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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jacques Ladner dit Mathurin & Maria Juana Karcaux

40. Jacques Ladner dit Mathurin & 41. Maria Juana Karcaux [MS, AL] 

12/17/1750 Jacques born in MS s/o 80. Maturin Christian Ladner & 81. Marie Catherine Berda dit Picard. (S) Creole Mobile, P41. {#2B. L.O., P508}
2/28/1750, Christening of Santigo (Jacques). (S) No. 80 Family notes.
10/20/1755, Marie born in MS d/o 82. Nicholas Karcaus & 83. Anne Theresa Assailly.
6/2/1756, Christening of Maria. (S) CIC, Mobile, AL, BB1, P194.
6/18/1769 Marie was the godmother to Pierre, s/o her brother Nicolas90.
11/29/1776, “Juan Bautista Christian, son of Santiago Christian and Maria Carquo, born the 29th of Nov., 1776, was baptized on the 24th of Dec., 1776 according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church. godparents being Juan Astellein and Margarite Columbe.” /s/ Rev. Angel de Reuilla-Godos. (S) SLC, BB7 (1772-1776), P67, A1.
~ 1777, Revolutionary War, Jacques served under Spanish General Governor Galvez. (S) Brother Jerome Lepre, “Sons of the American Revolution”, MCH&GS, V18, #2, 6/1982, P75.
3/14/1780 Galvez captured Mobile.
4/28/1784 Jacques and Nicholas Carco90 jointly request land grants from the Governor of Mobile, “bounded on the east by the mouth of of the Old Fort, on the west by Louis Fayar492vi and in the south by the Sea; situated on a Point … containing about 8 arpents in front …”. (S) Mobile Land Grants, 1710-1795, P8.
1784, Jacques granted 4 arpents on the Biloxi peninsula, present day Point Cadet, by the Spanish. Nicholas Carco90 got the 4 arpents just to the west. (S) L.O., P508.
1/1/1786, (S) 1786 Spanish Census of Mobile., n: “ST. Yago” and Maria. Ages 30 & 28, 2 freed slaves, 4 children.
(S) 1/1/1787 “Favrot Census” of Mobile, Bay St. Louis & Pascagoula, Jacques Ladner 31, wife 29, 4 children, free mulatto Enrique, free black Cathos.
4/30/1791, Santiago Ladner, his wife, and 5 children, on the Biloxi coast. (S) Miro Spanish Census of MS gulf coast.
1793, “Joseph” owned land on Biloxi Bay, MS. (S) Cyril Cain, V1, P176.
4/21/1798: “Domingo Santiago Mathurin, son of Santiago and of Marie Carcoux. Padrino Juan Cuebas.” (S) SLC Confirmation B1, Entry No. 1738.
5/2/1801 in Biloxi, Jacques formally married Maria. “On May 2, 1801, I, Don Juan Francisco Vaugeois, Curate of the Parish of Our Lady of the Conception in Mobile, while on a visit to the Biloxi Coast, at an Oratory established there, and having read one of the banns and dispensed with the other two with permission of the Bishop of this Province, there being no resulting impediment and having received the mutual consent of the contracting parties, do veil and solemnly give the nuptial blessing at Mass to Santiago Ladner, the legitimate oldest s/o the deceased Maturino Ladner and Ana Berda on one part, and Maria Juana Karcaux, the oldest legitimate d/o the deceased Nicholas Karcaux and Ana Josefa Gonsinde, who recognize their sons Domingo age 25, Juan Bautista age 23 and Santiago age 21. In the presence of Pedro Lorenzo Lahancet, proxy parent, Louis Fayard and Valentine Bourgeois, who declared that they could not write to sign their names in the matrimonial record. I signed the record in the presence of Pedro Lorenzo Lahancet.” /s/ Father Juan Francisco Vaugeois. (S) CIC, MB1, P91. The same day, Jacques witnessed the wedding of his niece, Suzanne90iv.
5/4/1801 Jacques and Maria represent absent godparents in the baptism of Francisco, s/o his 1st cousin Marie Helen Ladner86ix.
5/5/1801 Jacques witnessed the wedding of his nephew Juan90ii, s/o his sister Catherine.
5/6/1801 Jacques and Marie consented to the wedding of their son Jacques II. (S) Family notes.
7/30/1802, Jacques identified as having small pox and living on Deer Island. (S) Bourquard, P54.
1/6/1811, named a Justice of the Peace of the parishes of Biloxi and Pascagoula by Governor Claiborne of the MS Territory. (S) JFH Claiborne: MS as a Province, Territory and State (1880), P306.
11/10/1815, Mr. Jacques Mathurin Ladner and Marie Nicholas Carco sold “Point-a-Cadet” Biloxi for $600; 20 arpents bounded north, south, and east by water. (S) MCH&GS, V33, #3, P91.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, JaxCo. See CD Census Record 40-1820.
1822, they moved from Biloxi to “Bayou Batterie”, MobCo., AL. (S) MCH&GS, V33, #3, P92.
~1832, Santiago died in Bayou La Batre, MobCo., AL. (S) MCH&GS, V33, #3, P92.
~1835 Maria died in Bayou La Batre, MobCo., AL. (S) L.O., P508.
Both are buried in the Tate’s Hammock Cem., now abandoned, on Dead Man’s Bayou.

Family notes:
• See Biloxi Land Holdings: 1821 & 1836 on CD.
• James is “Santiago” in Spanish, “Jacques” in French.
• Maria Juana Karcaux (Spanish) is Marie Jean Carco (French).
• 9/24/1799: “Dominico Ladnier wishes dispensation from the third grade of relationship to marry Genevieve Ladner. Dominico, a native of this province in the Isle of Venadas appeared before Bishop Luis and stated that arrangements were made for the marriage but they were informed by the pastor they could not be married because of the impediment of the third grade of relationship. Dominco is the son of Maria Carco and Santiago Ladnier, ... son of Maturino Ladnier, son of a Mr. Ladnier that died in France. Genevieve is d/o Marie Paquet and Nicolas Ladnier, son of Mr. Ladnier who died in Europe. Genevieve’s father is dead, and her mother is very poor with eight unmarried children. Dominico is 25 and single.” … (S) Bourquard, P33. [There are multiple errors associated with this citiation.] (S) L.O., P512.
• “This 26th day of September of the year 1799, I, Father Antonio de Sedella, Reglious Capuchin, Cure of the Holy Cathedral of the City of New Orleans, having fulfilled the ordinary formalitites, … joined and veiled according to the rites of the Holy Mother Church, Domingo Santiago Ladner, a native of Biloxi, District of Mobile, of Deer Island, legitimate son of Santiago Maturino Laidner and of Maria Carqueaux, with Benobeva Christianne Laidner, a native of Cat Island, legitimate daughter of Maturino Christianne Ladner and of Louise St. Martin, and they have given their mutual consent by mouth, were examined of the Christian Doctrine, confessed and received communion in the presence of these witnesses … and in faith I have signed.” /s/ Antonio de Sedella. (S) SLC, MB2, P124, A474. [From the previous citation and other documents, “Louise St. Martin” is another obvious mistake.]
• “On the 6th day of May of this year 1801, I, Don Juan Francisco Vaugeois, Cure of the Parish Church of Immaculate Conception in Mobile, while visiting a private place [of worship] on the Coast of Biloxi, and in this place having dispensed with the canonical banns, due to a lack of time, with a license by the Senor Bishop of the Diocese, and no opposition, canonical or civil, received the mutual consent of the contracting, by work of mouth, joined in solemn matrimony, Santyago Ladner, legitimate son of age of Santyago Ladner and of Maria Juana Karcaux, and Luisa Lafontaine, legitimate daughter of age of Pedro Lafontaine and of Ana Maria Desboise, also of this parochial diocese, having given their consent in the presence of witnesses being Juan Baptista Karcaus, Pedro Fayard and Juan Ladner, witnesses, who declare theat they could not write to sign their names, and I have signed the above on the 27th day of May 1801.” /s/ Juan Francisco Vaugeois. (S) CIC, MB1, P93a.
• From the collection of Francois Dierd: Piernas early made a grant to the widow of Baptiste Christian, who had lived at Biloxi since her birth; and a little later Mathurin and Carcaux obtained land at Dominion Point bounded south by the sea and east by “the mouth of the Bay of the Old Fort” (Fort Maurepas) for cultivation and other uses.

Children of Santiago and Maria:

i. Dominique Santiago Ladnier, born 1774 in MS.
{#2BA. L.O., P514, 544}
4/21/1798 “Domingo” Santiago was confirmed on Deer Island, (S) Family notes; and was the godfather to his 1st cousin Joseph Carquot90v, (S) No. 90 Family notes. His future wife was also present at the baptisms that day.
9/24/1799 in St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA he married his 1st cousin, once removed, Genevieve Magdalene Ladner86ix. (S) Family notes.
5/2/1801, in Biloxi, MS, Dominique witnessed the wedding of his father. (S) Family notes.
5/4/1801 Dominique is the godfather in the baptism of Bridget, d/o his 1st cousin once removed, Marie Helen Ladner86viii.
5/5/1801, “Santiago” witnessed the wedding of his 1st cousin, once removed, Joseph Ladner122.
1802, owned land on Biloxi Bay, MS. (S) Cyril Cain, V1, P176.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, HancCo. Age >45. 1m:10–16, 1f:26–44.
Bef. 1830 Genevieve died on Cat island.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, HancCo. Dominique a widower.
1832, brothers Dominique, Jean, and Jacques sold the old homestead in Biloxi to P Pradat.
2/1/1840 Dominique witnessed the sale of Cat Island by Juan Cuevas, husband of Marie Ladner86ix. (S) HarrCo., DB7, PP134-5.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HanCo. “D J”, age 60–70, has multiple relatives living with him.
1844 Dominque died in HarrCo., MS. (S) HarrCo Probate Court Minutes, 5/1844. [HarrCo. was formed from HancCo. In 1841.]
Joseph Ladnier, born 1795 in MS.
1816 Joseph died.
John Baptiste Ladnier, born 10/6/1807 in MS.
He married Victoria Morin, d/o Josef42i.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo. Age 30–40; wife 20–30. A male 70–80 lives with him.
Fall 1842, Jean died. [They had 1 son]

ii. Juan Bautista Ladnier ( 20), born 11/29/1776. (S) Family notes.

iii. Jacques Ladnier II, born ~1778. (S) Creole Mobile, P41.
{#2BC. L.O., P521}
5/2/1801, in Biloxi, MS, Santiago witnessed the wedding of his father. (S) Family notes.
5/6/1801, in Biloxi, MS, he married Louise Lafontaine, born ~1780. (S) Family notes.
They lived at the “Old Chimneys” in Long Beach. This property was acquired from Jacques’ cousin Claude Ladner86vi.
~1815 Jacques swapped his homestead property for property of Jean Carquot90ii in Biloxi. This land is now bounded on the east by Main Street and on the west by Lemeuse St. A fresh water spring on the property was known as “Ladner Springs”.
~1822 Jacques sold his property in Biloxi and moved to Bay St. Louis. He sold the land to his 1st cousin once removed Joseph Ladner122.
1832, brothers Dominique, Jean, and Jacques sold the old homestead in Biloxi to P Pradat.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo. “Jack”, age 60–70, Louisa, age 60–70. 3 daughters at home: Celest, Matilda, & Amiee.
1842 Jacques died in Bay St. Louis.
10/14/1852 Louise died while living with her daughter Rose in Bay St Louis, MS.
Marsalite Ladner, born 3/21/1801. (S) CIC, BB2, P90b.
~1830 she married Andrew “Tousant” Favre, born in MS.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, HancCo., Shieldsborough. 4 children.
Rose Eulalie Ladner, born 1/19/1804. (S) SLC, BB4 1802–1806, P43b, A348.
She married Francois Favre.
(S) 1860 Census, MS, HarrCo.; Pass Christian. Living with brother Ursan.
Rose died 5/23/1887 in Waveland, MS; buried in the old Fayard-Favre Cem.
Jacques Gavino Ladner, baptized 2/13/1807. (S) SLC, BB5 1806–1809, P16, A165.
Bef. 1844 he died.
Louis Ladner, born 4/17/1808. (S) SLC, BB5 1806–1809, P50, A682.
4/10/1852 he married Coralie Fayard, d/o Laurent, s/o Pierre492iii. (S) OLG, MB1, P13, A48.
Celest Malvina Ladner, born 9/19/1810. (S) SLC, BB6, 1809–1811, P145b, A636
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo. Living with her parents.
Ursan Ladner, born 1812.
~1836 he married Mary Pepe Carrio, born 1816 in LA.
(S) 1860 Census, MS, HarrCo.; Pass Christian. Married to Louisa; 8 children. His sister Eulalie lives with him.
Matilda Ladner, born 1814. (S) CIC, BB2, P145a.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo. Living with her parents.
4/23/1848 she formally married Laurent “Lorenza” Fayard Jr, s/o Laurent, s/o Pierre492iii.
4/5/1850 she died in Bay St Louis, MS. [1850 census indicates she had 1 son].
Amiee Asphasie Ladner, born 12/24/1816. (S) SLC, BB8 1815–1818, P160b, A975.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo. Living with her parents.
Bef. 1844 she died.