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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cox 68 Bowers

68. David Bowers Sr & 69. Ann ? [SC]

1730, David born in Edgefield Dist., SC.
1779, (S) 1779 SC Census, 96th Dist.
1790, (S) 1790 Census, SC, Edgefield Distr. 3-3-6 [Sarah Bowers is the only other Bowers in Edgefield.]
3/1793, David Bowers Sr. of Edgefield Co.; Will Typescript (MSS WB-A, P41; Estate Packet: Box 34, Pkg 1276). (S) SCDA&H, S-108093, Reel-8, F-101. Persons mentioned: Bowers, Ann/Bowers, Giles/Bowers, David/Bowers, Benjamin/Bowers, Phillip/Bowers, John/Bowers, Barbara/Bowers, Mary/Bowers, Nancy/Bowers, Elizabeth/Savage, John/Bergess, Damel/Shinholser, William.

Family notes:
• 1756, William Bowers, Granville SC Muster Roll.

Children of David and Ann:

i. John Bowers ( 34), born ~1760.

ii. Giles Bowers, born 1765-1775.
Giles married Elizabeth ?.
3/1793, Giles named an executor in the will of his father.
1800, (S) 1800 Census, SC, Edgefield Dist., born 1755-1774. 1 m:16-26, 2 m<10, 1 f<10, 1 f:16-26, 1 f<26-45. Appears to be married.
1810, (S) 1810 Census, SC, Barnwell Co. No wife; 1 m:10-16, 1 f:10-16.
1820, (S) 1820 Census, SC, Edgefield Co. No wife; 1 m:16-18, 1 f:16-26.

iii. David Bowers Jr, born 1771 in SC.
David married Martha Hankinson.
3/1793, David named an executor in the will of his father.
1800, (S) 1800 Census, SC, Edgefield Dist., born 1755-1774. 1 m:16-26, 1 f:16-26, 2 f<10. He lives next to Giles. A Henry Bowers, 16-26, lives next to David and has an elderly female living with him that might be Ann.
9/9/1831, David bought the rights to the estate of his brother John from Clem Cox16, his wife the dower of the estate.
9/1833 David wrote his will.
4/21/1834, David Bowers of Beech Island, Edgefield District, Will Typescript (MSS WB-C, P389; Estate Packet: Box 4, Pkg. 142). Persons mentioned: Barnes, Catherine/Carey, William/Hatfield, John/Bowers, Thomas/Jones, Robert/Starr, Susanna/Woolfolk, John/Dumbar, George/Holeombe/Clarke, Urich B./Hankinson/Mckinne, Barna/Bowers, Martha/Bowers, Philemon/Bowers, James/Carey, Anna/Burkhatter, William/Bowers, Eliza/Hatfield, Mary/Starr, Henry/Starr, Samuel/Dumbar, Sarah/Williams, Elihu/Heath, Stephen/Bulter/Deck, John/Bowers, John/Bowers, Martha Theresa/Miller, John/Meyer, David/Burgess, John B.
Philemon Bowers, born 1788.
(S) 1820, (S) 1820 Census, SC, Edgefield Dist. 1 f:26-45, 2 m<10.

iv. Benjamin Bowers, born ?.
3/1793, Benjamin named an executor in the will of his father.
1811, Benjamin married Mary Galphin Holmes.
3/12/1822, Benjamin died; buried in a family cemetery near Beech Island.

v. Phillip Bowers, born ?.
3/1793, Phillip given a female slave named Fan in his father’s will.
1814, “my brother Philemon” mentioned in a deed of David Bowers.

vi. Barbara Bowers, born ?.
Barbara married Isaac Ardis.
3/1793, Barbara given a male slave named Dick in her father’s will.

vii. Mary Bowers, born ?.
3/1793, Mary given a male slave named Toni in her father’s will.

viii. Nancy Bowers, born ?.
3/1793, Nancy given a female slave named Phib in her father’s will.

ix. Elizabeth Bowers, born ?.
3/1793, Elizabeth given a female slave named Moll in her father’s will.