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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oswald Potts I & Elizabeth ?

232. Oswald Potts I & 233. Elizabeth ? {Union Co. SC}

Oswald was a native of Monmouthshire, England, and a Sea Captain. (S) Potts Family in America and Great Britian, 1901, Thomas Maxwell Potts.
~1750, Oswald settled in Union Dist., SC.
(S) The Potts Family, Descendents of Oswald Potts in Bedford County, Tennessee, by J Ivan Potts, Jr.
(S) The Carter Family, Our Family Ancestors, etc., by Thomas Maxwell Potts, Cannonsburg, Pa., Published by The Compiler, 1901.

Children of Oswald and Elizabeth:

i. Elizabeth Potts, born ~1752 in SC.
11/6/1772, Elizabeth married Robert Ellison of Ireland.
1/15/1793, Elizabeth died. [Robert 2nd married Jane Seawright.]
4/22/1806, Robert Ellison, Fairfield Co. Will Typescript (MSS Will: Fairfield Dist. Estate Record Book C, Vol. 5, Page 116; Estate Packet: File 14, Pkg. 136). (S) SCDA&H, S-108093, Reel-11, F-250. Persons named: Ellison, William/Ellison, John/Ellison, Elizabeth/Ellison, James/ Ellison, Mary/Ellison, Jane/Potts, Robert.
Susannah Potts Ellison, born 1/12/1774 in SC.
9/10/1804 she died in Columbia, SC.
William Ellison, born 9/2/1775 in SC.
6/18/1833 he died in Winsboro, SC.
John A Ellison, born 3/8/1777 in SC.
He married Susannah Milligan; 1779–1817.
He 2nd married Elizabeth D Patterson; 1793–1875.
12/20/1863, he died in Talbot Co., GA.
Robert Ellison, born 7/17/1779 in SC.
Aft. 1806 he died at sea.
Mary Ellison, born 6/27/1781 in SC.
9/14/1788 she died.
Sarah Elizabeth Ellison, born 8/27/1783 in SC.
10/18/1856 she died.
Andrew Ellison, born 3/1/1786 in SC.
9/21/1799 he died.
James Ellison, born 6/1/1788 in SC.
He married Jane A Patterson; 1795–1874.
7/1/1869 he died in Talbot Co., GA.
Joseph Ellison, born 9/20/1790 in SC.
~1843 he died.

ii. William Potts (116), born 1764.

iii. Anne Potts, born ~1769 in SC.
9/1789, Anne married John Dobbins.
3/27/1797, Anne on a judgement roll. (S) SCDA&H, L-10018.
~1800, John Dobbins, plat for 200 acres on Granies Quarter Creek, Craven Co. (S) SCDA&H, S-213192.
7/29/1817, John mentioned in James Dobbins will. (S) SCDA&H, S-108093.

iv. Abner Cartwright Potts, born 1756–1774.
A resident of 96th Dist., SC., Abner was a Methodist minister.
1790, (S) 1790 Census, SC, Union Co. Abner is listed next to his brother William. See No.116.
10/8/1790, “Personally appeared before me Abner Potts and made both as The Law directs and saith he saw Richard Burgess and Lydia his wife sign seal and deliver … Sworn to and subscribed before me the 8th October 1790.” (S) Union Co., DB-D, P475.
1800, (S) 1800 Census, SC, Union Co. :10010, 50101. He had multiple daughters that have not been identified. An elderly female also lives with them.
11/21/1803, Abner named in the deed of Isaac Darnell on a branch of the Enoree River.
~1817, Abner died in Montgomery Co., TN.
William Potts III, resided in IN.
Rebecca Potts, born 1800.
1870–1880 she died, buried in the yard at the Abner Cartwright Potts homeplace at Poplins Cross Roads, Bedford Co., TN.
Abner Cartwright Potts, born 12/11/1811.
~1817, Abner Potts ( 116iii), assigned as his guardian.
1/1833, he married Melinda Halstead; resided in Bedford Co., TN. (S) The Western Weekly Review, Franklin, TN, Friday, 2/1/1833.
He married 2nd Mary Franklin Jackson; 1815–1898.
3/30/1897, he died in Bedford Co., TN.

v. Mary Potts, born 1768 in SC.
1786 in Prospect, Union Co., SC, Mary married Solomon Bobo Sr, born 1750–1760.
1790, (S) 1790 Census, SC, Union Co. 12400. 2 sons under 16, 3 daughters.
1800, (S) 1800 Census, SC, Union Co. 32010,22010. 5 sons, 4 daughters.
1810, (S) 1810 Census, SC, Union Co. 03101,01201. This is probably multiple families.
1820, (S) 1820 Census, SC, Union Co. 000101,00011. A married child may be living with them.
1830, (S) 1830 Census, SC, Union Co. 1 female 30-40 living with them.
11/24/1831, Mary signed (X) and affidavit that her brother William Potts of TN was in the service during the Revolutionary War. (S) See No. 116 Family notes.
1840, (S) 1840 Census, SC, Union Co. 1 female 50-60 living with them.
2/10/1847, Solomon died in Cross Keys, Union Co., SC.
7/23/1850, (S) 1850 Census, SC, Union Co. “Elizabeth Bobo” – 48 and “Nancy Bobo” – 46, both live with Mary. Mary has real estate valued at $1625.
6/13/1851 Mary died, buried at Padgett Creek Baptist Church, Union, SC.
Soloman Bobo Jr, born 1789 in SC. (S) 1830 Census.
(S) Union County Cem.’s, Epitaphs of 18th and 19th Century Settlers in Union Co., SC and Their Descendents, by Mrs. E.D.Whaley, Sr. P143.