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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Capt. Nicholas Bodin dit Miragouin & Francoise Paille

228. Capt. Nicholas Bodin dit Miragouin & 229. Francoise Paille [Fra, AL]

1677, Nicholas born in Mont Louis, Tours-en-Tourraine, France. (S) Death record.
1688, Françoise born in Bretagne, Morbihan, Laurient, France.
10/24/1707, Nicholas departed Rochefort, France for Mobile on the ship Renommee. They reached Havana the last week of January, 1708.
2/11/1708, Nicholas arrived at Massacre Island [Dauphine Island]. Nicholas is considered one of 27 Founder’s of Old Mobile.
3/1/1708, Nicholas and most of the Canadians were dismissed from the French King’s service. At 31 years old, he was granted permission to move south of the fort where he settled closer to the mouth of the bay.
1709, Several residents of Mobile went to settle on the seashore at a place called Miragouin, five leagues from Mobile going toward Isle Dauphine, one league above Riviene-aux-Poulles. Miragouine was marked as such on the detailed inset on Delisle’s “Carte de la Louisiane”, 1718. (S) Fleur de Lys and Calumet, LSU, 1953.
11/12/1710, Nicholas granted Mon Louis Island in Mobile Bay by Bienville and D’Artaguette, and ratified by Cadillac 3 years later. This is the first known land grant by the French government. It was regarded as his barony. (S) Mobile Land Grants, 1710-1795, P1.
~1712, Nicholas married Francoise.
1719, Spaniards attacked the Mon Louis settlement. With the help of the local Mobilian Indians they repulsed the attack, killed 30 and captured 17 Spaniards [who were later executed.] (S) Colonial Mobiel, P170.
3/1725 Census by Gorty on Cat Island: Miragouin, wife, 4 children.
1/1/1726 Census of the colony of Louisiana. At Mobile, Nicholas Bodin dit Miragoine, wife, 3 children, 4 Negro slaves, 2 indian slaves. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
10/1726, “Miragouin” of Mobile requesting Negros from the John Law company.
1729, Chevalier Jean Baptiste de Bulbulli, Marquis de Pisa, signs as the sponsor of 2 slave of Nicolas being baptized. (S) Colonial Mobile, P170.
11/18/1732, Nicholas witnessed the marriage of his daughter Francoise.
1732, Nicolas’ land at “Grosse Pointe” is documented in a map by Danville.
3/1/1734, Nicholas attended and signed at the wedding of Jean178. (S) No. 178 Family notes.
8/7/1727, Francoise was the godmother to Etienne Asseline. (S) SRAoM, #503.
5/15/1728, Francoise, resident of Fort Toulouse, was the godmother to a Negro man and woman. (S) SRAoM, #538 The same day their daughter Hypolitte, “daughter of Mr Baudin”, was also a godmother to an Indian woman.
7/6/1728, Francoise at Fort Conde, was the godmother to Marie Theresa Assailly166iii. (S) No. 166 Family notes.
1734, Nicholas and Francoise are mentioned as “habitants” of the colony.
3/1/1734, Nicholas signed as a witness at the wedding of Jean Baptise Baudrau Dit Graveline II178. The wedding took place at the home of Joseph Simon dit La Pointe in Pascagoula. (S) No. 178 Family notes.
6/14/1734 in Mobile, Francoise Pallier, “wife of Mr. Miraguin”, was godmother to Jeanne Dupree. (S) SRAoM, #721.
2/6/1746 Nicholas, “Captain of the Costal Militia” died; buried in the Old Catholic Cemetery. (S) Mobile Funerals, 1726-1764, P22.
9/1771, “Francoise” Bodin, 83, is listed as living five miles below River Poule (Fowl River). (S) British Mobile Inhabitants, by Andrews. Her son Louis probably lived with her.
Aft. 1777, Françoise died in St. Martin Parish, LA.
(S) Old Mobile.

Family notes:
• Francoise’s name is given as either Paillet or Pailly in different sources.
• Francoise is sometimes identified as d/o Francois Pollet De LaCombe-Pocatiere, Seigniory of Saint-Denis, married to Marie Anne Juchereau. He was a Canadian that died in 1672 – which makes it highly unlikely they were her parents.
• A Famous Bodin: During the middle ages and renaissance France was moving towards an absolutist monarchy with supreme control over the entire society. Perhaps no French political philosopher was more important to the development of absolutism than Jean Bodin. Bodin’s major work was Six Livres de la République (Six Book of a Commonweale), published in 1576. France in the sixteenth century had suffered terrible religious wars between French Catholics and French Protestants (Huguenots). Bodin’s solution to the strife was to make the subject’s obedience to the king the central fact of life. One’s duty to God was subordinate to one’s duty to the king.

Children of Nicholas and Francoise:

i. Francoise Hyppolite Bodin, born 10/11/1716 in Mobile.
(S) SRAoM, #200. She was the godmother to her brother Louis.
11/18/1732, Francoise married Jean Baptiste Alexandre, creole of Mobile. (S) GCC, P17.
6/2/1744 Francoise died. (S) Mobile Funerals, 1726-1764, P21.
Jean Baptiste Alexandre, born 5/10/1734. (S) SRAoM, #723.
Charles Alexandre, born 12/30/1736. (S) SRAoM, #803.

ii. Bernard Bodin, born 4/17/1721.
(S) SRAoM, #339.

iii. Louis Francois Bodin ( 114), baptized 1/19/1727 at Fort Conde, Mobile,
(S) SRAoM, #490. (S) Love’s legacy, P355.

iv. Marie Louise Miragouin, baptized 4/9/1725.
(S) SRAoM, #426.

v. Marie Ann Josephe Bodin, born 4/8/1727 at Fort Conde in Mobile, AL.
(S) SRAoM, #497.
4/22/1746, Marie married Andre Claude Dit LaLime Boutte.
6/13/1810, Marie died in St. Martin Parish, LA.

vi. Marthe Bodin, born 11/9/1730 at Fort Conde, Mobile AL.
(S) SRAoM, #629.

vii. Marie Louise Miragouin II, born 5/3/1734.
(S) SRAoM, #722.
~1754, Marie married Jacques Dit Tascon Loreins.

viii. Jean Baptiste Baudin, baptized 8/29/1737.
(S) Love’s Legacy, P249.
1/6/1756, Jean died in the hospital in New Orleans while serving as a member of Neyons’s Co. (S) 1st Families of LA, V2, P162.

ix. Jeanne Bodin, baptized 8/29/1737.
(S) SRAoM, #804.
~1757, Jeanne married Jean Grendval.