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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bell 224 Stem

224. Baltzer Stem {… PA}

~1720, Baltzer born in PA, s/o 448. Conrad Stem & 449. Maria Catharina ?.
12/9/1744, “Balthar Stam” named as a son of Conrad Stem in his will.
7/22/1757, Baltzar “Stemm” witnessed the will of Frederick Baker of Norriston Township, County of Philadelphia, B-K, P559.
1/18/1762, “Baldaser Stam” witnessed the will of Jacob Overhosler of Hadfield, PhilCo. (S) B-P, P94.
1769, Baltzer paid taxes in Phildelphia Co., PA; Hatfield Township: 110 acres, 3 horses, 5 cattle, no servants. (S) PA Archives; S3, V–XIV, P7.
1774, “Baltzer Stem” paid taxes in Hatfield Township, PhilCo.: 110 acres, 2 horses, 4 cattle, no servants. (S) Transcript of the Provincial Tax.

Family notes:
• There were several “Stem & Stam” families who settled in Berks Co, PA, all of whom arrived between 1740 and 1770.
• 1790 Census: [Note that Granville Co., NC census was lost.]
John Stem , Frederick, MD
Matthias Stem , Frederick, MD
David Stem , Bucks, PA
Conrad Stem , Montgomery, PA
Fredk Stem , Montgomery, PA
Peter Stem , Montgomery, PA
Adam Stemm , Bucks, PA

Children of Baltzer and ?:

i. George Stem, born 1755–1765 in Norrilton, Montgomery Co., PA,.
He moved with his brother to NC. [Many families moved to NC due to Indian uprisings.]
1800, (S) 1800 Census, NC, Granville Co., Hillsboro. George: 21010,11110. He lives near multiple “Bullock” families. His nephew James (56) married a Bullock. [He is the only Stem listed in this NC census.].
1810, (S) 1810, NC, Granville Co. George: 00201,21110. [He is the only Stem listed in this NC census.].

ii. Jacob Stem ( 112) born ~1763 in Norrilton, Montgomery Co., PA.

iii. Nancey Stem, born ~1776.
10/19/1796 in Granville Co., NC, Nancy married Memucan Wade; Benjamin Moore bondsman. (S) Granville Co. Marr’s. “M Bullock” witnessed the document.