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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Elias (Silas) Scarbrough Sr & Julia Ann ?

216. Elias (Silas) Scarbrough Sr & 217. Julia Ann ? [NC, AL]

1746, Silas born.
1750-1760, Julia born.
~1777, participated in Revolutionary War. (S) 1840 Census.
11/10/1778, Silas brought before the Bute Co., NC, Court by the complaint of Elizabeth Davis. (S) See Family notes.
Silas married Julia.
(S) 1800 Census, SC, Kershaw Co. See CD Census Record 216-1800.
(S) 1810 AL Terr. Census, Clarke Co. 2 m>21, 1 f>21, 2 f<21.
(S) 1811 AL Terr. Census, Washington Co.
1812 War veteran, Silas: Private, 3 Reg. (Wimberley’s), Georgia Militia.
(S) 1816 AL Terr. Census, Clarke Co.
(S) 1820 AL Census, Wilcox Co.
See #54:(S) 1830 Census, AL, Clarke Co.
3/3/1837, Silas bought 40 acres in the Demopolis, AL land office.
5/15/1837, Silas bought 40 acres in the Demopolis, AL land office.
Bef. 1840, Julia died.
No. 54:(S) 1840 Census, AL, Clarke Co. Revolutionary war pensioner. Widow, no children. See CD Census Record 216-1840.
~1843 Silas died in Clarke Co., AL.
(S) 1911 List of Revolutionary Soldiers, P107, AL Archives & History.
(S) Owens History and Dictionary of AL Biographies, V4, P1509.

Family notes:
• “Silas Scarbrough being brought before the Court by a Warrant at the Complaint of Elizabeth Davis for a bastard begotten by him on her body, It is ordered by the Court that the said Silas Scarbrough do pay unto the said Elizabeth Davis twenty pounds for her Expenses during her lying in Midwifes fee; and nursing the Child to this day, and that he give bond for keeping the Child off the parish and to answer any further order therein to be made.” (S) Bute County, North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779, 10 November 1778. Bute Co. was formed from Granville Co. in 1764 and abolished in 1779 when it was divided into Warren Co. and Franklin Co.
• W D Council in an interview in August, 1872, talking about Benjamin DeLoach – “emigrated to this county in a rolling hogshead in 1810, was an inmate of McGrew’s Fort with Darling Peevy, …, Scarboroughs, …, and a number of others, whose descendents are living in this county. “Uncle Ben” was a great scout and fighter, … was in the fight with the Indians … was in the “Edwards Field” fight on the road now leading from Linden to Coffeeville. At the Edwards Field fight turkey tails were suddenly elevated above the heads of the savages, as a signeal for firing and for the purpose of halting the whites. Uncle Ben, being wide awake, cried out “Indians!”, when a volley of rifles was fired at the noble little band of white men, consisting of Col John McGrew, Silas Scarborough, and … a few others. Col McGrew and a man named Griffin were killed on the ground. Bradbury was mortally wounded and died on the road to the fort … [Fort Easley].” McGrew’s Fort – (1813), near Salitpa, Clarke Co., AL, a settlers’ two-acre palisaded fort, built by William and John McGrew, brothers. Fort Easley – (1813), Clarke Co., AL, a three-acre settlers’ fort located on Wood’s Bluff on the Tombigbee River. Evacuated after the Fort Mims massacre. (S) Clarke Co., AL and Its Suroundings, by Rev. T.H. Ball, A.M., 1879, P531.

Children of Silas and Julia:

i. Rev John Scarbrough, born 1784 in NC.
(S) 1790 Census, NC, Wake Co., Hillsborough. 2 males>16.
John Scarborough came from Georgia before the Indian War. He was one of the inmates of Fort White during those Creek incursions, and afterward settled some seven miles south of Choctow Corner, where he spent the remainder of his days.
1805-1808, John [and his father] witnessed a game between the Choctaw and Creek Indians to decide the rights to land East of the Tombigbee River. (S) Hist of Clarke Co., AL, Graham, 1923, P85.
John married Nancy ?, born ~1786 in NC; they settled ~7 miles South of Choctaw Corner.
(S) 1813 AL Terr. Census, Clarke Co.
(S) 1816 AL Terr. Census, Clarke Co.
(S) 1817 AL Terr. Census, Washington Co.
(S) 1817 Petition of Residents Along the Mobile River. /s/ John Scarborough.
(S) 1819 AL Terr. Census, Cherokee Co.
~1820, John began to preach. He was one of the earliest preachers of Clarke, and, as such he was earnest, faithful, zealous, one of the staunch, true men of his day. One who knew him well says of him, he was “an honest and good man.” He was of medium height, and what is called an experimental preacher. Like all the local preachers, and many of the Baptist pastors of that time, he supported his family by carrying on a small plantation.
(S) 1830 Census, AL, Wilcox Co. Living next to Fredrick and Daniel. n: “Scarboro”.
8/21/1833, John witnessed the will of Sarah Cocks.
1/20/1834, witnessed the will of Sarah Cox in Clarke Co., AL.
5/30/1835, an appraiser of the estate of John Painter in Clarke Co., AL.
5/23/1836, part of a commission on the sale of the estate of Joseph Jackson in Clarke Co., AL.
(S) 1840 Census, AL, Clarke Co. b:1780–1790. Married, 2 boys, 3 girls.
9/4/1850, (S) 1850 Census, AL, Clarke Co. n: “Jno Scarber”. He is a farmer with real estate valued at $120.
2/9/1857 John died in Clarke Co., AL. (S) 4/2/1857 Clarke County Democrat: “Chaplain John Scarbrough died in Clarke Co. Feb. 9”.
(S) Clarke Co., AL and Its Suroundings, by Rev. T.H. Ball, 1879, P572.
F L Scarbrough, born 1810 in AL.
(S) 1860 Census, MS, Lauderdale Co. Lives next to Peter.
Allen Scarbrough, born 1815 in AL.
He married Sarah ?. (S) 1850 Census.
John W Scarbrough, born 1821 in AL. (S) 1850 Census.
1/25/1846 he married Julia Ann Wilkerson. (S) MR Clarke Co., AL, VB, 1834–1865.
Peter Scarbrough, born 5/1/1826 in AL. (S) 1850 Census.
12/1/1853 he married Rebecca Bagley. (S) 1860 Census, MS, Lauderdale Co.
Sarah Scarbrough, born 1828 in AL. (S) 1850 Census.
James Scarbrough, born 1828 in AL. (S) 1850 Census.
He married Elizabeth ?, born 1838 in ALBuried in Old Snow Hill Cem., Wilcox Co., AL.
1858 he died.

ii. Benjamin Scarbrough, born 1787.
(S) 1810 AL Terr. Census. 1 m>21, 4 m<21, 1 f>21, 3 f <21.
(S) 1811 AL Terr. Census, Washington Co.

iii. Fredrick Scarbrough Sr ( 108), born 1788.

iv. Joel Scarbrough, born ?.
(S) 1810 AL Terr. Census.

v. Peter Scarbrough, born ?.
(S) 1813 AL Terr. Census.

vi. David Scarbrough, born 2/20/1793.
(S) 1810 AL Terr. Census.
12/17/1891, David died; buried in the Frazier graveyard, Jackson Co., AL.