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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Luis Christian Ladner & Marie Barbe Bounal

160. Luis Christian Ladner & 161. Marie Barbe Bounal [SWI, MS]

4/21/1698 Luis born in Pisterene , Lucerne Canton, Switzerland; s/o 320. Christian Ladner & 321. Magdalena ?. (S) Family notes.
Marie (Bounal or Burnet) born in Europe. (S) Family notes.
5/27/1719, Luis, age 20, departed from La Rochelle, France for LA on the ship La Marie, commanded by J. Japye, after being exiled, “sent by order of the King”. A young man, with black hair, blue eyes, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall. (S) “LA Colonials, Soldiers and Vagabonds”, by DeVille, P15. (S) 1st Families of LA, V1.
Luis went to New Orleans.
Luis went to work on the Chaumont Plantation, on the Pascagoula River, south of the old Biloxi Indian village.
Bef. 1723 Luis married Marie.
1723, a hurricane destroyed Chaumont plantation. Luis left the Plantation where he had worked and moved his wife and 2 sons to Cat Island.
9/12/1724, “In the year 1724 on the 12th of September, I baptized Jean Baptiste, the son of Christian Letdener, native of Canton of Grissons and of Marie Barbe Bouval, a European. The Godfather being Jean Baptiste the natural son and his sister as his godmother.” (S) Mobile, AL, CIC, BB1, P51.
3/1725, M Gorty Census, habitants Pascagoula, Christian, wife, 2 children [Jean & Mathurin]. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
3/1/1734, Christian witnessed the wedding of Jean Baudrau178 in Pascagoula. (S) No. 178 Family notes.
1745, Christian was the godfather to Christian Saucier. (S) SLC Archives, BBII, P40.
10/24/1750, Louis the godfather to his granddaughter Marie Louise, d/o son Jean. (S) SLC, BB2, P199a3.
10/2/1764, Louis Christian took the Oaths of Allegiance and Fidelity to His Brittanick Majesty King George. (S) 1764 British Census of Mobile, West Florida.,
3/14/1780 Galvez captured Mobile.
4/21/1798, Luis christening on Deer Island, LA. (S) Family notes.
By 1799 Luis died on Deer Island, HarrCo., MS. Buried in Pascagoula, MS. (S) No. 40 Family notes – marriage dispensation of Dominique.
Bef. 1805, Marie died.
(S) 1699-1732 LA Census Tables.

Family notes:
• 4/21/1798, Confirmed at Deer Island, Province of LA: Luis Christian Ladner, 100 years old, son of Christian Ladner and of Magdalena Ladner, Sponsor being Juan Cuevas was Confirmed by His Excellency Most Reverend Don Luis y Cardenas. (S) St. Louis Catholic Parish of New Orleans, LA; Confirmation Bk. 1789-1841, P73.
• Luis’ son, Christian, settled what is now Pass Christian in the latter part of the 18th century, and another son, Nicholas, located at what is now Long Beach.

Children of Luis and Marie:

i. Jean Baptiste Christian Ladner, baptized 9/12/1724 in Pascagoula, MS.
{#1. L.O., P15}
3/1725, M Gorty Census, habitants Pascagoula, Christian, wife, 2 children [Jean & Mathurin]. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
1750 in the SLC, he married Marie Louise Fisseau Dit Delorme986i.
5/12/1763, Marie the godmother to Michel Ladner, s/o Nicholas86.
10/2/1764, Jean took the Oaths of Allegiance and Fidelity to His Brittanick Majesty King George. (S) 1764 British Census of Mobile, West Florida.
Bef. 12/22/1781 Jean died in HancCo., MS.
12/22/1781 Widow Baptiste Christian, residing in Biloxi since her birth, granted 84 arpents of land. (S) Mobile Land Grants, 1710-1795, P7.
10/7/1784, “Widow Baptiste Ladenairre and Angelica” sold 3 arpents of land. (S) L.O., P13.
By 1801 Marie Louise died. (S) Wedding of daughter Louise Baptiste.
Marie Louise Christian Ladner I, born 9/13/1750 in Bay St. Louis, MS.
(S) SLC, BB2, P199a3.
She married Pierre Fayard492iii.
Louise Baptiste Christian Ladner, born ~1751.
12/9/1801, she married Jean Baptiste Martial Nicaise194iv. (S) SLC, MB2, P92.
Constance Ladner, born 1752 in Bay St. Louis, MS. (S) SLC, BB2 1753–1759, P88.
2/20/1778 she married Valentin Frederic LaFontaine. (S) SLC, MB1, P21a45.
Marie Anne Christian Ladner, baptized 11/14/1753. (S) SLC, BB3, P14a133.
5/4/1771 she was the godmother to her little sister Marie Louise.
Angelique Ladner, born 12/22/1754 in Bay St. Louis, MS. (S) SLC, BB3, P42a440.
She married 1st Charlot Favre. He died bef. 1784. (S) L.O., P13.
4/4/1799 in New Orleans she married 2nd Jean Baptiste Lardasse of Mobile. (S) SLC, MB2, P122.
Marie Louise Christian Ladner II, born 1/10/1765 in Pascagoula, MS. (S) SLC, BB5, P86, A4.
She married her 1st cousin Francis Nicholas Ladner, s/o Fancois86v.
Jean Baptiste Ladner Jr, born 4/16/1767 in Bay St. Louis MS. (S) CIC Mobile, BB1, P231.
5/2/1801, he married his 1st cousin once removed, Francoise Carco, d/o Marie Louise Fayard492iii. Jean’s mother was Francoise’s great aunt. (S) SLC, MB2, P136, A54.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo., age 80–90. By the process of elimination, he appears to be the only “John B Ladnier” this could be.
(S) 1841 MS Census, HancCo.
        Gilbert Ladner. He married Louise Morin42viii.
        Basile Ladner. He married Helene Morin42ix.
Marie Louise Christian Ladner III, born 6/18/1770 in Pascagoula, MS. (S) SLC, BB4, P108bA4.
She married Francois “Valentin” Bourgeous. (S) SLC, MB2, P154, A640.
1/7/1807 Marie witnessed the wedding of her nephew Gilbert, s/o her brother Jean.

ii. Maturin Ladner dit Christian ( 80), born 1/1725 in Pascagoula, MS.

iii. Nicholas Ladner dit Christian ( 86), born 1727 in Pascagoula, MS.