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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pierre Paquet Jr & Marie Magdeleine Pany Baudreau Dit Graveline

174. Pierre Paquet Jr & 175. Marie Magdeleine Pany Baudreau Dit Graveline [AL, MS]

1704, Pierre born in Mobile, AL; s/o 348. Pierre Paquet Sr & 349. Marthe Coular. (S) Family notes.
1708–1711, Magdeleine born d/o 350. Jean Baptise Baudreau Dit Graveline I & 351. Suzanne ?.
6/26/1721, Le Sieur Diron Census, habitants of Fort Louis de la Mobile, Pierre Paquet Jr listed as a child of his parents. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
10/18/1722, Pierre witnessed the baptism of a slave girl. (S) SRAoM, #374.
7/3/1727, Pierre witnessed the 2nd wedding of his father-in-law, Jean350.
6/18/1726, Pierre was the godfather to Marie Doree. (S) SRAoM, #470.
8/3/1726, Pierre’s father died in New Orleans.
8/26/1726, Pierre married Magdelaine in Mobile. “On August 26, 1726, after having published one bann and having given dispensation for the two additional banns, between Pierre Paquet, son of the deceased Pierre Paquet and Marthe Coular, resident of Fort Conde at Mobile, and Magdelaine, the natural daughter of Jean Baptiste Baudreau dit Graveline, resident on the Pascagoula River, belonging to this parish, and an Indian; I, a Capuchin Apostolic Missionary Priest, in my function as Pastor of Mobile, in the Province of LA, have received their mutual consent and given them the nuptial blessing in the home of the said Baudrau dit Graveline, and was brought there for this purpose. In the presence of the undersigned witnesses, with me they made their mark.” /s/ Father Matthias, Capuchin. /s/ Michael Paquet (uncle). (S) Love’s Legacy, P53. (S) CIC, MB1, P6. [Note that only Jean is a “natural” parent of Magdelaine. “and an Indian” implies she is her mother, but not her “natural” mother.]
4/20/1728, “Marie Magdelaine, wife of Pierre Paquet”, at Fort Conde, Mobile, was the godmother to Marie Magdelaine Egron, whose mother was an Indian. (S) SRAoM, #527.
4/21/1728, Pierre, at Fort Conde, Mobile, was the godfather to Jean Baptiste Renauld, whose mother was an Indian. (S) SRAoM, #528.
Bef. 1731 Pierre, a tailor, purchased land on the MS River from a free Negro named John Baptiste. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
4/5/1736, “On April 5, 1736, I, a Capuchin Missionary Apostolic priest, performing the function of Cure at Fort Conde of Mobile, Vicar General of Monsignor, the Bishop of Quebec, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of baptism Marie Marthe, born May 4, 1735, of the legitimate marriage of Pierre Paquet, resident of LaBaye, and Magdelaine, the natural daughter of Sieur Bodraud dit Graveline, her father and mother. She had for her godparents Sieure Bodraud dit Graveline and Marthe Baulot. Proxy parents were Robert Falon and Marie Anne Grisse who gave her the name Marie Marthe. In faith of which I have signed with the proxy godfather the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Matthias, Vicar General. (S) SRAoM, #767.
10/1737, Pierre obtained permission to work in Pensacola. 10/24/1737 letter from D’Artaguettte to Maurepas: “M. de Bienville had permitted an inhabitant named Paquet to go and work at Pensacola. This wretch left his wife here and deserted to Florida. We will have a hard time getting him back.” (S) MS Provincial Archives, Doc35, P143.
1/11/1742, “Mademoiselle Beaudro” was godmother to Joseph Creps, acting for Madam La Pointe. (S) MAA, BB–1, P282.
6/22/1746, “On June 22, 1746, I, a Capuchin priest, have baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Francois, three years old, the son of Joseph Paquet and Magdelaine Beaudrot, married by shaking hands in front of the church. Godparents were Francois Deuplanty and Magdelaine Brazilier, his wife. In faith of which I have signed the day and year as above.” /s/ Father Dagovert. (S) St. Louis Cathedral, BB2, P63.
1747, Marie died, probably in the childbirth of daughter Magdelaine. (S) Family notes.
3/15/1748, letter to 1st Magistrate of LA: “Mr. Raguet … has the honor of informing you that it has been 10 to 12 years since the man named Paquest, a settler who had married and established himself near the Pascagoula river, escaped from this country. Since that time we have had no news of his whereabouts, and it has been within the past several months that the woman whom he had married has died on that homestead. She has left a young girl of about 13 to 14 years of age with some personal belongings and livestock which are now left in the hands of and in the care of Alexandre St. Martin who treats them as they were his own, and since it concerns us that a guardian ought to be elected for this minor, for the purpose of recovering her goods and arguing in her behalf of her interests as regards those things which might be hers. …” (S) LA State Museum Document, March 15, 1748. – Francois Alexandre Chenet dit St. Martin has custody of Marie Marthe and her possessions. It is possible that he is the actual father of the last three children. Marie in 1767 claims she is the only heir, yet Marie Anne87 is married and living on Cat Island. It could be that Marie Marthe did not know she was still alive; or, she knew that Marie Anne was d/o Francois. The guardianship issue did not include Marie Anne. It was definitely possible that Pierre returned secretly and fathered the children. It is also documented that Marie Ann called herself Marie Anne St. Martin, after about 1760. An “Anne Alexander Chenet” figures prominently in the church records of Fort Conde. Vincent Chenet was the godfather to Magdeleine.
3/19/1748, a guardian appointed for daughter Marthe. “On 3/19/1748, before … of the Superior Council of LA, … served notice of summons on the same day for the following to appear in court: Michael Paquet, Jean Baptiste Boudreau Graveline, … Mr. Paquet is the uncle of Marthe Paquet (d/o minor age of Pierre Paquet and Magdelaine Pany, her parents); the others, friends or distant relatives of the girl. They assembled in order to give their guidance in the selection of a tutor for the child and also to select a suitable person to be a guardian of everything belonging to her. … They made know their choice, after deliberation, … The group named as tutor for the child her uncle Michael Paquet, as guardian, Chantalou, because of his good qualities. … They made their marks.” /s/ Paquet, …, Baudrau, …. (S) LA State Museum record, March 19, 1748. From this we know that Marthe was provided with some form of education.
4/25/1748, “On April 25, 1748, I, the Capuchin Superior of the mission of the same order, baptized with the ceremonies of the Church, Marie Anne, six years of age, the legitimate daughter of Pierre Paquet and Magdelaine, of Indian and white parents, her mother and father. Godparents for Marie Anne are Louis Brusillier and Marianne Lorraine, who have signed. In faith of which I have signed on the day and year as above.” /s/ F. Charles, Superior. (S) SLC, BB2, P123.
4/25/1748, “On April 25, 1748, I, the Capuchin Superior of the mission of the same order, baptized with the ceremonies of the Church, Magdeleine, 12 and ½ months old, the legitimate daughter of Pierre Paquet and Magdelaine, of Indian and white parents, her mother and father. Godparents for Magdelaine are Vincent Chenet and Magdaleine ?Asilly who have signed. In faith of which I have signed on this day and year as above.” /s/ F. Charles, Superior. (S) SLC, BB II, P123.
1767, Jacques died in Port Au Prince, Saint Dominique, Haiti. (S) Family notes.

Family notes:
• “… minutes of the Superior Council of Louisiana … Marthe Paquet, widow of the deceased Michel Dargary, ... Madame Paquet had lived on Cat island but presently lives in New Orleans and wishes to claim that she is the heir to the estate of her dead father; Sieur Pierre Paquet174, who was living in Port au Prince, Island of Santo Domingo, where he died. …[then lists a sale of land in District of Pascagoula in 1804] ... Martha Paquet, the widow of Jacob Begue (Hingle), and Peter Jacob Begue (Hingle), her son, inhabitants of said place... [sell]... a tract of land situated in Bayou Rieux of ten arpents ... adjoining the last of John Baptist Boudreaux... belonging by a donation made by the deceased Catherine Baudreau about twenty-five years ago ... for twenty five years they have inhabited, built upon it, and cultivated it. …” (S) New Orleans Genesis, V28, N109, P126.
• The Paquet plantation was located just northeast of the Baudreau plantation on the West Pascagoula river, across from the Krebs plantation on the East Pascagoula river (the Old Spanish Fort). (S) MCH&GS, V36, 2000, PP12-13 – George Gauld’s map of 6/1768. Other legal documents add: “situate above White’s Point”, “about a half a mile from the mouth of said river up at the place called the Village … containing 640 acres more or less.”

Children of Pierre and Margaret:

i. Marie Marthe Paquet, born 5/4/1735 in Fort Conde, Mobile, AL.
3/19/1748, her uncle Michael Paquet, brother of her father, is chosen as her tutor. (S) Family notes.
7/27/1749 Michael Gargare was a sponsor to his neice Anne Marette. (S) SLC, B2, P161.
1752 in New Orleans, LA, Marie married Michael Dagary/Gargare, born 2/12/1727 in New Orleans, LA to Pierre Dargaret, Sheriff of New Orleans, and Gillette Gautier.
1761–3/1767 Michael died.
3/17/1767, Marthe, a widow living in New Orleans, claimed she is “the heir” to possession of her deceased father’s property. (S) LA State Museum document. (S) MCH&GS, V26, #3, P90.
5/4/1769 in Pointe Coupee, LA she married Jacob Hingle, born ~1720 in Westerheim, Germany. Aka Jacob “Bang”, “Bengue”, “Bingle”. (S) Baton Rouge Diocese Archives.
1772, Jacob petitioned the English for a land grant: approved “100 acres on the Pascagoula river at the Indian Village.”
~1779 Catherine Beaudreaux gave a gift of land to Marthe and Jacob. (S) MCH&GS, V39, 2003, P18 – Original in the National Archives.
8/11/1786 Marthe gave her consent and attended the wedding of her daughter Marie Anne.
Bef. 1/1/1787 Jacob died.
(S) 1/1/1787 “Favrot Census” of Mobile, Bay St. Louis & Pascagoula. Ms Gargaret, widow 56, 3 children, free mulatto Auguste, free black Catin.
3/15/1789, (S) 1789 Census of Mobile, West Florida, Madame Gargaret.
5/12/1804, Martha and her son Peter appeared before the Syndic of Pascagoula, James White, to sell 10 arpents “front” on the Bayou Rieu for $225. The land was next to that of John Baptiste Boudereaux who also appeared to testify that the land was gifted by his mother. (S) MCH&GS, V39, 2003, P18 – Original in the National Archives.
7/2/1814, the “Widow Jacob Beingle” appeared before Valentine Delmas, JOP at Pascagoula, to testify in a property dispute of Mr. Jno Bte. Beaudreau [Sr]. (S) MCH&GS, V39, 2003, P19 – Original in the National Archives.
1814–1822, Marie died.
Children of Michael and Marie:
Nicholas Gargare, born 7/12/1752. (S) SLC, BB2, P259.
Jean Baptiste Gargare, born 7/11/1754. (S) Archdiocese of N.O. Archives, Regt. of
St Charles Borromeo Church, Destrehan, 1739–1755.
Michael Gargare II, born 8/25/1756. (S) SLC, BB3, P62.
Marie Anne Gargare, born 12/20/1758 in New Orleans, LA. (S) SLC, BB3, P104.
8/11/1786 she married Jean Ryan, born ~1752 in Savannah, GA. (S) CIC, MB1, P55.
Pierre Gargare, born 5/19/1762. (S) SLC, BB4, P102.
Martha Gargare, born 11/22/1764. (S) SLC, BB5, P182.
6/1/1781 she married Louis Fayard492iv. (S) SLC, MB4, P106.
~1830 Martha died.
Children of Jacob and Marie:
Peter Jacob Hingle II; born 11/1/1769 in Pointe Coupee, LA.
(S) Baton Rouge Archdiocese Archives.
5/30/1797 Jacob witnessed the inventory of Catherine179.
1/21/1841 in Mobile he married Marie Angelique Baudrau, d/o Jean178ii.
~1848 he died.
Francoise Hingle; born 3/30/1772. (S) SLC, B7, P5.
Therese Hingle; born 2/28/1774 in Mobile. (S) SLC, B7, P66.
2/16/1793 she married Francois Fonteneau, habitant of the Opelousas Post. (S) Marriages of the Opelousas Post, P36, by Vidrine and DeVille.

ii. Marie Anne Paquet ( 87), born 1742.

iv. Fran├žois Paquet, born 1743.

v. Magdelaine Paquet, born 5/1747.
Magdelaine died as an infant.