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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nicholas Carcaux II & Catherine Christian Ladner

90. Nicholas Carcaux II & 91. Catherine Christian Ladner [MS, LA] 

12/22/1749, Catherine born in Pascagoula, d/o 80. Maturin Christian Ladner and 81. Marie Catherine Berda dit Picard. (S) Bourquard, P46. {#2A. L.O., P501}
~ 1752, Nicholas born s/o 82. Nicholas Karcaus and 83. Anne Theresa Assailly.
6/18/1769, “This year of 1769 and the 18th of June, I, the undersigned baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Pierre, born the 28th of September of last year of the legitimate marriage of Nicolas Charco and Catherine Christian, the father and mother. The godfather being Pierre Charco, brother ot the father of the infant, and the godmother being Marie Charco who declare they cannot sign, and in evidence I have signed the above day and year as given.” /s/ F. Prosper. (S) SLC, BB6, P52.
2/17/1776, “This year 1776 and the 17th of February, I, the undersigned baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Marie, born the 9th of December, 1775, of Nicolas Carquot and of Catherine Ladnaire, his wife of legitimate marriage. The godfather being Jacque Laurnet and the godmother Louise Bourgeois, and in evidence, I have signed.” /s/ F. Dagobert, Cure. (S) SLC, BB7, P57.
~ 1777, Revolutionary War, Nicholas served under Spanish General Governor Galvez. (S) Brother Jerome Lepre, “Sons of the American Revolution”, MCH&GS Journal, V18, #2, 6/1982, P75.
3/14/1780 Galvez captured Mobile.
3/16/1783: “Dominique Patricio Carco, child of Nicolas Carco and Catherine Ladonora, born during February 1783 was baptized on March 16, 1783 according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church. The sponsors being Dominico Patricio and Ana Ladonera.” /s/ Rev. Joseph de Arazean. (S) SLC, BB1, P281, A798.
4/28/1784 Jacques Ladner40 and Nicholas jointly request land grants from the Governor of Mobile, “bounded on the east by the mouth of of the Old Fort, on the west by Louis Fayar and in the south by the Sea; situated on a Point … containing about 8 arpents in front …”. (S) Mobile Land Grants, 1710-1795, P8.
1784, Nicholas granted 4 arpens of land by the Spanish government, now the eastern tip of the Biloxi, MS peninsula, later called Point a Cadet. Located just west was Jacques Ladner40, Catherine’s brother, who had another 4 arpens, and was married to Nicholas’ sister. (S) L.O., P508.
(S) 1786 Spanish Census of Mobile. Ages 35 & 26, 1 house, 5 children.
(S) 1/1/1787 “Favrot Census” of Mobile, Bay St. Louis & Pascagoula. Nics Calcaux 37, wife 28, 5 children, free mulatto Pedro Zenon, free black Nannette.
2/5/1789, son Joseph baptized in N.O. (S) SLC, B11, P63.
1790 Nicolas received a land grant of 10 arpents [~160 acres] on the Biloxi Peninsula. (S) American State Papers, 1994, P38.
4/30/1791, Nicolas Calcaut, his wife, and 6 children, on the Biloxi coast. (S) Miro Spanish Census of MS gulf coast.
3/16/1796, Catherine and Nicholas witnessed the marriage of daughter Susan to Damian Coni.
4/21/1798: Confirmation: “… No. 1734 Susana Carcoux, daughter of Nicolas and of Catherine Ladner. Madrina Magdelena Ladner.” (S) SLC, CB1, No. 1734.
4/21/1798: Confirmation: “… No. 1737 Jose Carcoux, son of Nicolas and of Catherine Ladner. Godfather Domingo Santiago.” (S) SLC, CB1, No. 1737.
Bef. 5/2/1801, Nicholas and Catherine died in HancCo., MS. (S) Wedding of Susan.

Family Notes:
• “On Wed., March 16, 1796, I, Don Constantine McKenna, pastor of the parochial Church of the Immaculate Conception of Mobile, in order to contract marriage between Damian Coni, son of Joseph Coni and Ursula ... of the Province of Catalonia, and Susan Carco, daughter of Nicholas Carco and Catherine Ladner, of this parish and dispensing with the banns for just cause, I have joined them in a real and true marriage by the words of those present. It is done in the presence of the witnesses below, who signed. For this I sign my name as above.” /x/ Jean Baptiste Bosage. /x/ Susana Carco, /x/ Damian de la Cruz Coni (S) CIC, MB1, P84a.
• 4/22/1801: “Illustrious Lord: I, Juan Baptista Karcaux, the legitimate son of Nicolas and Catherine Ladner, state with due reverence to you, Illustrious Lord, that desiring to withdraw from a state of sin, in which I have lived for some months with my 3rd cousin, Pelagi Morin, who is pregnant, for lack of opportunity and our poverty, wish to marry her in order to repay her honor as much as I can. For this I beg you, Illustrious Lord, that you be pleased to dispense us from the impediment which binds us, in order that we may contract marriage licitly. Giving thanks to you, Illustrious Lord, from Cat Island on April 22, 1801. /x/ Jean Baptiste Karkaux. (S) Bourquard, P4?.
• 4/29/1801: “Jean Baptiste Carquot, Cat island, requests dispensation to marry Pelagie Morin. Because of lack of opportunity and their poverty, Carquot, s/o Nicholas Karcaux and Caterina Ladner has lived for several months with his cousin Pelagie. He asks for dispensation to marry her. Father Juan Francisco Vaugeois, Pastor of the Conception Church of Mobile states on a visit to Cat Island he found Caterina Ladner, mother of Juan Baptiste, is d/o Maturino Ladner s/o Christian Ladner, and Pelagia [it should read: “Pelagia’s mother”] is d/o Nicholas Ladner, s/o Christian Ladner. Both are natives of the parish of Mobile, one of Biloxi and the other of Cat Island.” (S) Bourquard, P46.
• “On May 2, 1801, I, Don Juan Francisco Vaugeois, pastor of the parochial Church of Our Lady of the Conception of Mobile, was on a visit to the Biloxi coast to an Oratory established there. After the reading from the Most Reverend Bishop of this province, and with no canonical impediment evident, proceeded by the mutual consent of the contracting parties, and by their own words, make a true marriage between Pierre Fayard, native of this parish, legitimate son of majority age of the deceased Jean Fayard and Francoise Fizau, with the consent of his mother on one part, and Susana Karcaux, native of this parish, the legitimate daughter of minor age of the deceased Nicholas Karcaux and Catherine Ladner, the widow of a first marriage to Damian Coni on the other part, in the presence of and with the consent of Pedro Karcaux, guardian and brother of the bride, also in the presence of Juan Ladner20 and Santiago Ladner40. The witnesses declared that they could not write to sign. For this I have signed at Mobile on the 24th day of May, 1801.” /s/ Father Juan Francisco Vaugeois. (S) CIC, MB1, P91b.
• “On May 5, 1801, I, Don Juan Francisco Vaugeois, Curate of the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Conception, being on a visit to the Biloxi coast to an Oratory established there, and by virtue of the dispensation of the relationship in the 3rd degree, … I veiled and solemnly gave the nuptial blessing at the Mass to Juan Bautiste Karcoux, a native of this Parish, the legitimate son of majority age of the deceased Nicholas Karcoux and Catherine Ladner, on the one hand, and Pelagia Morin, the legitimate daughter of minority age of Jose Morin and Louise Ladner, on the other hand, in the presence of and with the consent of Santiago Ladner40 [actually the uncle of the groom and cousin of the bride], maternal uncle and distant relative of the groom with the consent of the relatives of the bride, which is given to me by word on Cat Island, the 24th day of April just past. The witnesses are Valentine Bourgeois and Santiago Ladner who declare that they cannot write to sign. For this I sign at Mobile on May 24, 1801. /s/ Father Juan Francisco Vaugeois. Veiled on the same day at Mass.” (S) CIC, MB1, P92.

Children of Nicholas and Catherine:

i. Pierre Pedro Carquot, born 9/28/1768. (S) Family notes.
4/21/1798 Pierre confirmed on Deer Island, with other siblings. (S) SLC, CB1, No. 1739.
5/2/1801 in Biloxi, MS, Pedro gives consent for sister Suzanne to marry. (S) Family notes.
5/5/1801 in Biloxi, MS he attended the wedding of Catherine, d/o Marie Fayard492ii.
5/21/1802 in Biloxi, MS he was the godfather to his nephew Jean Jr, s/o his brother Jean.
8/1829 Pierre and his sister Susan gave affidavits about a person living on Fort Point Peninsula a few years after the Spanish captured Mobile [3/14/1780]. (S) American State Papers, V3, 1994, P205.

ii. Jean Baptiste Carquot, born ~1771 in Biloxi.
1790, Jean granted land on the east end of the north shore of the Biloxi peninsula. (S) See picture of Old Brick House historical marker.
4/22/1801, living on Cat island, he requested dispensation to marry his 2nd cousin [request states 3rd cousin], Pelagie Morin42v. (S) Family notes.
4/29/1801, his requested dispensation to marry Pelagie is forwarded. (S) Family notes.
5/5/1801 they married. (S) Family notes. [Recorded as being in “East Baton Rouge”].
5/6/1801, Jean, in Biloxi, witnessed the wedding of his 1st cousin Jacques Ladner40iii. (S) No. 40 Family notes.
3/31/1808 Juan, of Biloxi, appeared before Lt. Pellerin to give testimony about the property losses of 2 hogs, 1 cow, 6 calves, and 1 oxen on Cat Island to the American gunboat crews. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P23.
6/1812 Jean sold the land he was born on in Biloxi to Jacques Ryan. This land is currently bounded by Nixon St and Bellman Ave. (S) L.O., P534.
~1815 Jean swapped some of his property for property of his 1st cousin Jacques Ladner40iii in Long Beach.He moved his family there. (S) L.O., P521, P535.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, HancCo. 100101,10100
~1821 he moved to the “Bayou Poito” area near Biloxi in JaxCo. They then moved to a house on the claim of Jacques40.
7/1822, Jean sold an additional large tract of family land on the Pass of Biloxi to Jacques Ryan. (S) MCH&GS, V40, 2004, P12.
Fall/1822 Jean died in Biloxi, MS. He is buried in the “Old” Biloxi Cem.
~1825 Pelagi died in Biloxi, MS. She is buried in the “Old” Biloxi Cem.
Jean Baptiste Carquot Jr, born 5/8/1800. (S) CIC, BB2, P90a.
1825 he married Gertrude Fournier46i.
1849 Jean died in JaxCo. of dysentary. (S) 1850 Mortality Schedule.
Louise Carquot, born 6/12/1803. (S) CIC, BB2, P96a.
12/20/1818 she married Augustine Fayard246vii.
Bef. 3/2/1846 Louise died.
Pelagie Carquot, born 1809. (S) CIC, BB2, P152a.
~1832 she married Jacques Perillo, born 1802 in SPA.
1860 Pelagi died.

iii. Marie Carcaux ( 45), born 12/9/1775.

iv. Suzanne Carquot, born ~1781. (date estimated from marriage records.)
3/16/1796 in MobCo., AL, at 15, she married Damian de la Cruz Coni. (S) Family notes.
4/21/1798 Susana confirmed on Deer Island with siblings. (S) Family notes.
~1801, Damian died.
5/2/1801 in Biloxi, MS, at 20, Susana married Pierre Fayard II492vii. (S) Family notes.
5/5/1801 in Biloxi, MS Pierre attended his niece Catherine’s wedding; and witnessed the wedding of Joseph Ladner122, 1st wife Marie’s 1st cousin.
5/6/1801, Pierre, in Biloxi, witnessed the wedding of Suzanne’s 1st cousin Jacques Ladner40iii. (S) No. 40 Family notes.
8/1829 Susan and her brother Pierre gave affidavits about a person living on Fort Point Peninsula a few years after the Spanish captured Mobile [3/14/1780]. (S) American State Papers, V3, 1994, P205.
Children by Damian:
Clarisa Damian Coni, born ~1796.
4/21/1798 Clarisa confirmed on Deer Island. (S) SLC, CB1, No. 1733.
9/17/1808 she was the godmother to her 1st cousin, Pelagi Carquot, d/o her mother’s brother Jean.
Children by Pierre:
Cassimere Fayard, born 11/22/1805. (S) CIC, BB2, P108.
Jean “John” Fayard, born 1/6/1809.
He married Josephine Bohourd D’Argile.

v. Blaise Joseph Carco, born 10/5/1788.
4/21/1798 Joseph confirmed on Deer Island with siblings.
Joseph married Euphemie “Elizabeth” Buhourd D’argile.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, HancCo. Children: 2f<10, 1f:10-20.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo. Children: 1m<5, 1f<5, 2f:5-10, 1f:10-15.
Bef. 1842 they owned property in Biloxi. (S) HarrCo., DB1, purchase of land prior to 1842. (S) L.O., P506.
Joanna “Jeanette” Carco, born 1827.
5/31/1856 she married Joseph Garcia, s/o Celeste Cuevas, d/o Marie Ladner86ix. (S) OLG, MB1, P26, A91.
Louise Armentine Carco, born 1827. aka “Amanda”.
12/27/1861 she married Ursin LaFontaine. (S) OLG, MB1, P40, A136.
Azeline “Adeline” Carco, born 1828.
1/10/1852 she married Jules Fayard, s/o Laurent, s/o Pierre492v. (S) OLG, MB1, P12, A46.
2/19/1914 Azeline died. (S) OLG, Internments, P43.
Emilie Carco.
11/6/1852 she married Laurent “Lorens” Fayard Jr, s/o Laurent, s/o Pierre492v. (S) OLG, MB1, P14-15, A54.
Henry Carco, born 5/18/1840. (S) BVM-Nativity, MB-A, P2, A6.
Civil War, Co. F., 3rd MS Inf.
Never married.
2/27/1911 Henry died. (S) OLG, Internments, P40. Buried in Cedar Rest Cem., Bay St louis, MS.
Jerry Francois Carco, born 1845.
6/11/1881 he married Louise P Johnson.
1919 he died. (S) Old Bourgeois Diary, citation by Jerry Heitzmann.
Clemence Carco, born 1847. (S) CIC, S8, Baptisms, 1781–1850, B2, P318, A767.
7/7/1876 she married widowed John Estapa, born 11/2/1828 in Spain; died 1/10/1921.
4/9/1927 she died. Both buried in St Paul Cem., Pass Christian, MS.
Melanie Carco, born 10/7/1849. (S) L.O., P542.
2/16/1881 she married James Quevas, s/o Raymon, s/o Marie Ladner86ix. (S) ANNC, MB1, P17, A3.
They had no children.

vi. Domique Patrice Carquot, born 2/11/1783.