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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Joseph Moreau & Marie Jeanne Dauphin

226. Joseph Moreau & 227. Marie Jeanne Dauphin [LA, MS]

~1700, Joseph born in Biloxi, MS; s/o 452. Jean Francois Moreau.
Joseph 1st married ?.
7/1/1727 Census of New Orleans: Joseph Moreau, locksmith, wife, 3 children, living on Rue de Conde at the home of Chapron [who was at his plantation].
12/3/1731, Marie born “upstream of the river” from N.O., LA, d/o 454. Joseph Dauphin and 455. Marieanne Bernadin.
6/20/1735 at Fort Conde, Mobile, Joseph witnessed the wedding of Guillaume Bousquera and Marie Anne Preau. Jean Baptiste Baudreau350 was also present.
~1740, Joseph 2nd married Marie.
1745, Bienville permits Joseph and Marie occupancy of Round Island off Mobile, which had been granted to them by Galvez when he had stopped there on one of his trips. (S) Col. Mobile, P324.
2/4/1748, 6-year-old son Joseph baptized. (S) SLC B2, P117.
3/31/1749, 1-year-old son Francois baptized. Joseph “resident of Lisle Ronde”. Godmother Anne Moraux. (S) SLC, B2, P148.
1752, Moreau’s in possession of Round Island off of Mobile without title. (S) Col. Mobile, P324.
9/25/1753, daughter Marie Helen baptized. (S) SLC, B3, P10.
6/17/1754, 6-year-old son Augustin baptized. (S) SLC, B3, P24.
Bef. 1760 Joseph died. [Identified as deceased in daughter Marie’s marriage to Jacques Lamy.]
9/19/1761, Marie “widow Maurau” attended the baptism of her grandson Jean Baptiste Lamy56.
Bef. 12/2/1778, Marie died. Identified as “deceased” when daughter Marie remarried. (S) Love’s Legacy, P379.

Children of Joseph and Marie:

i. Joseph Moreau II born 8/20/1741 in LA.
1783, Joseph granted possession of Dauphin Island by Spanish Governor Grimarest. (S) Col. Mobile, P324.

ii. Francois Moreau, born 2/4/1748 in AL.

iii. Augustin Moreau, born ~1749.

iv. Marie Helen Moreau ( 113), born ~1750.