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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mathias Tyson & Mary F Potts

318. Mathias Tyson & 319. Mary F Potts [NC]

1660, Mathias born in Northampton Co., VA, s/o 636. John Tyson & 637. Susannika ?.
1661, Mary born in Llangirrig, Montgomeryshire, Wales.
3/27/1679, “John Tyson and Susannika his wife and Matthias Tyson their son” bought 100 acres of land in Northampton Co. on Virginia’s Eastern Shore from William Andrews.
1688, Mathias married Mary. [Possibly in Phildelphia, PA.]
They moved to neighboring Accomack Co.
2/20/1694, Mathias, in Accomack Co., acquired 300 acres for 7,000 pounds of tobacco from Edmund Bowman’s estate.
1694 Accomack Co. tax list: Mathias.
1702, Accomack Co., Mathias signed a power of attorney to Tully Robinson. [Before they moved to NC.]
1702, They moved to NC to the area of Greenville, Beaufort Co., NC, near Slade’s Creek, a branch of the Pungo River. [Now Hyde Co.]
2/2/1703, Accomack Co, VA: The 300 acres, that Mathias had been purchased in 1694, sold for 4,000 pounds of tobacco to Robert Hamilton, his stepfather. Mathias a non-resident owner of this land; his location was given as “southward”.
~1708, Mathias “Tyce” signed a petition of Wickham prct. of Bath Co. (S) NC Exec. Council Minutes.
1708, Mathias applied for a land patent from the “Duke of Beaufort, Palantine”.
4/5/1710, “Mathias Tisson” wrote his will in Bath Co.: “… Inhabitant of Baith County beeing very sick and wek of body butt inperfect sence and memory blessed bee God for itt. Mye sole I bequeth to ye Lord ye gave it and my body to ye earth and my worldy goods as folowth. Edward Tisson one cow yearling with all her increce: It to my sone Cornelius Tison one cow yearling with all her increase: It to my sone Edmond one cow and calf and one cow yearling with all their increase to my sone Thomas Tisson one cow and car life with all their increase: it to my daughter Susanna tison one two year old heffer with all her increase: it to my sone Jhoas Tisson one tow year old heffer and one yearling heffor with all their increase: it to my sone Samuell tison one tractt of land lying on ye north side of a creeck called slaids creek, and one cow yearling with all the increece: it to my sone Mathyas Tisson two cow yearlings with all their increase:it to my granson Arone Tisson one two year old heffer with all her increase. I will and bequeth to my loving wife Mary Tisson my plantation and land I now live on and all ye rest of myEsstaite sheep and all my justt and lawful deets : allsoe I leve my wife my wole and sole Exceatrees : in witt whoar I sett my hand and seale this fifth day of april Anno Domino 1710.”
5/31/1710, Mathias died in Bath Co., NC; buried in Bath Co. Cem. [Killed in the Tuscarora Indian War in which 130 settlers died.]
1715, "Mary Tyce" paid a tithe in Hyde Prct. of 6 pounds, 9 shillings, and 6 pence.
Mary, widow of Mathias Tyson, married 2nd George Hill, “first white man to settle on southside of Pamlico River”. [He was previously married and had 4 children by his first wife.]
4/17/1722, George wrote his will. “Wife Mary: I give the feather bed and bolster that was hirs, also one r ed rugg which was mine and other furniture there to belonging and also two potts which was hirs before marriage; I give the dwelling house and the milkhouse & also the one half of the profit of the plantacion during her widowhood.”
1738, Mary died in Bath Co., NC.
(S) The Hill and Related Families of Eastern North Carolina by William B Hill.
(S) The Tyson and May Genealogy of Pitt Co.

Family notes:
• 1762, the date of the oldest Pitt County tax list, 12 of the 492 households were headed by the grandsons of Mathias Tyson. The old homestead was on the North side of Tyson’s creek and Little Contentnea Creek, 10 miles west of Greenville.
• 1661, “Thomas Pott, Yeoman. Will. Inventory. Diocese: Bangor. Parish: Llangurig. County: Montgomeryshire.” (S) UK National Archives.
• 1673, “John Pott, Yeoman. Will/Inventory. Diocese: Bangor. Parish: Llangurig. County: Montgomeryshire.” (S) UK National Archives.

Children of Mathias and Mary:

i. John Tyson, born 1690 in VA.
1711, John died in NC.

ii. Edward N Tyson, born 1692 in VA.
Bef. 8/8/1719 Edward married Ann ?.

iii. Edmond Tyson, born 1694 in VA.
Edmond married Mary ?.
1765, Edmond died in Hyde Co., NC.
Edmond Tyson, born ?.
Johnathan Tyson, born ?.
Moses Tyson, born ?.

iv. Cornelius Tyson, born 1695 in VA.
Cornelius married ? Mills.
1745, Cornelius died in NC.

v. Samuel Tyson, born 1696 in VA.
Samuel married Margarita ?.
3/1/1736 in Beaufort Co., NC, John Hardee ( 158) witnessed the will of his brother-in-law Samuel.
1736, Samuel died in Pitt Co., NC.

vi. Thomas Tyson, born 1698 in VA.
1721 in Beaufort Co., Thomas married Sabra Mason; d/o John and Mary.
1748, Thomas granted land in Moore Co., “...in the horse shoe, north of Deep River, about five miles above the mouth of McLendon’s Creek” – which he never settled.
1755, Thomas died in Pitt Co., NC. [Sarah Tyson on Tax list.]
1780, Sabra died in Pitt Co.
John Tyson, born ?.
John was deeded the land in Moore Co. by his parents.
He married Bethany Hines.
Cornelius Tyson, born ?.

vii. Mathias Tyson Jr., born 1700 in VA.

viii. Susanna Tyson ( 159), born 6/16/1701 in VA.

ix. Jonas Tyson, born 1703 in Pitt Co., NC.