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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bond 258 Wallis-Shaw

258. William Wallis Sr & 259. Mary Shaw  [NC]

~1675, William born in VA, s/o 516. John Wallis & 517. Martha ?.
2/14/1691, Mary born in Bramcote, Nottingham, England, d/o 518. John Shaw & 519. Elizabeth Lacy.
1704 Rent Roll for Norfolk Co., VA: Jno Wallis, Richard Wallis, Wm Wallis, Thomas Walice.

~1720 William married Mary. (Wm possibly returned to England to marry.)

5/22/1741 in Beaufort Co., NC, William Wallis sold land to Joseph Barrow. (S) National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1991, Hendrix, P282.
10/29/1741, Joseph Barrow purchased from William Wallis 640 acres on Tar River at Fenney Run, witnessed by John Wallis, Keziah K. Wallis and Lidia L. Wallis.
~ 1748 Mary died.
12/29/1748, William’s will: Sons: William and John. Daughters: Lidia Bond, Abigal Daw. Wife and Executrix: Mary Wallis. Executor: Nicholas Daw. Witnesses: Phil. Pritchett (S) NC Hist. & Gen. Reg., V1, P80. (S) NC State Archives, 009, SS877/264 SS/AR.
Bef. 3/1749 William died in Bath, NC; will proved. (S) NC Hist. & Gen. Reg., V1, P80.

Family notes: William Wallis:
• Neighboring planter to John Bond ( 256) on South Dividing Creek.

Children of William and Mary:

i. John Wallis, born bef. 1721.
John married Keziah K ?.
10/29/1741, Joseph Barrow purchased from William Wallis 640 acres on Tar River at Fenney Run, witnessed by John Wallis, Keziah K. Wallis and Lidia L. Wallis.
(S) 1743 NC Census, Beaufort Co.
(S) 12/28/1748, John named in his father’s will.
No.514:(S)1/09/1749, will of Abraham Pritchett.
(S) 1755 NC Census, Beaufort Co. John Wallis.
6/1757, Court appointed John Wallis [his Uncle] as John Bond’s ( 64) guardian; s/o sister Lydia.
(S) 1758 NC Census, Chowan Co.
(S) 1764 NC Census, Beaufort Co.
1765, Michael Phillips (carpenter) to John Wallis (planter) land the N side of S. dividing creek called Prices Neck beginning near mouth of the great branch and with James Bonds’ line.
(S) 1781 list of Superanuated [too old] and Invalids of the Regt. of Beaufort Co.: John Wallis.
John Wallis II, born ?.
John married Mary “Polly” Hutson, a widow with 2 daughters.
1/5/1791 John II wrote his will. (S) NC State Archives, 009, F257-8.

ii. Lydia Wallis ( 129), born 1724.

iii. William Wallis Jr, born ?.
(S) 12/28/1748, William mentioned in his father’s will.
1751, “ … by the conversation and efforts of a private member by the name of Wm. Wallis, …”. (S) A History of the Sandy Creek Baptrist Association, 1859, Purefoy, P42.
(S) 1755 NC Census, Beaufort Co. William Wallis.
9/1760, The road from Wm. Wallis’s to Campbell’s Creek to be maintained by the inhabitants within that district, Robt. Bond and Jos. Campen, Overseers.
6/1761, Robert Bond, Wm Wallace appointed overseer of the road from Joshua Pritchetts Ferry down to the head of the creek where Wm Bond formerly lived.
1772, Beaufort Co. Court: John Bond, Wm Wallis to testify for the King against William Pender.
5/2/1786, Wm witnessed a deed from James May to Thomas Wallis.

iv. Abigail Wallis, born ?.
Abigail married Nicholas Daw; s/o William & Dinah. There home was on Oyster Creek in present Pamlico Co. [Nicholas’ grandfather and namesake was one of the founders of Bath, NC.]
(S) 12/28/1748, Abigail’s father’s will, identified as Abigail Daw.
(S) 1755 NC, Beaufort Co. census and tax list: Nicholas.
5/4/1756, Testified to Jacob Pritchett’s will.
(S) 1764 NC, Beaufort Co. census (Nicholas).