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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bond 468 Barfield-Rutland

468. Thomas Barfield & 469. Mary Rutland [NC]

~1698, Thomas born in NC, s/o 936. Richard Barfield Sr & 937. Mary Evans.
~1705, Mary born in NC, d/o 938. James Rutland & 939. Elizabeth Williams.
~1725, Thomas married Mary.
2/7/1725, Thomas witnessed a deed of his father-in-law.
2/13/1724, Richard Barfield, “the Elder” [father], for £10 sold Thomas Barfield a tract of 100 acres on the south side of Ahotskey marsh; witnessed by Richard Barfield Jr [brother]. (S) Bertie Co., DB-A, P408.
10/1725, Richard and Thomas Barfield securities for John Molton being sued by Henry Baker.
2/4/1726, James and Elizabeth Rutland of Bertie for natural love and affection to Thomas and Mary Barfield, our son-in-law and daughter, … (S) Bertie Co., DB-B, P72. Thomas and wife Mary sold 100 acres for 13£ to Henry Baker of VA land on Katherine Cr. (S) Bertie Co., DB-B, P70.
5/1726, John Molton did not appear in court [see 10/1725] and Richard and Thomas Barfield were held liable for 2112 lbs tobacco, 233 lbs pork, £12, 7 shillings, 9 pence.
7/1728, Henry Baker returned to court claiming he had not been paid by Richard and Thomas Barfield in accordance with the 1726 court ruling.
~1/1729, Thomas’ father died.
5/8/1729, John Henard to Thomas Barfield 15£ for 150 a. at head of Cashy on WS Middle Branch adj. James Rutland.
5/12/1729, Thomas sold land acquired by his father in 1722 to James Rutland. (S) Bertie Co., DB-C, P106. & James Rutland to Thomas Barfield 20£ for 100 a. on NS Sandy Run at mouth of Licking Root Run.
1733, brothers Thomas, Richard, James and William Barfield signed a petition for Bertie Prct. to alter the seat of government. (S) NC Executive Council Records.
8/12/1740, James Rutland & Thomas Barefield 24£ for 230 acres adj … Robert Mackfrieley.
Thomas married Cotney ?. (S) Thomas’ will.
3/23/1768 Thomas wrote his will in Bertie Co., NC. (S) NC State Archives, Raleigh, 010,801.1: “being sick and weak of body...” Wife Cotney - lend my manor plantation where I now live on the south side, for her lifetime or widowhood, with reversion to my son Thomas Barfield. Wife - horse saddles, cattle, etc. Son Thomas Barfield - gun, chesterdrawers etc. Lend to wife all the things I let to my son and daughter until they come of age. Daughter Mary Barfield - bed, black walnut table, trunk with brass nails, etc. Son Thomas Barfield - the couch. Wife - Negro oney.
Daughter Elizabeth Watson - five shillings. EX. William Rutland.
Bef. 2/17/1770, Thomas died. (S) Estate inventory.
Bef. 1/6/1774, Cotney married Joshya Hailes.

Children of Thomas and Mary:

i. Elizabeth Barfield, born ~1725 in NC.
7/20/1740, Elizabeth was named as the d/o Thomas in the will of Robert MacCrary.
Elizabeth married Thomas? Watson. (S) Her father’s will.
1/7/1758, Thomas Barfield and Elizabeth Watson witnessed a deed of John Edens which named “Thomas Watson’s old line”. (S) Northampton Co., DB1, P433.
3/23/1768, in her father’s will Elizabeth left 5 shillings.
Bef 1795 Elizabeth died; she is not mentioned in the Barfield & Cotten agreement. (S) See 938 Family notes.

ii. Thomas Barfield ( 234), born ~1728 in NC.

iii. Mary Barfield, born ~1733 in NC.
1768, in her father’s will Mary left multiple personal items and furniture.
Bef. 9/7/1795, she died leaving no children. (S) See Family notes.