Cain, V1, P178.
7/22/1781, “In the parish church of the Conception of the city of Mobile, I have solemnly baptized on 22 July 1781, Catherine, born August 17, 1780, the legitimate daughter of Mr. Bosas and Dona Louisa Baudro. Her godparents were Mr. Colet and Dona Genevieve Bosas. For this I sign on the day, month and year as above.” /s/ Father Carlos de Velez. (S) MAA, BRB 2, P7a.
1/1/1786, (S) 1786 Spanish Census of Mobile. They had 25 acres of corn, 8 acres of rice and 6 children in the household. They also had a “Free Pardos” named Maria Anne. Ages 60 & 44.
6/10/1786, Joseph petitioned the Spanish government for land south of Mobile. (S) Family notes. [from the petition: “he has been compelled in consequence of the state of his misery to retire with his wife and children on a piece of land situated on Bayou Battree”.]
8/11/1786, Joseph witnessed the wedding of Marie Anne Gargaret, d/o Marie Paquet174i.
10/23/1786, Joseph’s land grant approved, bounded on the east by Lisloy, and to the west by Pine Point.
12/1786, they moved to Bayou La Batre, AL, to land previously owned by Bartheleme Grelot96. (S) Family notes.
(S) 1/1/1787 “Favrot Census” of Mobile, Bay St. Louis & Pascagoula, Joseph Bouzage 60, wife 44, 7 children.
4/30/1791 Spanish Census, Plantation of Labateria y Ys la Delfina [Bayou La Batre and Dauphin Island]. Jose Bouzage 64, wife 48, 3 children. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P94.
1791, Joseph died in Bayou La Batre, AL. (S) Creole Mobile, P5.
7/23/1795, Louise petitioned the Governor for a new specification for their land. (S) Family notes.
8/19/1795 the petition was granted, an area of 1249 acres, west of the St. Stephens Meridian, designated as Section 39.
1796, Louise is living in Bayou La Batre, AL. (S) Love’s Legacy, P335.
6/19/1798, siblings Catherine, Jean, & Louise Boderau distribute their inherited estate of Catherine179. Each received 273 piastres, 92 horned cattle, and some furnishings, clothes, and kitchen utensils. (S) MCH&GS, SE V35, 1999, P82.
10/7/1804, at Catherine’s wedding Joseph is deceased, Louise still living. (S) No. 46 Family notes.
1/20/1806, Louise identified as “living” in Euphrosine’s wedding record. (S) Family notes.
9/15/1806, Louise gave her permission for daughter Augustina to marry. (S) Family notes.
Bef. 6/10/1807, Louise died in Bayou La Batre, AL. (S) Creole Mobile, P5.
(S) Buignon, P25. (S) Bouzage Bosarge, PP23–85 for additional information on these families.

Family notes:
• “This indenture made the 11th day of April in the year of our Lord 1770 and … between John Favre of the one part, and Joseph Bouzage of the other part, both of the town of Mobile in Charlotte Co. in the Province of West Florida, witnesseth: that John Favre for and in consideration of the sum of $200, value in horned cattle to him in hand paid by the said Joseph Bouzage, … hath granted, bargained and sold, … all that lot of land, messuage and tenement, situated and lying in the town of Mobile … bounded on the Streets to the North and East, and by the lot now the property and in possession fo the Widow Parission to the west; and to the south by a lot in the possession of Peter Juzan and Henriette Livoy; and also all houses, out houses, lands, trees, woods, … and assigns, to the only proper use and behalf of the said Joseph Bouzage, his heirs and assigns forever. …”. (S) National Archives, Division D, P13.
• 1772: Father Ferdinand, the French Acadian Cure, had married Joseph and Louise, as well as baptized some of their children. Two years after he had baptized Genevieve, Father Ferdinand, left Mobile because the parish could no longer support him. He was so loved and respected by his parishioners that 27 of them signed a petition to the British asking that the government pay Father Ferdinand a salary to be their priest. The British refused to do this, but the missionary priest returned to Mobile anyway. Joseph Bouzage was among those signing this petition in 1772. (S) Buignon.
• “To his Excellency … Joseph Bouzage an inhabitant of the jurisdiction of Mobile, has the honor to represent your Excelency; that he has been compelled in consequence of the state of his misery to retire with his wife and children on a piece of land situated on Bayou Battree, bounded on the east by Lisloy and on the west by Pine Point, which makes a distance of one league in front, for the purpose of fishing and planting some corn for the support and mainteancne of his family; he further represents that the said tract has never been claimed by an person, only some prisoners, who were living on it without title, possession or right to the same, and who abandoned it a short time afterwards, and by Barthelomy Grelot better than eighteen months ago, who then moved to Bay Saint Louis, wherefore …a Poor father with seven children, who is troubled and his wife is sickly, … I remain with profound … , Mobile this 6th day of October, 1786.” /s/ Joseph Bouzage. “Peter Favrot Captain of the Regiment of LA Infantry Political and Military Commandant ad-interim of the Town of Mobile and its District &C. Do hereby certify that the land described in the preceding memorial was formerly owned by the said Barthelemy Grelot, who abandoned it better than eighteen months ago; and moved at Bay Saint Louis with all his effects. In testimony whereof, and at the request of the said Barthelemy Grelot, I grant these presents at the aforesaid Town of Mobile this the 10/23/1786.” /s/ … Favrot. ... 11/17/1786. “The Commandant of Mobile, Pedro Favrot shall permit the petitioner to establish himself on the tract of land which he solicits, situated on Batterie River, bounded on the east by Ocas Island, and on the West by Pine Point.” (S) National Archives, Division D, Private Land Claims Ala., Item 1, PP33-4.
• 7/23/1795: “Louisa Bausage, an inhabitant of the Province of Mobile, … for a tract of land situate lying and being on Bayou Battrie, bounded on the east by the Island Aloye or De Ocas, and on the west by Pine Point with the usual depth, … from the seashore which was considered the point of the land granted to her deceased husband, and running on a line for its depth, from North to South on the left bank of the said Bayou Labattrie, and near on a parallel line with the whole of the said tract of land, there is nearly 30 arpens of marshy swamp land which is not succeptible to tillage, as the same is always overflowed. … her husband did not believe that he was bound to commence that measurement for the purpose of taking 40 arpens in depth, being the regular quantity usually granted, at any other than that at which the land would admit for cultivation. He therefore made his settlement on the left bank of Bayou Batterie, at the most suitable and convient place for dwelling, and at not great distance from a Bayou known by the name Bayou Dupond or Lacales, and on the other side of which, he planted his crops of corn and other cultivation; and for nearly nine years your petitioner and her family together with her deceased husband during his lifetime have been in quiet possession of the said tract of land; …”. (S) National Archives, Division D, PP204-6
• “On June 14, 1800, I Don Constantion McKenna, curate of the parish church of Our Lady of the Conception, having received the dispatch with permission of the Ordinary, have married by the words of contracting into a true and real marriage Guillermo Fisher, son of Francisco and Rachael Wilkerson, natives of Pennsylvania in America, and Genevieve Bozage, daughter of Joseph and Louise Baudrot, in presence of witnesses. For this I sign my name.” /s/ Rev. Constantino McKenna. (S) MAA, MB 1, P89a.
• “On January 20, 1806, I Don Juan Francisco Vaugeois, curate of the parochial church of our Lady of the Conception of Mobile, … have married by the words of the contracting into a true and real marriage Don Cornelio McCurtain, native of Ireland, … and Dona Eufrosina Bouzages, legitimate daughter of the deceased Joseph and the living Louisa Bodrau of this parish, with pemission from her mother and in presence of the witnesses signed below. For this I sign.” /s/ Rev. Juan Francisco Vaugeois. /s/ Cornelius McCurtain. (S) MAA, MB1, P103.
• “Today 15th of Month of September, in the Year 1806 I Don Juan Francisco Vaugeois, Parochial Priest of the Church of Our Lady of Holy Conception of Mobile, after having made diligent of Catholic and . . . . and having received License from Lieutenant Colonel Don Francisco Colleell, Military and Polit¬ical Commandant of this Plaza for the part of the man, having made two notices or Banns at the Mass on Feast Day and Sunday consecutively . . . . . . on the tenth and fourteenth of this month and dis¬pensed with the last for good causes, and having no civil or religious impediment, and having made a real and truthful marriage, veiled and [solemnly gave the] Mys-tical benediction in the Mass of John Lyons, native of Charlas and in the diocese of Cominges in France, legitimate son of Juan and Juana Fazull and of Justin A. Bousage, native of this parish, legit-imate daughter of deceased Joseph and Catherine Louisa Bodreau, with the consent of her mother and witnesses below signed.” (S) CIC, MB2, P68.
• 4/24/1807 Cornelius McCurtin will, proved 7/22/1814: “… A native of Ireland and legitimate son of Cornelius McCurtain and Gnore Hecha, deceased. Inhabitant of this town of Mobile …; wish to be interred where bodies of Catholics are usually interred. I declare myself to have been married the first time to Miss Margaret Liflon, a native of the town of Mobile, by which marriage we had a son who died ten days after his birth and we never had any other children; I declare further that I am at this time married for the second time to Miss Euphrosine Bosage, legitimate daughter of Mr. Joseph Bosage, deceased, and the late Miss Louisa Baudreau, inhabitants of this place, by which latter marriage we have had no issue. Wife Euphrosine only heir. I subscribe this 24 April 1807, being 60 years of age. …”.
• “On November 1, 1808, I Don Francisco … married by the words of contracting … Diego McVoy … native of Ireland, and from North America, Froysina Bouzurz, widow of Don Cornelio McCurtain, and daughter of Joseph and Louisa Boudro. … I sign my name. /s/ Rev. Francisco Lemian.” (S) MAA, MB1, P106a.
• “In the year of our Lord 1842 and on the 18th day of February, I, the undersigned Vicar general … certify that I have buried … Genevieve Fisher, who departed this life today, after having received the sacraments of the church, age about 75 years. In faith whereof I have signed.” /s/ Bosiu. (S) MAA, FRB 1828-53, P166.
• “In the year of our Lord 1842 and on the 29th day of November, I the undersigned vicar general of the fight Rev. Bishop of Mobile, certify that I have buried with … rites of the church Mary Ann Dunwoody, who departed this life yesterday, aged 42 years. In faith whereof I have signed.” /s/ J Bosiu. (S) MAA – 12, FRB 1828–1853, #743.

Children of Joseph and Louise:

i. Marie Euphrosine Bosage, born 1/8/1764 in Mobile, AL. (S) Family notes.
8/26/1764 Euphrosine baptized. (S) Creole Mobile, P5.
1/1/1786, (S) 1786 Census of Mobile, West Florida – Cornelius McCutain, married to 1st wife, he had 17 slaves, 2 homes, 400 acres of corn, and 3 children.
10/3/1804, Euphrosine was the godmother to her nephew Eugene60 in Pascagoula. (S) No. 44 Family notes.
3/7/1806 Cornelius was the godfather to Gertrude Fournier46i.
1/20/1806 Euphrosine married Cornelius McCurtin. (S) See Family Notes. She had a $6000 dowry of money, household furniture, houses and lots, slaves, cattle and land. They had no children. He had extensive land holdings which went to Marie on his death.
9/20/1808 Cornelius McCurtain sold property on Royal St. to his brother-in-law John Lyons. (S) Univ. of AL, Ledger 13, P157.
9–10/1808 Cornelius died. [Euphrosine did not wait long to marry.]
11/1/1808 Euphrosine married M Diego McVoy, born 1781 in Ireland. (S) Family notes.
1815, Diego named a City Commissioner of Mobile.
(S) 1817 Petition of Residents Along the Mobile River. /s/ Diego McVoy.
9/19/1819 James Dunwoody, husband of Marie’s sister Marianne, named Diego the administrator of his estate.
3/12/1824, Diego is a sponsor of Alfred Bozage, s/o Joseph44ii. (S) CIC, BB2, P165.
6/3/1824 Diego is the godfather to Isabelle Bosage, d/o Eugene60, a nephew of Marie.
11/23/1826, Marianne paid $2000 to Diego McVoy and Euphrosine to buy back the Dolphin St. property they had bought in her deceased husbands estate sale.
11/28/1833, Diego and daughter Louisa sponsors for Louise Martha Bosarge60viii, baptized by Father Loras.
2/1842 Marie bought a lot on Dauphin Stree and Springhill road in Mobile for $400 in the estate sale of her nephew Joseph48i, s/o her sister Marie Maragret.
12/10/1841 at 3 PM, Diego’s funeral in Mobile was at the home of John Pagles, his son-in-law.
7/6/1845 Marie died. (S) Mobile Register & Journal 7/7/1845: “McVoy, Mrs. E, died yesterday, Mrs. E. McVoy, consort of the late Diego McVoy.” She is buried in a mahogany coffin in a vaulting grave in Magnolia Cem., Mobile, Sq5, L7. Her estate was estimated at $15,000.
Diego McVoy Jr, baptized 1/9/1808 in AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P118a.
He 1st Hanna Townley.
He married 2nd Jane Nicoll, 1806-1858.
He married 3rd Margaret Loggon, 1829-1902.
3/24/1890 he died; buried in Magnolia Cem. {Lot 7, Sq 5}.
Helena McVoy, born ~1811.
She married August Payen of Paris, France.
2/12/1838 she died. Buried in Lot 53 of the Old Church Cem., Mobile.
Martin McVoy, baptized 5/1/1816 in AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P146a.
5/7/1839 he married Amelia S Guesnard.
1869 Martin died.
Susanna E McVoy, baptized 9/21/1817 in AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P149.
Never married.
8/5/1851 she died; buried in Magnolia Cem., {Lot 7, Sq 5}.
Louisa McVoy, born 7/11/1819 in AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P156.
She married Patrick Guy Maguire of Ireland, born 3/17/1815, died 8/27/1865.
10/2/1869 she died; both buried in Magnolia Cem., Mobile, {Lot 47, Sq 12}.
Euphrosine McVoy, born ~1820.
She married John Pagles, born 4/10/1798 in Philadelphia, died 8/22/1844.
Isabella McVoy, born 8/4/1821.
She married Daniel H Stickney.
4/21/1896 she died.

ii. Jean Baptiste Bosage ( 44), born 5/30/1766 on Deer Island, MS.

iii. Genevieve Bosage, born 1768 in Mobile, AL. (S) Creole Mobile, P5.
7/8/1770 baptized in Mobile, AL. (S) Family notes.
7/22/1781, Genevieve was the 13 year old godmother to her little sister Catherine. (S) Family notes.
5/30/1797, Genevieve, acting for her Aunt, the widow Mazurier, helps determine the value of her grandmother Catherine’s179 slaves during the executing of her will. (S) LMVDP, Inglis.
4/26/1798, Genevieve was the godmother, “madrina”, to 2 “Trulle” and 1 “Gallard” girls confirmed that day. (S) New Orleans, Parish of St. Louis, Confirmation Book 1; Gen. Rsch. Soc. Of NO, 1967, P75.
12/5/1799 she was willed all of the estate of her aunt Mary Baudreau178i, who died shortly afterwards. (S) No. 178 Family notes.
6/4/1800 she married Guillermo (William) Fisher born in PA. (S) Family notes.
6/1804, Genevieve is mentioned in a Pascagoula land issue as a descendent of “Jean B Boderot”. (S) Natl. Archives, DivD, MS, Item26, V203, P360.
1811, William sold a lot and house on the corner of St. Charles and St. Francis in Mobile. (S) Transcriptions of British, French, Spanis Records, Mobile, 1715-1812, V1, P302.
2/1/1815, Willian was the godfather to his nephew Joseph Lemas Bosage44vi. (S) No. 44 Family notes.
(S) 1816 AL Census, MobCo., Taxable Property list: William.
4/1/1817, (S) 1817 AL Census, MobCo., Taxable Property list: William.
11/1/1821, William was named as a person liable to perform duty as a city watchmen. (S) Mobile Records 1812-1834, by J Andrews Jr., 1984.
Bef. 1830 William died.
(S) 1830 Census, AL, MobCo. A widow, she is living with her son, William Jr.
2/8/1836 Genevieve witnessed the wedding of her nephew Eugene Bosage60. (S) No. 60 Family notes.
2/18/1842, Genevieve died. Buried in Magnolia Cem., {Lot 79, Square 23}. (S) Family notes. [The cemetery records indicate her middle/maiden name is Grelotte].
William Fisher Jr, born 3/26/1801 in Mobile, AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P77.
3/16/1825 he married Catherine Grelot48v.
[For census info and children see Catherine].
Louisa Marcelite Fisher, born 6/2/1802 in Mobile, AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P93.
1818, she 1st married Peter L Trouillet. (S) Mobile Probate Court Records.
She 2nd married a widower Joseph Krebs Jr., died 10/19/1854.
2/14/1879 she died. Louise and Joseph both buried in Magnolia Cem., {L79, Sq23}.
Sofia Fisher, born 1/8/1804 in Mobile, AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P99.
Maria Isabel Fisher, born 7/16/1805 in Mobile, AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P107a.
Francisco Fisher, born 5/6/1808 in Mobile, AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P116.
Josephine Fisher, born 11/15/1810 in Mobile, AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P130a.
10/18/1828 she married William Grelot48iv. (S) MobCo. MB2, P46.
[For children and census info see William].
Hypolite Fisher, baptized 2/1/1815 in Mobile, AL. (S) MAA, BRB2, P140a.
10/25/1830, at 15, she married Augustin Demouy, born 11/28/1797, died 1/5/1867.
He was the brother of the husband of Irene Gurlott48ii.
(S) 1860 Census AL, MobCo., SD. 11 children and 1 niece in their home.
1885 Hypolite died. Both buried in Magnolia Cem., Mobile, AL, {Sq6, L129}.

iv. Marianne Bosage, baptized 1773 in MobCo., AL. (S) Family notes.
Marianne married James Dunwoody, born 1760. (S) Bouzage Bosarge, P312ff.
8/19/1816 James bought a house and land for $1000 from the hiers of Francis Nicolas, bounded on the south by Dolphin St. They owned other properties on Royal St., St Francis St, and Spring Hill Rd.
9/19/1819 James made his will. He left all of his estate to “Mary Ann Dinwidde, formerly Mary Ann Bozarge”. (S) Mobile Probate Court, WB1, P115.
11/1/1821, James was named as a person liable to perform duty as a city watchmen. (S) Mobile Records 1812-1834, by J Andrews Jr., 1984.
1823, James identified as delinquent on his taxes. (S) ibid.
8/21/1825 James died, buried the next day. (S) Mobile Commercial Register, P3, C5. The house on Dolphin St was sold to her sister Marie’s husband Diego, probably as part of the estate.
11/18/1825, and inventory and appraisal is made of James’ personal estate. (S) MobCo. Probate Court, O. S. 93. Items were sold on 2/28/1826 with purchases by “Krebs” and “Gurlot” [probably Joseph, her nephew.]
11/23/1826, Marianne paid $2000 to Diego McVoy and Euphrosine to buy back the Dolphin St. property.
11/29/1842 Marianne died, the same year as her sister Genevieve died. (S) Family notes.

v. Marie Margaret Bosage ( 49), born after 1773.

vi. Catherine Bosage ( 47), born 8/17/1780.
(S) Family notes.

vii. Justine Augustina Bosage, born 1781-1785.
5/13/1801, Augustina was the godmother to her nephew Joseph44i in Bayou La Batre. (S) No. 44 Family notes.
9/15/1806 Justine married John Lyons [Lions] Sr, b:1780–1790, in France. (S) Family notes.
9/20/1808 John purchased property on Royal St. from his brother-in-law Cornelius McCurtain.
Bef. 1830 John died in LA.
(S) 1830 Census, LA, St. Landry Parish. “Mrs John Lyons”, b:1780–1790.
Bef. 1840 Augustina died.
(S) Bouzage Bosarge, P 309.
Joseph Lyons, born 5/4/1810. (S) CIC, BB2, P557.
Margarita Lyons, born 2/7/1812. (S) CIC, BB2, P586.