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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bell 162 Goodlet

162. John Goodlet Jr {… VA}

11/30/1683, John christened in Dysart, Fife, Scotland, s/o 324. John Goodlet, Sr & 325. Catherine Foord.
Bef. 1741, John traveled to VA.

Child of John and ?:

i. Elvira Goodlet (81), born ~ 1741 in VA.

164. Benjamin A Powell & 165. Sarah Bledsoe {Culpeper Co. VA}

Benjamin born ~1702 in VA; s/o 328. Robert Powell & 329. Sarah Taylor.
~1725, Sarah born in Spotsylvania Co., VA, d/o 330. William Bledsoe & 331. Elizabeth ?.
Benjamin married Sarah. (S) Family Bible owned by Katherine Lee deVeau identifies Sarah as d/o William marrying Benjamin.
1735, Benjamin a Caroline Co. Constable.
11/3/1743, William Crosthwaite estate, receipts from Benjamin and Ambrose Powell.
1749, Culpeper Co. formed from Orange Co.
2/20/1752, Benjamin appraised the estate of George Glore.
6/28/1753, Benjamin witnessed the will of George Utz.
5/15/1755, Benjamin appraised the estate of Robert Cave.
4/19/1759, Benjamin and Ambrose Powell witnessed the estate of Joseph Wood.
8/9/1759, Benjamin witessed the will of Robert Medley.
6/12/1763, Benjamin appraised the estate of Christian Reapman.
1764, Benj. Powel on the quit rent rolls of Culpeper Co. [Along with his brothers Ambrose Powell and John O Powell.]
5/15/1764, Benjamin appraised the estate of Rev. George Samuel King.
8/21/1766, Benjamin gave oath during probate of will of George Utz.
Sarah died. (S) She is not named in her father’s will or her husband’s will.
1768, Benjamin wrote his will in Culpeper Co., VA. His “brother Ambrose Powell” was named executor, married to Sarah’s sister Mary. His “brother-in-law” named is George Wetheral, husband of Sarah’s sister Millie.
12/27/1769, Benjamin and his son Benjamin witnessed the will of Sarah’s father.
2/16/1770, Benjamin’s will probated. [The year 1770 is probably the correct year to use (even though it is dated 1769) because Benjamin witnessed his father-in-law’s will “2 months later” in April of 1769. Calendar management sometimes causes these problems.]
(S) The Powell Families of VA and the South, Lucas, 1969, Section 8.

Family notes:
• Will of Benjamin Powell: … I gaive to my son Benjamin Powell all my land from the mouth of a small branch above the Meadow on the South side of Dark Run and running with Jasper Haynes line up the said branch to Ebberhart Ryners line … then with his line to Dark Run … then down the several courses of the said run to the beginning … I give to my son James Powell, one hundred and twenry-five acres together with my plantation and houses where I now live … I give to my son William Powell all the remainder of my land joining Finney, McCallaugh and Chapman … I give to my daughters Betty Mumford, Sarah and Ann, each of them five pounds in cash to be paid out of estate … (Note: sale and accounting of this estate Sarah is called Sally and Ann is called Nancy) … all remainder of estate real and personal tob e equally divided between my children, that is to say Benjamin, William, James, Betty Mumford, Sarah and Ann … I constitute and appoint my beloved brother Ambrose Powell and my beloved brother-in-law George Wetheral Executors of this last will and testament. /s/ Benjamin Powell. Witnesses: Aaron Bledsoe, Charles Hume, Stephen Layton.

Children of Benjamin and Sarah:

i. Benjamin Powell, born bef. 1749 in VA.
12/27/1769, Benjamin and his father Benjamin witnessed the will of his grandfather.
1769–1774, Account of sales of Benjamin Powell.
1776–1777, in Culpeper Co., Benjamin enlisted in the Revolutionary War; a Sergeant in the Virginia line. He was in the battles of Trenton, White Plains, and Harbor Heights; discharged at Valley Forge.
1782, Benjamin on the quit rent rolls of Orange Co., VA. [Along with Mary, Francis & Thomas.]
1783 Culpeper Co. tax list: Benjamin with slave Sarah.
6/16/1786 in Culpeper Co., VA, Benjamin married Elizabeth Green, born 1761; performed by Isham Tatum. (S) Pension application.
2/12/1834 in Culpeper Co., Benjamin died. (S) Pension application of Elizabeth.
11/28/1840, Elizabeth, age 79, applied for a widow’s pension.
Benjamin Powell, born 9/15/1793 in Culpeper Co., VA.
8/21/1828, he married Mary Z Samuel, born 3/17/1799.
(S) 1850 Census, VA, Culpeper Co. They have no children at home.

ii. James Powell ( 82), born 1752 in VA.

iii. Sarah “Polly” Powell, born bef. 1760 in VA.

iv. William Powell, born 1760 in VA.
4/21/1784, William married Nancy Bobo; d/o Absalom Bobo & Amy Sims.
(S) 1800 Census, SC, Laurens Dist. William: 00001,52210.
8/11/1807, Nancy died in Laurens Co., SC.
(S) 1810 Census, SC, Laurens Co. Wm: 10001,12110.
Bef. 1816, William died in Laurens Co., SC. (S) Will probated.
Rhoda Roddy Powell, born ?.
She married Phillip Wait.
Mary “Polly” Powell, born ?.
She married Robert Powell Delph.
Amy K Powell, born ?.
She married Nathaniel J Rosemond.
Belinda Hill Powell, born ?.
She married Adam Crane Jones.
Elizabeth Stevens Powell, born ?.
She married Larkin Gaines.
Peachy Taylor Powell, born 6/18/1785 in Culpeper Co., VA.
1805, she married David Price Posey.
1/20/1845 she died in Lauderdale Co., TN.
Frances Bobo Powell, born 4/20/1789 in Culpeper Co., VA.
1808, she married Robert Brown Norris.
Sarah Powell, born 1/1/1791 in Culpeper Co., VA.
1/24/1809 in Laurens Co., SC, Sarah married his 1st cousin Ruben Powell, s/o James ( 82).
[For more info see Ruben.]
Millie Powell, born ? in Culpeper Co., VA.
She married Zachariah Taylor.

v. Anne Nancy Powell, born ~1762 in VA.
8/18/1782, Anne married Henry Telph; performed by George Eve.
Bef. 1800, Henry died.
(S) 1800 Census, SC, Laurens Dist. “Ann Telph” lives next to her brother William: 12000,10110.
2/2/1803, Anne married John Christian.
Bef. 1820 Ann died in Laurens Co.

vi. Elizabeth “Betty” Powell, born ~1765 in VA.
Elizabeth married ? Mumford.
8/18/1784, Elizabeth married James Hume.
(S) 1810 Census, VA, Culpeper Co. Jas > 45, Elizabeth 26–45, 3 males, 1 female.