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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cary Stinson

218. Cary Stinson [NC]

1750 Cary born in NC.
1821 Cary died.

Children of Cary and ?:

i. Burwell Stinson, born ~ 1778 in NC.
6/13/1806 in Oglethorpe Co., GA Burwell married Martha Patsy Jones, born 1784 in GA.
(S) 1810 MS Terr. Census, Washington Co.
(S) 1811 MS Terr. Census, Washington Co.
(S) 1813 MS Terr. Census, Clarke Co.
(S) 1816 MS Terr., Clarke Co. resident tax list.
(S) 1830 Census, AL, Clarke Co. b: 1770-1780.
(S) 1834 Clarke Co., MS tax list.
(S) 1835 Clarke Co., MS tax list.
3/15/1837, bought 78.64 acres in Demopolis, AL land office.
10/28/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, Lauderdale Co. b: NC. Burwell’s land is valued at $500. A granddaughter lives with them.
8/10/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, Lauderdale Co., Meridian. Burwell and Martha live with their son John.
2/9/1863, Burwell died in Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS.
Winney Stinson, born ~1807 in GA.
Elizabeth Stinson, born ~1809 in GA.
Sarah Stinson, born ~1815 in GA.
She married Silas Scarboro108iv.
John Stinson, born 11/7/1825 in AL. (S) 1860 Census.
Elisha Stinson, born 3/24/1828 in AL.

ii. Archibald Stinson, born 1784.
(S) 1820 Census, GA, Jones Co. b: Bef. 1776
(S) 1830 Census, AL, Wilcox Co. b: 1770-1780.
(S) 1840 Census, AL, Wilcox Co. b: 1770-1780.
(S) 1860 Census, AL, Butler Co. b:1784. n: “A”. Living with W Kirkpatrick. He is listed as being insane.
E Stinson, born 1829 in ?. (S) 1860 Census.
J Stinson, born 1834 in ?. (S) 1860 Census.

iii. Joseph Stinson, born 1780-1790.
(S) 1830 Census, AL, Tuscaloosa Co. b: 1780-1790.

iv. Martha Stinson ( 109), born ~1790.

v. Alexander Stinson, born 1790-1800.
(S) 1840 Census, AL, Chambers Co. b: 1790-1800.